Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 314 - Loving My Love Rival(7)

Hengyun Investment Company

During lunch break, the staff members all gathered together. They were either gossiping or scrolling their friend circle.

Su Wan went to the company cafeteria to grab lunch and then she sat silently in a corner. She was considering quitting her job. There were still a few more days before the end of the money. She had already printed out her resignation letter but she just hadn’t handed it.

“Xiao Wan.”

A colleague from the same group as her, Luo Yan, carried her lunch tray and walked to Su Wan’s side. “Xiao Wan, why are you alone?”

“Mn, I feel a bit uncomfortable and I want some silence.”

Su Wan smiled faintly at Luo Yan. Hearing her words, Luo Yan’s gaze flickered. “Are you still thinking about your ex-boyfriend?”

Luo Yan was one of the few that got along with the original owner within the company. She knew about Xiao Qing’s accident as well.

“Uh, no. It’s in the past. What’s the point of thinking about that still?”

Su Wan shook her head.

Luo Yan moved closer to Su Wan hearing her deny. “Xiao Wan, do you still remember my cousin? Qiu Feng. The one that does business. His company's business is pretty good right now. Didn’t we encounter him during a gathering last time? He is interested in you. Why don’t you consider him? Sister Yan promises you that my cousin has a good personality. He isn’t a womanizer nor does he gamble or play around. Of course, smoking and drinking aren’t really that bad. He would never hit his wife even when he gets drunk.”

Su Wan didn’t know what to say.

“Sister Yan, um...I already have a boyfriend.”

Seeing Luo Yan do her best to recommend her cousin to her, Su Wan had no choice but to interrupt her words and exclaim solemnly.

“What? You already have a new boyfriend?”

Luo Yan froze hearing Su Wan’s words before she couldn’t help but exclaim out loud, “I was just saying! How could the flower of our office not have any admirers? Xiao Wan, you’re not treating me as your friend! You didn’t even tell me that you got a new boyfriend!”

Before Su Wan could respond, Luo Yan and a few colleagues that just finished lunch all crowded over.

Colleague A: Ah, Su Wan, you got a new boyfriend? When are you going to bring him over?

Colleague B: That’s right. And you’re still hiding him from us. It’s not like we’re going to steal him from you.

Colleague C: What’s your boyfriend’s job? Is there a picture for us to see?

Su Wan felt black lines falling down her forehead facing the group of women’s enthusiastic gazes.

These were the women in office.

Older ones always wanted to introduce you a boyfriend. Women of your age always wanted to compare each other’s boyfriends. As for the younger ones, they either mock you for not having a boyfriend and call you a ‘leftover woman,’ or they would make sarcastic comments about you finding any man there is available. You’re the type of person that wants to get married whenever possible.

In short, why must women make things difficult for women?

Su Wan calmly finished the food on her tray as she was surrounded by a group of women. Then she slowly said, “It’s not that I don’t want to tell you guys. Point is we just confirmed our relationship so it’s not stable right now.”

“Ah, it turns out that we can bring a family member to the company dinner tomorrow. Su Wan, you should bring your boyfriend over tomorrow!”

“That’s right!”

Seeing everyone chattering again, Su Wan had no choice but to nod awkwardly...

She finally made it to the end of work. Su Wan took the bus home. While passing by a supermarket, she bought some food that Su Rui enjoyed eating. Who knew that she didn’t see him when she made it home.

Su Wan froze a moment before changing her shoes and entering the room. Seeing that the room was cleaned up by Su Rui, she smiled and brought the food to the kitchen, preparing to handle the dinner’s ingredients first.

By the time Su Rui returned home, it was dark outside. Watching as the usually clean General Su returned home battered and messy-looking, Su Wan widened her eyes. “What were you up to?”

There’s no way he went to drive an excavator right?

“I went to help Dongzi sort out his warehouse. Mn. While I was at it, I had them help me handle the goods too.”

Speaking of this, Su Rui fished out some paper money from his pocket. There were hundred dollar bills, tens, and twenties, as well as singles.

“Ah, wife! This is my income for today. Are you happy?”

Su Rui shoved the money in Su Wan’s palm.

To speak the truth, had General Su been in another world, he would’ve earned more than this in a minute. But in this world, General Su had to work hard the entire day to earn this much. Even more, a third of this was the capital.

Of course, the money here was different from the millions of dollars he earned.

He had earned all of this money with his hard work. Was this the so-called working people’s hard-earned money?

Seeing the smile on Su Rui’s face, Su Wan couldn’t help but smile. “I’m obviously happy that I have a husband who can earn this much money. I’ll make more food for you tonight. What do you want to eat? I’ll make it.”

“I eat you.”

Su Rui said this and then gently kissed Su Wan. As he deepened the kiss, his hands around Su Wan’s waist also tightened. The two subconsciously leaned against the dining table and Su Wan was pressed underneath Su Rui. Feeling Su Rui’s stirred emotions, Su Wan tried to part away from the kiss. She looked suspiciously at him and asked, “Su Rui, what’s the matter with you?”

Wasn’t he really happy just before?


Su Rui tightened his grip on Su Wan. “I suddenly realized how enjoyable it is to be a common person and taste the good and bad in life. That’s because no matter how tired I am outside, whenever I return home, I get to see my gentle and cute wife.”

Saying this, Su Rui couldn’t help but kiss Su Wan again.

It was more satisfying and happy to have a family and lover than having all the riches and glory.

Su Wan let out a sigh of relief hearing his words. She couldn’t help but narrow her eyes and smile at Su Rui. “So you plan on continuing to be a merchant? You’re not going to regret your decision?”

“What’s there to regret? Merchants don’t steal or anything. They also get hard-earned money.”

General Su announced with a proud expression, “Even if I’m just selling goods, I’ll make sure I’ll get you a beautiful tomorrow.”

Su Wan was speechless.

He must’ve learned this from people in the goods market.

General Su, it seems like you’ve learned quite a bit today.

After being lovey-dovey for a while, Su Wan got ready to cook while Su Rui was calculating something. He planned on continuing to keep Yan Mubai’s business open so he naturally needed a detailed plan.

The two planned on eating after Su Wan finished cooking. However, the door suddenly rang.

There weren’t many people that knew Su Wan’s location and even fewer people who would choose to come at this time.

Su Rui stood up to open the door. Outside stood Xiao Qing wearing a faint color athletic fit.

“Miss Xiao?”

Su Rui’s gaze flickered seeing Xiao Qing.

“Hey! Heh, um...I didn’t disturb you guys did I?”

Su Rui and Su Wan kept quiet.

You clearly knew that Su Wan had just gotten off work so you made sure to come over here so that you can eat with us didn’t you?

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