The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 306: Shoo, You Already Got an Autograph

Why would everyone think Shan Shui was very reserved? It was all because she behaved very calm even after seeing the drama emperor, Lin Yufan.

When it was break time, from time to time, a little fan would find Lin Yufan for autographs, while Shan Shui would just recline on her chair, using her phone to browse Man-Man.

Lin Yufan, as the new drama emperor from last year, had both good acting skill and handsome appearance. Although it wasn’t the kind of handsomeness that could crack open the vault of heaven, but he was still refined and elegant, moreover other than Ou Qian, Lin Yufan was the youngest drama emperor as he was only 32 years old this year.

After all these Stars in showbiz world, at 50 years old would usually look like 40s, while 40s would look like 30s, hence it could be said that Lin Yufan didn’t look different from youngsters in their 20s, making him could be regarded as the most popular actor beside Ou Qian.

And such a handsome man was in front of her, but Shan Shui was indifferent even when she played one on one with him, she still kept her polite and alienated attitude.

Although juniors must respect their elders, but how can this newcomer Shan Shui be so calm when facing the Great Fan?

[T/N: ‘Fan’ from Lin YuFan]

The Great Fan smiled so warmly ah, he was well known as a warm man in this circle ah, everyone would definitely feel very comfortable when chatting with him.

Therefore, everyone though that Shan Shui must’ve been also Great Fan’s little fans, but just more reserved than others.

However, this flying beauty who rushed toward Ou Qian in front of everyone with her bright eyes and foolish smile, was a stark contrast with her previous attitude, hence everyone on the scene had their jaws dropped to the ground.

Even Director Wang twitched after seeing Shan Shui’s stupid look.

Today, Shan Shui’s performance was really superb, even managed to make Director Wang felt himself entering the play, subconsciously thinking that Shan Shui was in fact Yang Yurou, a graceful but lively woman.

But now, that graceful image was smashed to the ground until it was broken into dregs.

Nan Xun stood still in front of Ou Qian. When she rushed to him, Ou Qian’s eyes were obviously stunned, but at the next second, his lazy and drooping eyes contained a hint of interest.

Ou Gan who was standing straight, gradually slanted his body to one side, leaning against the door frame, with one hand still in his trouser pocket.

When others put their hands in their pocket, they would look like a hooligan, but he was too handsome to be considered one.

Ou Qian looked at the little girl and chuckled lightly, he then asked, “Where do you want me to sign?”

Nan Xun remembered that she had rushed over like a fool without bringing any pen or paper. Her eyes moved, then she lifted her long sleeves, revealing her white arm as she said to him, “Great Ou Qian, you can just sign on my arm!”

Ou Qian took out a pen from his pocket and reached out to hold the beauty’s wrist. When he looked at the white slender arm for a while, he raised his eyebrows slightly, “Is it really alright to sign here?”

Nan Xun nodded fiercely, “Sign here, sign here! Thank you, oh Great Ou Qian!”

Ou Qian held the pen, flicked his arm, and the pen nib slid across her jade-like arm.

Nan Xun inwardly bared her teeth.

So forceful, didn’t the other party know that the pen nib was really sharp? If he put a little more strength, he can cut a hole directly on her skin!

However, as soon as Nan Xun looked at his sloppy but graceful autograph on her arm, she immediately grinned with joy.

Although there’s still a trace of fanaticism and irrationality in Shan Shui’s body, this feeling has been reduced due to Nan Xun’s taking over, and it has become a feeling of excitement and shyness from a fangirl whenever she sees the male god, and it wouldn’t cause any aversion from anyone when seeing her acting like this, on the contrary, people would think that she’s adorable instead.

Director Wang gave a loud cough, “Brother Ou, why are you, a busy people, have the free time to come see me?”

Ou Qian glanced at him, then put away the pen unhurriedly while walking towards him.

Nan Xun put down her sleeves carefully, trying not to rub away the wet ink, and then followed the male god from behind.

Seeing that the staff were still staring dumbfounded here, Director Wang couldn’t help but yelled, “What are you looking at? Finish your work! Props, lighting and make up are not going to clean up by themselves!”

With the dominating lion-like roar from Director Wang, everyone scattered like birds and beasts, even Lin Yufan only came over to say his greeting to Ou Qian and then directly went to dressing room to remove his makeup.

And although Lin Yufan would very much like to ask the superstar some questions about acting, he could see that it was obviously not a good time right now.

Before leaving, Lin Yufan gave a look with a wisp of affection towards Shan Shui who was quietly standing next to Ou Qian, signalling her to leave with him.

However, Shan Shui’s gaze hadn’t been removed from Ou Qian’s face since the beginning, so as a result his gaze ended up all thrown to a blind woman instead.

Lin Yufan shook his head helplessly. Ou Qian was one who disliked others clinging to his thigh the most, and he especially hated others tying him up to make a hype.

Although Shan Shui completely looked like a little fangirl, it's hard to guarantee people not gossiping that she held on to the male god’s thigh.

However, judging from Ou Qian’s not so estranged expression, junior Shan Shui wouldn’t be regarded as ‘warm face sticking to cold butt’ right?

[T/N: one is flattering while the other is indifferent]

As Lin Yufan walked forward while sweeping a glance towards the tall man with a heaven-defying appearance, thinking that he was actually a few years younger than himself but had already achieved such a success, he couldn’t help but have a trace of admiration and envy at the same time.

He especially learned through Ou Qian’s works, and his acting skills were truly great, this person seemed to belong to the world of showbiz naturally, and he certainly had the capabilities to consider everyone else beneath him.

When the idlers dispersed, Director Wang aimed at Shan Shui, looking disdain at her good-for-nothing appearance, “The male god Ou Qian has something to say to me. You’ve got your autograph, why are you still not going?”

Nan Xun said a single ‘oh’ before she reluctantly went to the locker room while looking back every three steps at a time.

Ou Qian caught the reluctant white shadow from the corner of his eyes, his thin lips slightly curved up without him noticing.

Director Wang said, “That’s enough, I can see your fangirl everywhere. This one especially has such a thick skin that she didn’t even care ruining her image just to get your autograph! When this little girl gets famous, she would be embarrassed when she remembers today’s scene until she might actually want to find a hole in the ground to hide herself.”

He finally sighed with emotion, “Still too young and emotional ah.”

This words obviously made Ou Qian upset, he frowned before he opened his mouth, “Do you also think this girl is good?”

Director Wang spoke to the point, “She’s a good seed, if there are enough opportunities, this little girl will become a big hit.”

After he said this, he still added, “Is this girl really a newcomer who has never set foot in showbiz? If so, Ou Qian, you have to be careful ah, this girl’s aptitude isn’t worse than yours. You entered showbiz at the age of nineteen and became drama emperor at the age of twenty-one, then a superstar at the age of twenty-three before becoming what you are now at the age of twenty-five, I guess it all took five years, will this girl be able to catch up with you?”

Ou Qian raised his eyebrows slightly, “Perhaps. Anyway if it’s only five years, I still can afford to wait.”

Director Wang looked at him in surprise for a long time like he was seeing a ghost.

Tsk, when he was praising someone in the past, this kid would only give two words ‘still okay.’

He wouldn’t add even a word more.

But it’s obviously different today ah.


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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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