Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 30 - Serving in Bed (Part two)

Chapter 30 - Serving in Bed (Part two)

The incomparable handsome Emperor was already lying down on the bed, and he domineering slept in the center of the bed. His slender limbs were spread out, occupying the wide dragon bed, and leaving him with no place to lie on.

The corner of Su Yu’s mouth twitched, and he looked at the Emperor's slightly closed eyes, wondering whether he should sleep on the floor cushion.

An Hongche opened his eyes and frowned slightly.

“What are you waiting for? Do you want Zhen to invite you up?” After saying this, he reclined to the side and made room for him.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Su Yu crawled up and lay down beside the Emperor in a proper manner.

The two of them were silent for a moment. The Emperor, who was sleeping on the inside, slowly approached and gently sniffed Su Yu’s hair, Su Yu immediately tightened his body.

“Your, Your Majesty…”

“Hm?” An Hongche responded and leaned closer to Su Yu.

“The candle is still burning…” After saying this, Su Yu was itching to bite his tongue off.

He said it as if he could not wait to do something that’s convenient to do when it’s pitch dark, but really, he was just too nervous to find something to talk about, that’s all.

An Hongche didn’t say anything, he stretched out his hand and pulled the silk ribbon inside the bed.

A crip bell rang outside the door, and immediately a palace maid came in, quickly extinguished the candles, and then quietly retreated.

The bedroom was suddenly plunged into darkness, and Su Yu couldn’t help feeling more nervous.

After hearing a rustling sound, a warm body came over. Su Yu quickly reached out his hand and touched the Emperor’s chest that was about to be pressed against him.

“Your Majesty, you, what are you going to do?”

“Where’s so much nonsense in serving in bed!” Those eyes that could see at night could naturally see the panic on Su Yu’s face.

An Hongche frowned, with one hand on Su Yu’s side, he captured Su Yu’s hand on his chest and dragged it over his head, and then pressed it on the pillow.

Hmph, obviously we’ve been in bed so many times, what’s the point of pretending to be chaste?

Stunned by the Emperor’s overbearing actions, Su Yu chose to close his eyes.

The Emperor’s appearance, where does it resemble being unable to perform?

Before he was unwilling to spoil his concubines, it was probably because he didn’t like women. But now he was the only male concubine in the whole Imperial Palace.

If he stretches his head, he meets a knife, if he shrinks his head he also meets a knife. Since it’s a matter of time, what is the point of resisting?

Seeing that Su Yu stopped moving, An Hongche gave a cold snort and loosened his grip on his hand.

Su Yu felt the person beside him lay down again, and his slender arms wrapped around his neck. Then a warm body clung to him, the head resting on his shoulder and a long leg pressed against him, he found a comfortable position, and then stopped moving.

Not moving?

Su Yu opened his eyes and stared blankly at the top of the bed. The Emperor’s body temperature came continuously through the thin inner shirt.

The cool long hair piled on his neck, a little itchy, without any smell of perfumes, only a faint fragrance of sunshine. Such a scent felt very familiar.

After waiting for a long time, the Emperor didn’t make any moves. Is it that the so-called “serving in bed” meant to serve as a pillow for the Emperor?

Dazed for a long time, he slowly lowered his head. Su Yu couldn’t see the Emperor’s face, he could only see the long eyelashes and the slightly raised corners of his eyes through the faint moonlight.

“You are not allowed to sleep until Zhen falls asleep.” A clear chilly voice came from his chest.

“Yes.” Su Yu obediently responded.

Pleased, An Hongche rubbed himself against the nest of Su Yu’s shoulder and softened his body.

An hour later, Su Yu was shaken wake.

“Stupid slave, Zhen hasn’t fallen asleep yet!” The Emperor lay on the pillow beside him, glaring at Su Yu.

“Please forgive me, Your Majesty!” Su Yu looked at the Emperor in a daze. An Hongche yawned and went back to sleep.

Two hours later, Su Yu was shaken awake again.

“Stupid slave, you fell asleep again!” Su Yu was startled when he opened his eyes. He saw the handsome face of the Emperor right in front of him, opposite the tip of his nose.

“Your Majesty, did you have a nightmare?” Su Yu moved his head back and looked at An Hongche’s bright eyes, he was very helpless.

The Emperor must have a problem with waking up at night, that must be why he fell asleep early.

“Hmph, how could Zhen have nightmares?” An Hongche turned over, stretched his arms across the bed, and fell asleep again.

Su Yu had already lost his temper after being tossed from side to side. After a while, hearing the Emperor’s gradually long and even breathing, he couldn’t help reaching out and gently rubbing the Emperor’s head, making a face at the back of his head.


The next day, when Su Yu woke up, the Emperor had disappeared, replaced by a golden kitten sleeping warmly nestled in the crook of his neck.

“Sauce, what are you doing here?” Su Yu kissed the furry head pleasantly surprised.

The Emperor, who had not yet woken up, reluctantly stretched out his paw and pushed away Su Yu’s mouth.

Su Yu sat up and looked around. The bedchamber was empty without anyone around.

There was a bright yellow inner shirt on the bed, it was the one the Emperor took off before pasting himself to him.

Thinking of last night’s “serving in bed”, Su Yu couldn’t help covering his face with one hand.

As for the Emperor, he was really curious why that guy went to the Su Residence in the first place. Just to take Sauce away, but he also slept on his bed…

Although he was dying of curiosity, Su Yu didn’t dare to ask. He lowered his head and poked the golden kitten sleeping in a ball of fur.

“Sauce, will I be punished for not serving the Emperor getting out of bed?”

Being annoyed by Su Yu, An Hongche reached the end of his patience. He jumped up and hooked the silk sash on the bed with his claws.

Not long after, Wang Gonggong walked in alone and saluted him with a smile.

“His Majesty has gone to the imperial court, Niangniang can go back to Yexiao Palace. Breakfast has been prepared for you.” Saying that, he took a peek at the kitten nestled in Su Yu’s arms.

After Su Yu got dressed, the kitten automatically climbed onto his shoulder, obviously intending to go together.

“Gonggong, can I take it to Yexiao Palace?” After all, it was the cat raised by the Emperor, he didn’t know if he could take it away at will.

“Naturally you can.” Wang Gonggong smiled.

“It’s just that Niangniang must take good care of the divine cat, never let it eat anything bad or let others hold it.”

“I know.” Su Yu was immediately elated when he heard that he could carry Sauce away in an open and straightforward manner.

The carriage driver was waiting outside, Su Yu took the carriage and left Beiji Palace. Wang Gonggong stood in front of the jade steps with a disappointed face.

The little eunuch beside came to ask: “Gonggong, the hour is late and His Majesty hasn’t gotten up yet, is he still going to attend court today?”

“Not anymore.” Wang Gonggong sighed and turned around to go to court to inform the Prime Minister that the court would not be in session again today.

Su Yu, who didn’t sleep well last night, sat on the carriage and kept yawning. When he arrived at Yexiao Palace, Yang Gonggong hurriedly helped him down. Xiao Shun looked at Su Yu with a worried face.

“Niangniang, are you alright?”

“It’s okay.” Su Yu was baffled, what’s the matter? Then he reacted and slowly turned his head to look at Xiao Shun, who was full of curiosity.

He suddenly understood, and with a little cough, he said coldly.

“Don’t worry about what you shouldn’t worry about.”

“Yes.” Xiao Shun quickly lowered his head, not daring to ask any more questions.

As expected, an exquisite feast had been arranged in Yexiao Palace. Six dishes, four steamer baskets of pastries, and two kinds of porridge, it was very rich.

Su Yu was now a second-rank Fei, his proportions were naturally high. As the first concubine to be favored by the Emperor, the people in the palace didn’t dare to be negligent, and the things they sent were naturally the best.

Delicious soup-filled steamed dumplings, dipped in balsamic vinegar, left a fragrant taste on people’s lips and teeth. Su Yu slightly squinted his eyes, he was good at making seafood, and other meals, especially snacks made from flour, were his weak points.

It was not easy to experience the palace chef’s craftmanship, but he couldn’t resist eating one after another.

The golden kitten squatted on the table and swiped the food in front of him back and forth with his paws in disgust.

Seeing this, Su Yu used his chopsticks to pick out the shrimps from the shrimp dumplings and put them in a bowl in front of the kitten after they had cooled.

“Eat some first, and I’ll make you something delicious later.”

An Hongche then reluctantly bowed his head, licked a mouthful of the tasteless shrimps, and discontentedly bared his teeth.

He had long been fed up with these things made by the imperial kitchen.


In the front court, the imperial censor was extremely furious when he learned that the Emperor dismissed the imperial court because he favored the newly admitted male Fei.

“His Majesty has finally recovered with great difficulty, but I didn’t expect he would unexpectedly let the beauty’s charm get in the way of the affairs of the nation, what a misfortune for our country, ah!”

The imperial censor jumped around for a while, then turned around angrily to go home and prepare to write a ten-thousand-characters memorial to be presented tomorrow.

Without changing his face, the Prime Minister greeted everyone and asked them to go back to their respective offices to do their jobs. Anyway, it often happens that the Emperor does not go to court, everyone was used to it, just…

A dark light flashed in Lu Maogong’s eyes, the Emperor has not been known to favor concubines before, this male Fei really deserves some attention.

And the despotic and lawless Emperor was at this moment immersed in the tender home of Xian Fei, in seventh heaven.

Su Yu took out the scallop meat he bought before entering the palace. He was afraid of spoiling it, so it has been deep-fried at home. Now he could take it out and eat it directly after heating it.

Knowing that Sauce liked seasoning and a crunchy texture, Su Yu simmered them again with seasonings and broth, then passed them through oil again, and cut them into the shape of small shells with a flower knife, which was very pretty.

Su Yu walked to the waterside pavilion in the middle of the lake with a plate of prepared Xianbei pastries. The kitten was lying on a cushion, lazily basking in the sun.

The morning sun was not too hot, making the Maomao’s golden fur warm and fluffy.

The waterside pavilion had no roof and a wooden platform had been built on the stone floor, with a low padded table on top. Su Yu put the plate on the low table, and Xiao Shun immediately poured him a cup of hot tea.

He twisted a piece of the pastry and lifted it close to the mouth of the squinting Cat Daye. The Cat Daye raised his eyelids and glanced at it, then he lazily rolled it into his mouth.

In the morning, after Su Yu finished eating, he made a bowl of fresh fish soup for him, so now, contrary to what one might expect, he was not hungry.

Su Yu was a little sleepy from the sunlight, so he simply lay down on the cushion, feed one piece to Sauce, and ate one himself. One person and one cat idled their time away in a decadent manner.

Xiao Shun led over an unfamiliar little eunuch across the winding corridor. Yang Gonggong stopped the little eunuch from approaching the waterside pavilion and let him report ten steps away. When it was cleared up, he honestly went to report back to Su Yu.

“Reporting to Niangniang, the little eunuch from Lu Guifei’s Palace has come to deliver a message, inviting you to make a trip to Yuluan Palace.” Yang Gonggong whispered.


Daye->arrogant idler / self-centered show-off/uncle/term of respect for older man

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