Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 32.3: Why is wife always looking at me?

Chapter 32 Part 3

Right at this time, a crisp voice sounded not far away, “My god, a fifty year old red-haired flying corpse is only 100 points? I’m buying, I’m buying. These two flying corpses are all mine, all mine, hahahaha!!!”

Xi Jia did the mental math: A jiangshi is 100 points, two is 200 points. The 20% fee of profits for the 200 points……Very good, 40 points.1

Before he hadn’t really noticed, but now, Xi Jia suddenly heard countless voices running through his ears.

“50 points? I’ll buy!”

Ding dong, 10 points to the account.

“This is actually 300 points? This……This……alright, I’m buying!”

Ding dong, 60 points.

“Laozi has saved half a year’s worth of points. I’ve been waiting to buy a usable magic weapon at the Poyang Ghost Market during the first half of the year. Fellow daoist, I’ll buy your magic weapon! 1,000 points, take it!”

Ding dong……200 points!!!

Xi Jia weakly looked at Master Ye before him, who had a foolish and meng look.2 He suddenly wondered if he actually understood Master Ye, and whether or not he should accept that bronze wine cup.

Was 50 points a lot? For Master Ye, it’s only a fraction!

He was wrong. In Master Ye’s eyes, 50 points simply wasn’t the 50 that he thought. It was only 5 yuan, 5 cents!

……His mind was a bit worn out.

Because he was too tired, Xi Jia rested for a long time. Ye Jingzhi accompanied him and rested together. When they started to shop around again, Xi Jia kept on sneaking glances at Master Ye beside him. At last, his mind finally understood: No wonder Master Ye said that it’s better to wear masks if he went in so others wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

So to speak, if Daddy Ma were to suddenly walk cordially into an 11/11 event during 11/11, which Taobao shop owner wouldn’t tremble in fear?! This was simply the boss on patrol!3

No wonder Master Ye didn’t come to the Poyang Ghost Market for three years.

Where was the need for him to buy or sell things? You’re all working for him!

There were all sorts of feelings swelling up in Xi Jia’s heart. However, Master Ye’s body stiffened, and his head was hot. He was at a bit of a loss, not knowing what to do.

Why did……Xi Jia keep on looking at him?

Could it be that the clothes he wore today look bad? His walking posture didn’t look good? Or was it because he wasn’t good-looking?

……Not right, he’s wearing a mask today, the face couldn’t be seen.

But why was wife looking at him?!!!

Master Ye didn’t even know how to walk anymore. Exerting all his strength, he worked hard to show his elegant demeanor so wife could see his most handsome side.

As time went by, more and more wild ghosts and Celestial Masters entered Poyang Ghost Market’s inner area. It became more crowded above the lake. In the ghost market, every ghost had a material entity and couldn’t randomly pass though people.

Xi Jia gradually felt a bit crammed. He slightly knitted his brows, raising his head to say to Ye Jingzhi, “Master Ye, we’re pretty much done shopping. It’s getting pretty late, how about we first……”


An ear-piercing and explosive voice sounded not far away.

Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi both immediately turned towards the source of the sound.

“Fuck, you motherfucker! You dare snatch something from your Grandfather Du’s hands? You dare steal your Grandfather Du’s things? Laozi is Tian Gong Pavilion’s eldest disciple, Measurement!4 Stand still for laozi! Wait for laozi to catch you and throw you into the Hundred Ghosts Banner!!!”

The disturbance started 100 meters ahead. The distance was too far from Xi Jia for him to see clearly. Many Celestial Masters nearby started to comment.

“Senior Brother Du actually ran into a thief. That little ghost has such crappy luck and actually provoked Senior Brother Du. It is certainly done for.”

“Exactly! Senior Brother Du has such a good temper. If he’s angry to the point of loudly cursing, something very important was probably been taken from him.”

“I heard that Senior Brother Du had crafted a high quality ghost sword this year, one that both Celestial Masters and ghosts could use. Could it be that sword? That sword is worth 5,000 points! If Senior Brother Du has brought it to Poyang Ghost Market to sell, maybe only the first 10 on the Modou Rankings will be able to afford it. Stealing that sword, Senior Brother Du definitely will desperately fight with that little ghost.”

Ye Jingzhi bowed his head and spoke next to Xi Jia’s ear, “Although Measurement isn’t an expert at hunting ghosts, he is in Modou Ranking’s top 30. He can deal with it.”

Xi Jia nodded.

However, a minute after these words were spoken, the crowd of people and ghosts all started to scramble in chaos. Xi Jia wasn’t careful and was separated from Ye Jingzhi. In the gap, there were three ghosts and two Celestial Masters.

Right at this time, a black shadow rapidly rushed over from afar. A youngster with a crew cut followed behind him. The youngster roared in rage, “You fucker, stand still for laozi! Nan Yi, Brother Nan, Fellow Daoist Nan! Where are you, quickly come and help me! There’s a 400 year old wild ghost……Ah? Ye Jingzhi?!”

Measurement firmly stared at Master Ye among the crowd of people and ghosts. He had called out his name despite wearing a mask.

Once this was said, chaos immediately ensued at the scene. The ghosts fled in disarray and horror. The Celestial Masters were also startled and fixed their gazes on Ye Jingzhi. The wild ghost being chased by Measurement stumbled and fell to the ground when it heard “Ye Jingzhi.”

Measurement laughed, “It’s nothing. Nan Yi and the other Zi Wei Xing Hall’s stalls are on the other side of the ghost market. It doesn’t matter if he can’t come in time. Fellow Daoist Ye, quick! This wild ghost is very fierce, I can’t kill it, help me out!”

As he spoke, the crew-cut youngster held up his sleeve and took out a magic treasure from his Qiankun bag, planning on attacking the wild ghost with it.

The wild ghost was frightened to the point that it trembled from head to toe. However, it actually wasn’t looking at Measurement. On the contrary, it was looking at Ye Jingzhi not far away. It only looked for a moment before suddenly becoming violent. It pulled a nearby human over and placed the ghost sword that it had snatched onto the human’s neck.

“D-don’t come over! If you come over, I’ll kill this person!”

Xi Jia who had a sword up against his neck, “……”

Ye Jingzhi’s killing aura became scathing hot in a flash, “!!!”

The corners of Measurement’s lips twitched, “Wild ghost, you stole my sword. That’s obviously you in the wrong. Now, you even took a hostage. Don’t you know that if you dare to do this at Poyang Ghost Market, it is breaking Poyang Ghost Market’s rules and offending Wu Xiang Mountain. You know Wu Xiang Mountain right? Hell King Ye is standing right here. Wrecking the Poyang Ghost Market’s venue in his presence, do you think you can leave this place today? It’s not easy for you to live for 400 years. Did you not live well? Why do you want to ask for death?”

The wild ghost howled, “Sh-shut up! I’ll kill someone, I’ll really kill someone!”

Measurement advised with good intentions, “Friend, you’ll become a malicious ghost once you kill someone. Do you really want to kill a person?”

The wild ghost somewhat hesitated. However, Ye Jingzhi took off his mask and lifted his leg, walking in its direction.

The surrounding Celestial Masters saw Ye Jingzhi take off the mask. They consecutively sucked in a breath and hid to the side in fright.

Xi Jia had never seen Master Ye this angry before. He took Wu Xiang Qing Li out of his Qiankun bag with a slap. A strong baleful aura emitted from his body, revolving around him. The black mole in the depths of Ye Jingzhi’s right eye faintly became red, and it gradually returned to its original state. The color of the mysterious mole constantly fluctuated, and the baleful aura winding all around Ye Jingzhi was also continuously changing.

At this time, Zi Wei Xing Hall, Shennong Valley, Longhu Mountain……all the Celestial Masters had gathered here.

As Longhu Mountain’s eldest disciple, Hu Die originally was here to casually take a look at the excitement and laugh a bit at Measurement’s incompetence, resulting in the magic weapon getting stolen. However, he suddenly saw Ye Jingzhi. When he looked again at the maskless Xi Jia who was seized by the wild ghost, he gasped in shock. An image appeared in his mind all of a sudden.

It was the image of Xi Jia grabbing and throwing Old Ghost into the cauldron of burning oil.

Hu Die thought he had already forgot about it. Now, that thought suddenly resurfaced again.

On Poyang Lake, the wild ghost with 400 years of cultivation leveled the ghost sword that was emitting strong yin energy with Xi Jia’s neck. It looked at the anxious and restless Measurement for a moment, and then looked at the crowd of Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world that had already rushed over. In the end, its gaze stopped at Ye Jingzhi who had an ice-cold expression, walking step by step towards it.

Ye Jingzhi wore a black trench coat, and his eyes were pitch-black. His gaze was cold enough to scare someone. He firmly stamped on the surface of Poyang Lake one step at a time. With each step, it disrupted the lake’s surface like an earthquake, causing all the Celestial Masters and ghosts standing on the lake to shake.

“Let him go, or else……I, Ye Jingzhi, will make you suffer the pain of the 18 Layers of Hell and never reincarnate!”

The cold and cruel voice came one word at a time through gnashed teeth.

That wild ghost trembled all over, the ghost sword in its hand was quickly becoming unsteady. It stared at Ye Jingzhi as he came closer with each step, but it simply didn’t dare to utter a sound. Seeing that Ye Jingzhi had already reached within 3 meters of it, the wild ghost howled as if it was crazy, “Isn’t it said that Hell King Ye hasn’t attended Poyang Ghost Market for 3 years already?! Who’s lying to me?! Who’s lying to me?! If I’m going to die, someone will have to suffer the same fate, ahhhh!!!”

The voice fell, and the wild ghost swung the sword down towards Xi Jia’s neck.

Ye Jingzhi widened his eyes. The black mole in his right eye thoroughly became a blood-red color. Some blood color leaked out from the small mole, contaminating half of the eye. His right eye was half black and half red, strange and frightening. He madly rushed forward, planning on using his hands to grab the sharp blade of the ghost sword.

However, Ye Jingzhi hit air. He nearly grabbed onto the ghost sword with his bare hands, just missing by a bit.

Measurement urgently said, “My sword is made from the yin energy of four 500 year old flying corpses. The blade’s sharpness is unmatched, and one can die upon contact. Ye Jingzhi, you can’t touch it, you’ll get backlash from the yin energy……”


The crisp sound rang above the vast and boundless Poyang Lake.

The 400 year old wild ghost held half of the ghost sword in its right hand. Its eyeballs popped out, staring at the other half of the black blade as it fell into Poyang Lake with a plunk and sinking into the depths of the water.

A blanket of dead silence covered Poyang Ghost Market.

Ye Jingzhi reached out and pulled Xi Jia back. He was anxious to the point both his eyes were red. However, the blood red color slowly subsided from his right eye, returning inside the tiny mole.

The wild ghost stood on the surface of the lake, stupefied. Holding onto half of the sword, it was at a complete loss.

Measurement’s mouth hung wide open. He suddenly fell to his knees with a thud, hitting his head against the lake’s surface again and again. As if he was possessed by the devil, he repeatedly said, “My sword can’t be broken, it can’t be broken……How could it possibly break?! How could it be broken?!!!”

The 5,000 points high-grade ghost sword broke in half the instant it touched Xi Jia’s skin. Half of it was still being held by the wild ghost, and the other half fell into Poyang Lake.

Xi Jia rubbed his neck, but he didn’t seem to feel anything. He suddenly felt needles on his back and turned to look.

Numerous Celestial Masters and ghosts were all staring at him.

The pitiful hostage, Xi Jia, “……”

The sword broke, is it my fault?

Translator’s Addition:
Wild Ghost: *grabs C+ hostage and attacks with rare SS tier sword*
Mirror: *activates rage mode*
Sword breaks
[Defeat! Please level up or Upgrade your Equipment and try again!]
Wild Ghost and everyone else: “!!!”
C+: Ah-lalala?

Translator’s Notes:
1 僵尸 Jiangshi – aka Chinese hopping vampire/zombie. (I thought jiangshi and flying corpses were different things, but I guess they’re both categorized as “corpses” here.)
2 萌 Meng – moe/adorable/cute
3 Daddy Ma refers to Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of Alibaba. Taobao is an online C2C shopping site that is owned by Alibaba.
4 Reminder: Measurement in Chinese in Du Liang Heng. Du means degrees and it’s being used as if its his surname.

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