Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 33.2: Help, there’s a ghost!!!

Chapter 33 Part 2

Things had gotten to this point, and Xi Jia couldn’t hide it anymore.

He had never thought that he would be forced to become a hostage and be the focus of the crowd when he was only here to attend and experience the Poyang Ghost Market. His gaze swept through all of the Celestial Masters and ghosts present. Among them, there were a couple people that he recognized.

Hu Die, Longhu Mountain’s eldest disciple, was looking at him in high spirits. The corner of his lips hooked up.

Although the elder brother of the Jiang siblings, Jiang Tong, wore a mask and pretended to be a passerby hiding in the crowd, Xi Jia could recognize him at a glance because of his 160 cm height.

Apparently Pei Yu had something to do and couldn’t come to this time’s Poyang Ghost Market, so Xi Jia didn’t see him in the crowd.

Softly sighing, Xi Jia turned his head to look at Ye Jingzhi.

Their gazes met, and Ye Jingzhi said in a low voice, “If you don’t want to say it, you don’t have to say it……Xi Jia, I’m here.” His voice was low and steady. He calmly spoke words that couldn’t be simpler, yet his gaze was incomparably tender, carrying a sort of indescribable sense of security.

It seemed that as long as he hid behind this person, he wouldn’t be afraid of any wind or rain.

Xi Jia couldn’t help but curve the corners of his mouth. Turning around, he faced the crowd of Celestial Masters and ghosts that were staring at him with wide eyes. In the next moment, he raised his finger and pressed on the relic around his neck. Then, he suddenly yanked it off.


Yin energy shot towards the sky from the ground, breaking through the Wu Xiang Eight Trigrams Array and setting off a perilous situation on Poyang Lake!

Several thousands of wild ghosts’ eyeballs popped out in horror, one by one they turned to flee. They were frightened to the point they pissed their pants. Some of the ghosts’ heads fell when they ran, but they didn’t dare to go back and pick them up, screaming in terror, “There’s a ghost! There’s a ghost! AHHHHHH, save me, there’s a ghost!!!”

Most of the Celestial Masters were also shocked as they retreated. Only Hu Die, Measurement, Jiang Tong……and seven or eight other young Celestial Masters remained in place. A trace of surprise flashed through Hu Die’s eyes. Measurement was stupefied. At first, Jiang Tong stepped back half a step, but soon he drew two runes on his eyelids and activated Yin Yang Eyes. After he clearly saw a ball of black, he blanked out for a moment before chuckling, “This is so much fun.”

Among all these people, only Master Ye drew two runes on his eyelids first. Then, he immediately took the relic from Xi Jia’s hand, and he carefully and earnestly helped him put it back on. After checking that the relic was worn very properly and beautifully, only then did Master Ye narrowed his eyes, glaring at the crowd of ghosts that had turned tail and fled.

——You’re a ghost, your whole family’s a ghost!!!

Terrifying baleful aura overflowed, chasing after them. Many ghosts stumbled and fell in fright before crawling back up in a flurry to escape.

After such a disturbance, it was hard for the Poyang Ghost Market to continue as normal. As the owner of the Poyang Ghost Market, Ye Jingzhi immediately sent the wild ghost who had stolen something into Hell. Following Ling Xiao’s verdict, it would receive the punishment of the Burning Oil Hell for 50 years.

With things settled, the Celestial Masters and ghosts slowly dispersed.

Since Xi Jia wore the relic, the yin energy on him was concealed. However, as he walked through the ghost market, everyone stared at him secretly. The majority of the small ghosts with low cultivation were so scared that they had already left the ghost market. Only a few wild ghosts with pretty good cultivation still had the guts to stay here. These ghosts would never forget the feeling of being scared with all fine hairs standing on end. From every nook and cranny, they quietly looked at Xi Jia.

Xi Jia, “……”

In short, as long as Xi Jia was here, the ghost market couldn’t carry on.

Without hesitation, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi left Poyang Ghost Market ahead of time. When they left, rows upon rows of ghosts and Celestial Masters stood behind them, all staring at Xi Jia and watching him leave. It was even more serious than a senior official doing an inspection.

It was also because Ye Jingzhi was here that those wild ghosts and Celestial Masters of the younger generation didn’t dare to obstruct. If it were Master Buxing, Qishan-daoren, and Cengxiu-zhenjun……that had seen such a scary Body of Extreme Yin, they absolutely would ask until the truth came to light and see if there was a way to use the yin energy to go against malicious ghosts.

Midnight quietly arrived not long after Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi had reached the side of Poyang Lake and climbed ashore.

Qishan-daoren was in the middle of eating watermelon and playing games, happily waiting for today’s gossip. He lazily unlocked his phone and tapped “Ghosts Know” open. Surprised, he discovered that “Ghosts Know” didn’t upload new gossip this time. Instead, they uploaded a short piece asking for tips.

【 He, had caused Measurement to kneel down and kowtow; He, had left Hell King Ye speechless. At Poyang Ghost Market, he actually set off great waves; the younger generation was eclipsed by him! Numerous ghosts turned tail and fled at the sight of him; A 400 year old wild ghost has been sent to the oil cauldron to be punished because of him! Seeing him, Tian Gong Pavilion became silent, Shennong Valley became silent, Longhu Mountain became silent, Zi Wei Xing Hall became silent!

The Xuanxue world became silent!

A chance in five hundred years and rarely seen in a thousand years, the Xuanxue world is destined to no longer be peaceful with his arrival!

Who is he?!


If you want to know who he is, click on the donation button below. Once 100 thousand points are collected, the answer will be made public. 】

Qishan-daoren, “……”

Qishan-daoren cursed “Ghosts Know”’s editor in his mind. He closed the WeChat page, and started playing again. However, after playing halfway through, his hands began to itch and he opened the article again. Rubbing his hands, he donated 10 points.

“If this article is boring, this old man will storm into your headquarters!”

All over the lands of Huaxia, countless Celestial Masters hesitated over and over again. Ultimately, they still were unable to hold back and pressed the donation button.

“Ghosts Know” had previously done something similar. They had done this kind of wicked thing four years ago with the incident of the Hell Gate of Fengdu opening. At that time, even though Ye Jingzhi had a lot of points, everyone knew that his strength was very formidable. He was the only disciple of Wu Xiang Mountain and had a Body of Three Fiends that sounded very tremendous. But, no one paid attention to just how special he was. That’s until four years ago when Ye Jingzhi took Wu Xiang Qing Li and charged from the Hell Gate of Fengdu to the Pulling Tongue Hell and back, killing over 8,000 malicious ghosts and becoming famous with a single battle.1

It had caused a stir in the entire Xuanxue world.

Countless people wanted to know who Ye Jingzhi was. As a result, “Ghosts Know” started to look for trouble.

“Ghosts Know” relied on their large news network. They started gathering information from the younger disciples that were present at the scene before collecting from the lonely souls and wild ghosts that were near Fengdu. Midnight the next day, “Ghosts Know” uploaded a similar short article on their WeChat page, boasting Ye Jingzhi to the heavens. Then, they reached out to the readers——

I, Ghosts Know, am farming for gold.

Not telling you if you don’t give gold.

The readers, “……” Fuck you!

In order to know just what kind of identity or background Ye Jingzhi had and how could he be this awesome, the Celestial Masters donated one after another. Now, “Ghosts Know” did it again. Many Celestial Masters could only grit their teeth and proceeded to donate. After waiting until 1 o’clock in the middle of the night, “Ghosts Know” finally released four long articles.

《 Shocking! A high grade ghost sword worth 5,000 points broke in one touch, the eldest disciple of Tian Gong Pavilion is selling counterfeits! 》

《 After reading this article, you will know how to receive special treatment from Hell King Ye. 》

《 The secret of thousands of wild ghosts crying for their mom and dad, you still don’t know? 》

As well as the last headline article——

《 Making Measurement kneel and Ye Jingzhi cry, just who is he!? 》

Qishan-daoren happily tapped to open the article and read it.

Since “Ghosts Know” had collected 100 thousand points, they naturally wouldn’t dare to use the ordinary news to fool the readers. These four articles completely introduced Xi Jia’s life, and even his picture was shown. Unexpectedly, it was a screenshot of a college graduation picture. Ghosts knew where they had taken this thing from.2

Pei Yu had said to Xi Jia before, “Don’t even think about negotiating privacy rights with ‘Ghosts Know!’”

That’s right, no one should think about talking to “Ghosts Know” about privacy. They were a gang of bandits. However, “Ghosts Know” still had a bit of a bottom line. They didn’t really reveal everything about Xi Jia. They only put some past events that even ordinary people could know about——like “went to this elementary school and that middle school” kind of scoop.

“Ghosts Know” placed the importance on Xi Jia’s rich yin energy.

In the lead story, “Ghosts Know” claimed to have invited a senior, who didn’t want to be named, as a consultant. This senior had seen Xi Jia before——That’s right, it was the senior who had submitted to “Ghosts Know” saying that Xi Jia was Ye Jingzhi’s fiancée. The old senior stated that he had indeed used Yin Yang Eyes to see the extremely dense yin energy. However, Xi Jia might have used something to cover some of it at the time, and he didn’t see that much yin energy.

Next, the old senior proceeded to talk about general knowledge: 【 As everyone knows, Hell King Ye has the legendary Body of Three Fiends. The Body of Three Fiends gathers all of the baleful aura from the Nine Provinces. They’re often unable to be born because the birth mother would often die during pregnancy. Hell King Ye was born, and Yi Lingzi had sealed the Year Fiend. That is how he obtained the fearful strength of today. And the special physique corresponding to the Body of Three Fiends is known as a Body of Extreme Yin……】

Within the general knowledge, the old senior gave a detailed account on how harsh the conditions was to form the Body of Extreme Yin. He also expressed that even if all these conditions were met, a Body of Extreme Yin wasn’t guaranteed. Because the yin energy of a Body of Extreme Yin was too strong, the mother would often be unable to bear it. Therefore while in the womb, it would generally cause the mother to die.

Finally, “Ghosts Know”’s editor asked: 【 Senior, may I ask just how strong the Body of Extreme Yin is? 】

The old senior seriously stated that the Body of Extreme Yin actually wasn’t that powerful, and that they shouldn’t be able to live that long. Because the ancient books said that the Body of Extreme Yin was the best tonic for malicious ghosts. After consuming a Body of Extreme Yin, they could increase their cultivation by a thousand years. He also didn’t know why Xi Jia was capable of making several thousands of ghosts to flee on sight at Poyang Ghost Market. Perhaps a genuine Body of Extreme Yin wasn’t completely on the same page as what was written in books.

The editor asked again, 【 Can you describe how powerful? 】

The old senior was very dedicated: 【 If you say that Young Daoist Ye is Hell King Ye, commanding multitudes of lonely souls and wild ghosts, making it so that ghosts and monsters wouldn’t dare to cause chaos; then, Young Daoist Xi Jia, with strong yin energy, should be regarded as a King of a Hundred Ghosts. 】

King of a Hundred Ghosts?!

After reading this article, the readers were all dumbstruck.

Qishan-daoren had seen Xi Jia before. At that time in Chang’an, Xi Jia was always standing together with Ziying, and Ziying was friendly to him. However, Xi Jia was wearing the relic at that time, and Qishan-daoren didn’t discover the yin energy on his body. Recalling now, he completely couldn’t imagine that the fair and pretty young man actually had the legendary Body of Extreme Yin.

Countless readers started to comment below this article. The number of likes and comments broke 30,000 within a minute.

Zhuzhao-zhenren looked at his phone. He wiped his tears in sadness, receiving the 10,000 points of remuneration that “Ghosts Know” had sent over.

“Ghosts Know”’s editor: 【 After this, Senior Zhuzhao, you only owe us 46,216 points now. Senior, why did you tell us the scoop of Fellow Daoist Xi Jia being Hell King Ye’s future wife back then? If you said that he has a Body of Extreme Yin, the result would be very different. 】

Zhuzhao-zhenren was angry to the point of tears: If this daoist knew that he has a Body of Extreme Yin earlier, how could there be a butt load of debt!?

The Translator’s Addition:
Zhuzhao-zhenren: *crying as he looks at the negative points in his account*
Readers: *lights a candle*


(Note: Breakdown of Zhuzhao’s dao name – Zhu 烛 means candle (or illuminate in a literary sense), and Zhao 照 means to shine/illuminate as well as other meanings. In other words, it can mean “lighting a candle” :D)

Translator’s Notes:
1 拔舌地狱 Pulling Tongue Hell – the 1st Layer of the 18 Layers of Hell.
2 Puns galore – Ghosts know = who knows.

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