Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 31.3: Come home with me~

Chapter 31 Part 3

Time passed by one day at a time. In the middle of May, Master Ye held Xi Jia’s hand and recited for the relic for the last time.

The final golden rune passed through Xi Jia’s hand, landing on the relic between their palms. For a moment, golden rays of light flooded the entire room. Only after a full minute had passed did the radiance dim.

Xi Jia held the relic. He noticed that there was a gold colored light slowly circulating inside the transparent relic. Putting the relic back on, the yin energy was completely blocked. No one could use Yin Yang Eyes to directly see the yin energy that covered him from head to toe.

Xi Jia was overjoyed. The problem that had plagued him for more than 20 years was finally resolved. Seeing him so happy, Master Ye couldn’t help but hook up the corners of his lips in happiness as well; however, after only a minute, Master Ye suddenly thought of——

After finishing the incantations, do I no longer have any reason to stay?

Thinking to here, Master Ye was stunned silly.

During dinner, Master Ye used chopsticks to pick up his rice, but his hand stopped in midair. Blankly staring at the rice, he didn’t feel like eating no matter what.

In response, Xi Jia asked, “Master Ye, why aren’t you eating?”

Ye Jingzhi felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart. Ever since he had finished reciting the incantations, he kept on thinking of how he could stay. Right now, he and Xi Jia were only engaged and weren’t truly married. In the book that Master had left behind, it said that they shouldn’t even meet before marriage.

Although that was a rule during the ancient times, but he and Xi Jia weren’t married yet. How could……How could unmarried couples be living together!

The phrase “living together” suddenly appeared in his mind, and Master Ye’s face became red with an explosion.

He and his wife living together……living together……living……

Xi Jia immediately threw down his chopsticks and urgently said, “Master Ye, why is your face so red? You shouldn’t be sick right? Can Celestial Masters also get sick?” Saying this, Xi Jia placed his hand on Ye Jingzhi’s forehead, touching to see if he had a fever.

This time, Ye Jingzhi truly became completely red.

Xi Jia said in bafflement, “Eh? There’s no fever.”

Ye Jingzhi was at a loss for a long time before he finally spoke, “I-I live in G Province!”

Xi Jia wasn’t clear so, “……ah, right.” So what?

Ye Jingzhi opened his mouth and closed it. Opened his mouth again and closed it again. He repeated it three times like so as Xi Jia watched in confusion. He was about to directly ask Master Ye if there’s something wrong, but then he heard Ye Jingzhi say in the tiniest voice, “Late……Lately, G Province is very interesting, do you want to take a look?”

Xi Jia didn’t hear it clearly, “Ah, what?”

Ye Jingzhi pursed his lips and summoned his courage to say, “Soon, the Ghost Market of Poyang that opens twice a year is about to start. Do you……do you want to take a look?”

“Ghost Market?!”

The next day, Xi Jia took a plane and arrived at Jindezhen Luojia Airport. Then, he took a bus from Jindezhen. After shaking and rocking for a few hours, he finally arrived in Poyang County.

Poyang Lake was located in the northern part of G Province and was one of Huaxia’s four largest freshwater lakes. After riding a car to the lakeside, Ye Jingzhi led Xi Jia through familiar routes through the streets and arrived at an old residential building.

At first, Xi Jia still didn’t understand why on earth Master Ye would bring him to this kind of place. However, after the two of them went upstairs, he saw Master Ye take out an old yellow key from his pocket. With a kacha, the door opened.

Xi Jia exclaimed in shock, “Master Ye, you live here? This is your home?!”

Ye Jingzhi didn’t really understand why Xi Jia would be so surprised. He nodded, “En, this is my home.”

Xi Jia swallowed a mouthful of saliva and decided to confirm again, “Master Ye, you’re certain……that the bank card you received, there’s at least three million inside? You think that one million is only a fraction that you don’t need to donate?”

Ye Jingzhi raised his brow in confusion, but lightly nodded.

Xi Jia, “……” The world of rich people, we don’t understand, we don’t understand one bit!

After following Ye Jingzhi into the apartment, Xi Jia took a closer look and noticed that although this apartment seemed shabby and ordinary on the outside, it was particularly clean. There were very few furniture, and their surfaces were completely wiped clean with not even a speck of dust to the touch. Clearly, the owner of the apartment had a lot of patience and was very thorough. This home was cleaned up very well. Even if the area was only 70 some square meters, it made people feel completely cozy.

The sparrow might be small, but all its vital organs were there.

Although the home was not as luxurious or gorgeous as very high-end residences and villas, this sort of home had a warm feeling. It had everything.

Upon entering, Ye Jingzhi proactively went to the kitchen to pour Xi Jia some water. Xi Jia started to stroll around the apartment. Very quickly, he saw a photograph on a table.

It was a very old photograph. Looking at the clothes of the people in the photograph, it should have been taken in the previous century at the very least. Most of the picture was of a white-haired old man who seemed sage-like, a fake mystic with a face that could really scare someone. And beside him was a very beautiful child who was almost squeezed out of the frame by him.

Xi Jia widened his eyes, looking at the little child in the picture.

He only saw a mini-sized Master Ye obediently sitting with both hands on his knees, trying very hard to seriously look at the camera with round eyes, and showing a very difficult and standard smile. On the contrary, the white haired old man by his side was directly standing up and pointing a wooden sword towards the sky, giving off a cool show-off feeling of “Your grandfather or your grandfather.” The aura of a hegemonic king was leaking.

When Xi Jia carefully looked again, he noticed a small little ball hovering above the old man’s shoulder.

It was actually Wu Xiang Qing Li!

It turns out that Wu Xiang Qing Li had appeared that long ago, and it seemed like it’s Master Ye’s master’s magic weapon?

That’s right. From the first glance of this photo, Xi Jia could tell that this white haired old man was definitely Master Ye’s master who died long ago. Just by looking at this photo, Master Ye’s master was a very cute old urchin. Compared to him, the little Ye Jingzhi, who was sitting obediently to take a picture, was simply a cute little doll.

When Ye Jingzhi came out of the kitchen, he came upon the scene of Xi Jia bending over to look at the picture. He hurriedly walked in front and hid the picture in fright. Xi Jia suspiciously looked at him. He then shyly said, “When I was little, Master always said that I’m like a wooden block and not as cute as other kids. I don’t look that great when I was little, don’t look at it anymore……”

Xi Jia asked him back in shock, “Even this isn’t cute?”

Ye Jingzhi was stunned in place.

Xi Jia took the photo from Ye Jingzhi’s hand, looking at the straight-faced little boy. He smiled as he said, “Master Ye, you’re very cute when you were little, really really cute.”

In response to these words, Master Ye happily took out his childhood photo albums for Xi Jia to look at.

Yi Lingzi was a person who kept up with the times. A few decades ago, the people of Huaxia were still not so fond of taking pictures. Everyday, he took his own disciple to visit every major photo studio and took artistic photos everywhere. He left Ye Jingzhi with many childhood memories, but all of the photos only lasted until he was six. Afterward, Ye Jingzhi was never photographed again.

Before, Xi Jia always forgot that Master Ye’s master had passed away when he was six. Now, he would always remember and didn’t stab at Master Ye’s wound. Rather, he faced these photos and praised from the bottom of his heart again and again, “Master Ye, you’re really cute ah.”

Master Ye blushed. Today, he didn’t feel upset at all and was extremely happy.

They stayed at Ye Jingzhi’s home for two days. On the evening of the third day, Ye Jingzhi took Xi Jia away from the county town of Poyang and headed towards Poyang Lake.

This was a large lake that stretched as far as the eye could see. The faint yellow sunset slowly fell in the west, casting a strip of golden light on the lake’s surface. The water and sky merged into one color, and the turquoise shadows gently swayed. Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi stood by the side of the lake as May winds blew at them. The area surrounding them was desolate and uninhabited. The shadow of whatever ghost market simply couldn’t be seen anywhere.

Xi Jia looked at Ye Jingzhi, “Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi flipped his hand and took out a golden leaf from his Qiankun bag. With a slap, he put the leaf onto Xi Jia’s forehead. In the next moment, a hum went through Xi Jia’s mind, and a golden imprint of the leaf slowly emerged from his forehead.

Ye Jingzhi also struck a leaf onto his own forehead. Both of them stared at the golden leaf pattern between their eyebrows. Ye Jingzhi said, “The Ghost Market of Poyang is held at the heart of the lake. When the sun sets, the Ghost Market will appear. Within a thousands of miles, numerous ghosts will emerge.”

The voice fell, and Ye Jingzhi took a step forward, stepping onto the lake’s surface.

Xi Jia widened his eyes, not daring to believe as he watched Ye Jingzhi step onto the lake’s surface. Ye Jingzhi reached out his hand towards him. Xi Jia hesitated for quite a while. In the end, he still grabbed a hold of Master Ye’s hand, extended his foot, and stepped forward as if he was not afraid of dying.

He actually didn’t fall down!

Between the vast turquoise waves, two small people quickly moved in the middle of the lake. With each step they took, a golden leaf pattern would appear beneath their feet. One step was a hundred meters. The golden leaves sent them ahead quickly and effortlessly.

Meanwhile, there were Celestial Masters carefully taking out a gold leaf in every corner of Lake Poyang. They lovingly kissed the leaf before hitting it between their brows and running towards the center of the lake. Besides these humans, there were also plenty of black shadows floating out from the ground. Once the sun completely fell behind the mountain, they instantly changed into human form. In small groups, they floated towards the middle of Poyang Lake in high spirits.

Just as Xi Jia had walked for half an hour, Ye Jingzhi suddenly stopped. He drew a golden rune in the air and firmly stomped on the surface of the lake. In a flash, violent ripples sprung up from all around. Bang bang bang bang! Countless dark green ghost fire ignited in front of Xi Jia.

These ghostly fires split into two rows, lighting up in succession and laying a long road before Xi Jia.

Ye Jingzhi turned his head to look at Xi Jia, and Xi Jia also looked back at him.

Their gazes met, and together, they stepped onto the road paved by ghost fire.

Ghostly fires are growing, rising in great billows; a hundred ghosts answer, the ghost market opens.

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: Today, wife called me cute, very happy, don’t feel upset at all
Fuwa: You don’t feel upset, but I do QAQ need nutrient fluid to roll around….

Translator’s Notes: 4/4/18 update – Changed ghost city to ghost market. Thanks Liu Minge for pointing it out and the confirmation~

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