Poisonous Peasant Concubine

Chapter 31 - 30 wen? You’re robbing people ah, so expensive!


They had a lot of things they wanted to buy today. Apart from the prescription for Ling Jinghan, they also needed to go to an iron store to get a hoe, shovel, kitchen knife and other commonly used farm and kitchen tools. They needed food for home as well. There was not a lot of oil, salt, and soy sauce left so they needed to go to the grocery store to buy more. And don’t forget Ling Jingxuan and the two son’s clothes, shoes, and everyday articles. These were what father and sons consulted over last night. Big bun also nodded his head in agreement, even though when it came to clothes and shoes, the bun had an extremely hard time doing so.

“What? 30 wen? You’re robbing people ah, so expensive!”

The family of three were standing in clothing store with already made clothing. Big bun, hearing that one set of the summer clothes they needed was 30 wen, in an instant choked. Dry skinny little hands tightly tugged on the shabby purse. The shopkeeper and waiters who were greeting them as well as the other shoppers all stared at them stunned. Ling Jingxuan suddenly wanted to cry but had no tears. Son ah, this money that we earned, if it’s not for spending don’t tell me it's for the next generation of kids?

“Cough cough… Xiao Wen, 30 wen isn’t even considered expensive. Take a look at this set ne, you can immediately wear it after buying it.”

As he spoke, he took a glance around. Because of the customers pointing, Ling Wen’s little face couldn’t help but become more red with shame. But… glancing at the flimsy clothes in daddy’s hands, then thinking that such little cloth cost 30 wen, he was unwilling to relent.

“En… this little customer, if you think that these ready-made clothes are too expensive, then there is no harm to look at the cloth on this side ba. This kind of cotton cloth is only 10 wen per foot. Based on your height, one and a half feet is enough to make an outfit for you with some leftovers.”

The shopkeeper was also someone with experience. After he stopped being dazed, he hurried to pick up a bolt of cyan cotton cloth. Ling Wen’s eyes brightened. Looking like he wanted to open his mouth, Ling Jingxuan hurried to stop it. “No need ah. Xiao Wen, Daddy doesn’t know how to make clothes, isn’t it better to buy ready-made clothes?”

Make him pick up an embroidery needle? Don’t joke around. In his past life and current life, he has only ever used angled, curved, and acupuncture needles for surgery.

“But the cloth is cheap ah. One and a half feet is enough to make a set of clothes.”

Ling Wen refused to give up, his gaze refused to move away from the cloth. Ready-made clothes were priced at 30 wen a set, but you could buy two feet of cloth and make two outfits.

“Xiao Wen, that’s not correct. Listen to me, cloth is cheap, but they aren't clothes. Even if you bought it back you can't wear it. Daddy doesn't know how to make clothes so we can only ask grandma to help us make it, but it is currently the busy farming season. Do you have the heart to ask grandma to farm during the day then stay up at night to help us make clothes? Besides, in a few days I plan on sending you guys to school. When that time comes you must have some better looking clothes ba?”

He would say whatever in order to make sure they didn’t go home with a bundle of cloth.

“Then… ok ba.”

Looking deeply at his daddy for a while, then turning his head to look at the crowd of people paying attention to them, Big bun clenched his teeth and finally nodded his head. He was stingy but felt distress for his hardworking grandparents and didn’t have the heart to add to their burden.

Ling Jingxuan exaggeratedly let out a sigh then set forth to talk to the shopkeeper. “Trouble the shopkeeper to find things according to our figure. Two sets for adults, 4 sets for children, matching shoes, and also give me one bolt of white cotton cloth.”

The only good thing about clothes from ancient times was that you didn't need to try them on because they were all big. It was in accordance to Ling Jingxuan’s taste.

“Ok le, please wait a moment customer.”

The shopkeeper happily started then busily turned around to instruct the shop assistants. Big bun had a fierce face as he tugged on Ling Jingxuan. “Didn’t we say that each person gets one set? Daddy, why did you buy this much? Also that white cotton cloth, what are you buying so much for?”

Big bun was also sensitive to how others regarded him, he waited till Ling Jingxuan knelt down to harp into his ear softly. Dark red lips continued to verbally abuse him and he showed his dissatisfaction.

“Aren’t you going to change clothes and wash them? In any case sooner or later it would need to be bought. Better to just buy it all together. That white cloth is used to seal the jars of the fruit jam. Tomorrow we need to sell out 100 jars ne. Where in our house do we have that many rags to seal it with? Xiao Wen ah, this money can't be saved.”

It didn't matter how fussy he was, Ling Jingxuan inevitably would have thousands of ways to persuade him. If he, as a grown man, couldn’t even convince a five year old, then he really was useless.

Having heard what was said, even if Ling Wen didn’t agree he didn’t have any choice but to close his mouth in consent. He tried very hard to not think about the money being spent, but as soon as he turned around he remembered something. Very cautiously, he looked at Ling Jingxuan. After a moment he probed out, “That person also doesn't have any clothes to wear, should we buy him a set?”

After saying it he instantly regretted it, wishing he could just bite off his tongue. How could he be so stupid ne. If by chance daddy…

Ling Jingxuan was startled. Seeing his immediate regretful appearance, couldn't help but laugh as he rubbed his head. Father and son were the same. It didn't matter how many complaints he had against that man, in the end he still remembered to think of him.

“The customer has waited a long time. The adult clothing is 50 wen a set, four sets is 200 wen. Children’s is 30 wen a set, four sets is 120 wen. The white button cloth is 300 wen a bolt. The shoes can be counted as a gift from this shop, the total is 620 wen.”

In the end Ling Jingxuan helped that man buy two sets of clothes. When he was forking over the money, Big bun’s flesh hurt a lot. By comparison, Little bun was very innocent and was extremely happy and looking forward to his new clothes. Ling Jingxuan requested the shopkeeper to send this big package to the fish market, then took the two buns and left the clothing store.

“Don’t count anymore. We earned money, isn't it to spend it? This money can't be saved.”

Seeing Big bun repeatedly count the leftover tael and 4 big coins in his purse, Ling Jingxuan helplessly shook his head. He was already nitpicking at the cheapest things, but ancient people were really amusing. Pure cotton clothing was unexpectedly the cheapest while silk brocade was excessively expensive. By comparison, he would rather wear cotton clothes. It was easier to sweat in and was more comfortable.

“I know, I’m just sad about the money.”

Putting away the money, Ling Wen tightly held onto his purse and muttered. Upon seeing this Ling Jingxuan didn't say anything. Some things took time, he also couldn't demand too much or else his stir fried bun would turn into a stir fried rotten bun.

Soon after, father and sons visited the iron store and grocery store. They obviously had plenty of money but as a result, it didn't matter what Ling Jingxuan said, Big bun no longer relented. Anything they bought was at the cheapest they could get. When they were going towards the medicine store, seeing that little buns had a satisfied smile, Ling Jingxuan clenched his fist and vowed. There would be a day where he would raise them into super meat buns, the second generation of a rich dandy!


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