Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 33.3: Help, there’s a ghost!!!

Chapter 33 Part 3

Too many things had happened tonight. After Xi Jia had returned to Master Ye’s apartment, he washed up and went to rest, utterly exhausted. When he woke up in the morning, he noticed that Pei Yu had sent him over 100 WeChat messages, and he tapped it open to read. Xi Jia’s face instantly darkened and hurried to open “Ghosts Know” official account.

Seeing these four articles, Xi Jia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Should he thank “Ghosts Know” for not completely exposing his private matters, or should he go to “Ghosts Know” and ask for some points as compensation?

Tapping open the comments below, the things that this group of unreliable Celestial Masters had commented were all sorts of weird and strange.

【 Holy crap, Body of Extreme Yin, it sounds so frickin’ awesome, 666666 】1

【 Why didn’t I go to the Poyang Ghost Market this time! If I had gone, I could’ve witnessed the legendary Body of Extreme Yin personally, and I could’ve even supplied a scoop for “Ghosts Know”! 】

【 The fellow daoist LS, quickly wake up.2 There were thousands of people at the scene who had seen the fellow daoist with a Body of Extreme Yin, and they all didn’t get a point. I heard that Tian Gong Pavilion’s eldest disciple, Measurement, has been confined by his master, Doumo-zhenren, this morning. Do you know the reason why? The reason is that Fellow Daoist Du had given away the bride and lost his soliders!3 If Doumo-zhenren was there, he definitely would have used the reason of breaking the high-grade ghost sword to threaten that terrifying Ghost King Xi. And then lay down an enchantment so West Ghost King could only tell the secret to him, and he could give “Ghosts Know” an exclusive offer. Although Fellow Daoist Du had this opinion, he wasn’t fierce enough and lost Tian Gong Pavilion’s face. 】

【 ……Ah, pei! It’s Ghost King Xi, not West Ghost King. 】4

【 It is justified, Fellow Daoist Du should be a bit more decisive. 】

Xi Jia, “……”

Is there anything else in your brains besides points?!

Also, what the hell is Ghost King Xi?

Master Ye’s nickname made kids cry. Yet when it came to him, how could it change to something so repulsive?

Xi Jia stayed speechless as he read. His eyes flashed past a comment before coming back.

【 Fellow Daoists, I have a daring idea……】

【 The lighting engineer is in position. 】

【 The sound engineer is in position. 】

【 The recording mic is ready. 】

【 Please say your story. 】

【 Fellow Daoists, Ghost King Xi’s yin energy is so strong, and his relationship with Hell King Ye seems to be pretty good. Could it be that……he has a older or younger sister in his family who also has a very strong yin energy? Then…… 】

Xi Jia’s face was void of expression.

He didn’t have an older or younger sister. He didn’t have any female cousins on either side of the family for four generations.

Therefore, his “sister” definitely wasn’t Master Ye’s future wife.

Xi Jia shut his phone, no longer paying any attention to these unfathomable Xuanxue world fake mystics. He had just spoke a few words with Pei Yu when Ye Jingzhi happened to come back after buying groceries.

Wearing a plain and simple black trench coat that covered him, Master Ye carried a bag of groceries in his left hand and a watermelon in his right hand. Xi Jia looked at the big watermelon in surprise. Master Ye shyly blushed as he lowered his head, saying in a small voice, “Yesterday, I heard you say that you really like to eat watermelon……so I bought one.”

Xi Jia quickly went up to meet him. They cut the watermelon in half, each holding onto half.

In this old house that wasn’t spacious, the fan on the ceiling creaked as if it was lightly singing a song. Xi Jia scooped out a large spoonful of watermelon, his eyes curving in satisfaction. He turned to see Ye Jingzhi, but he saw Master Ye obediently sitting by the table, using a spoon to dig out the seeds that he could see before scooping the red fruit into the glass bowl.

Master Ye actually liked to eat after scooping it out?

Xi Jia didn’t think too much. He finished eating half of the watermelon while watching TV.

May wasn’t the season for watermelons to hit the market, so this watermelon wasn’t that large. After Xi Jia finished eating, he felt that there’s some stuck between his teeth. He picked up the remote and was about to change the channel when he turned his head. He saw a large bowl of seedless watermelon neatly arranged before him.

Xi Jia froze, looking at it for a long time. He raised his head and looked at Ye Jingzhi in astonishment.

Underneath the outdated fan, because Master Ye had just went out to buy groceries, there was a layer of sweat on his forehead due to the heat. Seeing that Xi Jia was looking at him, he shifted his line of sight in embarrassment and quietly said, “I don’t like to eat watermelon……You eat it, I’ll give it all to you.”

Xi Jia saw the slight sweat on Master Ye’s forehead. His gaze slowly moved down, and he saw the black trench coat on Master Ye that had obviously been washed many times. Then, he looked at the small but clean apartment. He didn’t know why, but he felt his heart gradually calming down.

Xi Jia had gone to many mansions and villas because he needed to shoot for movies. But not one of them was as warm as this house.

This house made one reluctant to leave, and the owner of this house was so good that he couldn’t help but become strange……

“Master Ye, why are you this good……”

Xi Jia’s voice was too quiet, and Ye Jingzhi didn’t hear it clearly. When he asked again, Xi Jia merely smiled while shaking his head, and didn’t say much.

Noon quickly approached. The fan blew at Ye Jingzhi for a while, before he went to the kitchen to make lunch. His back was tall and straight. Xi Jia also knew that he had a handsome, good-looking face that didn’t lose to any male stars in the entertainment circle. But at this moment, he was like an ordinary man and cooking a simple home-cooked meal with a lowered head, living a life that didn’t fit with Hell King Ye and only belonging to Ye Jingzhi’s ordinary life.

If time could quietly stop, it wasn’t necessarily bad.

Xi Jia scooped up a piece of watermelon, thinking about it while eating.

After they had finished eating lunch, Ye Jingzhi needed to head out to settle the aftermath of the Poyang Ghost Market.

Wu Xiang Mountain could hold the Poyang Ghost Market twice a year, from which they earn a generous amount of profits. However, they also needed to pay some price, such as the Wu Xiang Eight Trigrams Array. Ye Jingzhi even expressed that he could only arrange it four times a year at most, and that it consumed a great amount of power.

Only after the incident had past did Xi Jia just remember that ever since they came back to Poyang County these few days, Master Ye would always go out in the middle of the night and say that it’s for work. Xi Jia merely thought he needed to hunt malicious ghosts at night. He didn’t think that he needed to go set up the Wu Xiang Eight Trigrams Array. As for why Master Ye’s home would be in Poyang County, it’s probably so that it would be more convenient to hold the Poyang Ghost Market.

By the time Ye Jingzhi came back, Xi Jia had already made dinner, and he ate the meal with him.

Xi Jia had already noticed that there really might be something wrong with Master Ye’s taste. Every time Master Ye cooked, each dish was clearly very delicious, but he only ate a few bites and one bowl of rice before setting down his bowl and chopsticks to watch him eat. However, when it was his turn to cook, Master Ye could consecutively eat three bowls, and he even always said that it was especially tasty.

Xi Jia thought for half a day. But in the end, he still decided not to say anything.

As the days passed, Xi Jia didn’t mention the matter of returning to S City. Rather, he continued to stay here.

Poyang County was a small county town. Because it was near Poyang Lake, there was more of an abundance of aquatic produce. Xi Jia sometimes headed out with Master Ye to go grocery shopping. When Master Ye was shopping, he never haggled over the price, but those uncles and aunties who were selling the food always took the initiative to help him by not charging the change. Even a Chinese cabbage was given for free after buying a tomato.

Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi stayed together for a long time. One time when Master Ye went to buy fish, Xi Jia stayed where he was at and waited for him to come back. An aunty selling vegetables pulled him over and started to chat. Xi Jia wasn’t good at chatting, but this aunty was very good at talking. Talking and talking, she even talked about Ye Jingzhi.

“Little Ye didn’t have it easy, ah, His parents are always working outside. His grandpa also passed away so early. So we watch over him. When he was small, he was this small,” Aunty gave Xi Jia a gesture, putting her hand next to her thigh. “Little Ye was this tall at that time, carrying a food basket to buy food. The basket wasn’t that much shorter than him.”

Xi Jia looked at the view of Ye Jingzhi’s back from afar. In the haziness, he seemed to see a well-behaved and sensible child hugging a large food basket. He clearly had just lost his only family, but still had to live on.

“We watched Little Ye grow up. He’s very promising. Now, he’s handsome, and his pay is fairly high. Last year, Brother Liu in the next stall selling meat got cancer. His family really didn’t have money to treat it. Without saying anything, Little Ye gave Brother Liu 100,000. How could Brother Liu accept this money? But Little Ye said that he needed to pay for the pieces of meat that Brother Liu sneakily squeezed in after weighing them ever since he was small.”

Xi Jia’s gaze gradually became tender. He roughly realized that the so-called parents and grandpa were probably the seniors of the Xuanxue world helping Ye Jingzhi forge a background history. That grandpa was estimated to be Master Ye’s master, Yi Lingzi.

Aunty continued to talk. From her words, Xi Jia came to know a Ye Jingzhi that he had never seen before.

Ordinary but also remarkable, warm-hearted but also not good at expressing.

Talking to the end, Aunty said, “Speaking of this, Little Hui, who sells fish, is recently helping her dad look after their stall. She seems to really like Little Ye. A few days ago, her dad even said to Little Ye that he wanted to marry his daughter off to him.”

Xi Jia became wide awake in a flash. When he looked up, he just so happened to see Master Ye walking to a stall selling fish. Sitting at the stall was a pretty young girl about 18 or 19 years old with very bright eyes. Seeing that Ye Jingzhi had come, she happily stood up and hurried to help him pick out a big fish.

Master Ye took the fish without a change in expression, gave the money, and turned to leave.

Little Hui immediately lowered her head in disappointment.

Xi Jia, “……”

He didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt particularly unhappy.

Aunty was still talking, “Such a pity, Little Ye is too antisocial and doesn’t really interact with us neighbors. Lad, this is my first time seeing Little Ye bringing a friend home. There’s some things that I could only talk to you about. Little Ye, this child, is too cold. We all want to take care of him, but can’t get closer to him. All these years, we saw him grow up all alone.”

Just like Aunty had said, Ye Jingzhi nodded at Aunty but didn’t say anything when he came to Xi Jia’s side.

Xi Jia followed behind Master Ye as they went back home. The original strange and unhappy mood had gradually dissipated. He hesitated for a while, but he couldn’t help but ask, “Master Ye, I think that Aunty treats you pretty nice. Why don’t you……chat with her?”

Ye Jingzhi carried the groceries. He turned back to look at Xi Jia, puzzled as he answered, “I greeted Aunt Wang.”

Xi Jia was stunned, “Greeted……Wait, you don’t mean that nod just now, right?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded again.

Xi Jia, “……”

Gently sighing, Xi Jia helplessly smiled. He took a bag of groceries from Ye Jingzhi’s hands, smiling, “Master Ye, let’s go back home.”

Looking at Xi Jia’s smile, Ye Jingzhi stared blankly for a moment. Then, he nodded hard.

For him, the current him, he wasn’t a bit lonely at all. As long as there’s wife, he wouldn’t be by himself again.

Now, Master Ye’s biggest problem in front of him was: How could he make wife stay a bit longer and not go back to S City.

What could be done?

Today’s Ye Jingzhi was also distressed. What dishes should he cook that could conquer wife’s stomach and make wife stay?

After thinking for a long time, Master Ye happily started cooking. However while eating, Xi Jia had just picked up a chopstick full of meat and hadn’t had the time to put it in his mouth when suddenly, he received a WeChat. Xi Jia frowned, putting down his chopsticks. He picked up his phone to take a look.

Staring anxiously, Master Ye, who was waiting for wife to praise that it’s delicious, lowered his head, feeling upset.

In the next moment, Xi Jia raised his head and gravely looked at Ye Jingzhi, “Master Ye, Pei Yu is in trouble!”

Ye Jingzhi was stunned.

Only to see a line of words that flashed on the phone screen——

【 Pei Yu: Brother Jia, help! HELP!!!】

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: Today, wife didn’t praise that my cooking is delicious (´・ω・`)
C+: Why do I find that Little Hui so not pleasing to the eye!!!

Translator’s Notes:
1 酷炫狂霸拽 shortened to “so frickin’ awesome” – whole phrase is boasting like “cool, awesome, mad, tyrannical, swag”
666666 – very skilled/good, cool/ awesome, etc.
2 LS – LS is short for 楼上 upstairs aka previous comment.
3 赔了夫人又折兵 to give away a wife and also lose soliders – to have a double loss.
4 Pei – sound of spitting.
Xi Jia’s last name and “West” in Chinese have the same pronounciation and pinyin. West is usually the first character that shows up if you type “xi” by pinyin.

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