In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 33 - Throwing Practice


Daiki clenched his teeth as he came out of the narrow hole.

Coming out of the narrow hole, he stepped out into a vast space again.

Checking his surroundings with the phone, it seemed like this place was already the underground of the shopping district.


Takumi came out behind him.

“Senior! It seems like this is the underground of the shopping district already!”

“I see. Then, let’s search for the manhole in this area.”


The two of them started walking again.

Leaving the welding to Seiji and them, Ryou and Tooru joined Rei, and the three of them were at their wit’s end.


Ryo stroked his head as he leaned back on the chair.

The three thought about a long-range weapon that wouldn’t make any sound as a countermeasure for going to the shopping district.

They had written various ideas on the paper in front of them, but they were all rejected.

“It’ll take time if we use something like a bow to reach the target…”

“It’s not like we have crossbows either.”

“It would have been good if we could construct bows, huh…”

The three of them sighed.

Only arrows were left at school.

Since a crossbow didn’t bend like a semi-circle but was more contorted, they decided against making one.

Besides, they had an idea of making the bow from the bamboo of bamboo swords1, but it was difficult to say whether that would be powerful and durable enough.

“Rather, isn’t it fine to make something like a catapult?”

“Oh! That would be good!”

Rather than calling it a catapult, in this case, it’s called a sling, hurling stones from a string they made, and the production would definitely be simple.

“Then, let’s try making one first, if it seems impossible, we’ll rethink.”


The three of them stood up simultaneously, and each of them took material and walked off.


Kazuma walked to where Sakura was.

“Oh, Senior.”

As Sakura raised her head, she saw Kazuma wearing a lax expression coming closer to her.

This boy’s usual face was very handsome, but when he came into contact with girls, he became like a comedian.

“What are you doing?”

Sakura couldn’t answer straight away.

There was no way she could say that she was giving zombies orders.

She thought for a short while - though only about 0.1 seconds - and opened her mouth.

“I was looking at the sky.”

In Sakura’s mind, even if she gave a perfunctory reason, as long as the words gave a sentimental feeling, and were girly enough, it would ensnare Kazuma.

In reality, Kazuma didn’t doubt her either, and started to thoughtlessly talk to her.

“Really? …Somehow, it’s really romantic. Oh, is it fine if I sit next to you?”

Sakura kept silent, and he sat down to her right.

The blow of the wind coming from time to time reminded them that winter was approaching.

The clouds floated quickly, and the sun slipped in and out of view.

While observing this faintly lit world, Sakura drew near Kazuma slightly.

Now was her chance to make him into her subordinate.

With one bite, this boy would become her manservant.

On the other side, Kazuma was only perceiving Sakura moving closer as an expression of affection.

Sakura put her face closer to Kazuma’s neck.

Kazuma didn’t move.

It was now-

“You two, what are you doing?”

An abrupt voice rang.

Sakura and Kazuma looked behind them.

By doing that, they saw Yuuki standing there with a bright red face.

“I-illicit sexual relationships are prohibited by the student council. Therefore, please refrain from kissing and similar shameful acts.”

Troubled, Kazuma frowned.

Even if he was able to drive Yuuki away now, he wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

The mood had already been spoiled.

Though, for Sakura, there hadn’t been anything like a mood from the beginning.

“I get it. Well, then, bye!”

Kazuma left dashingly, and Sakura went down a floor as well.

And Yuuki was left behind.

“...What is… I wonder what they are doing.”

In front of her, three people were swinging around strings at the sports ground full of corpses.


The stone was released from the string, and thanks to the centrifugal force, it flew off.

However, it didn’t fly as he had intended.

Although there had been countless stones flying toward the tree on the sports ground, not a single one had hit.

“Tooru. Can this seriously work?”

Ryou asked as he put a stone on the string.

Swinging the string around, Tooru answered,

“It’ll be better than a bow… Hey!”

The stone left the string and flew straight to the center of the tree.

The tree’s trunk became slightly hollowed out.


“Well, if you get the hang of it…”

“Please! Teach us!”

You put his hands together and begged Tooru.

However, Tooru laughed ironically as he said, “It seems like it’s not ‘us’ but ‘me’?” He pointed his chin.

When Ryou looked in the direction he pointed, Rei was swinging his string and was about to shoot the stone.

And then, the stone hit the center of the tree.

“In other words, it’s only Ryou.”

“You’re lyinggg…”

Ryou was unable to close his mouth.

  1. Called shinai. Mostly used for kendo.

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