Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 34 - Flipping the nameplate

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Chapter 34 - Flipping the nameplate

After Lu Guifei left, the Empress Dowager rubbed her forehead with a headache.

“Guifei Niangninag is becoming more and more unlikable these days.” Lin Gugu, an old palace maid standing behind the Empress Dowager, stepped forward and helped the Empress Dowager massage her temples.

“The Marquis Changchun’s family is very useful, but it’s a pity that she hasn’t been appointed as a Fei.” The Empress Dowager leaned on a pillow and frowned slightly.

“What did the Emperor eat this morning?”

“Xian Fei made seafood porridge, I heard that His Majesty only went to court after eating two bowls.” Lin Gugu said with a smile.

“That’s good.” The Empress Dowager laughed.

“Let Yang Qing tell Xian Fei that he can pay respects to Aijia every three days.”

“Yes.” Lin Gugu responded with a smile.


When Su Yu arrived at the Anguo Tower, he found that the gate was closed, and only two guards were in front of the entrance. Only then did he know that the Anguo Tower was closed in the morning.

“The State Teacher watches the stars at night, he doesn’t get up until noon.” The guards said that Su Yu could come back after taking a nap.

The corner of Su Yu’s mouth twitched, seeing to bed in the evening and visiting in the morning was when to pay filial piety.

After taking a nap and coming back, it will be time for afternoon tea, what kind of paying respects is that?

In the imperial study, An Hongche’s face was cold and solemn, his two slender fingers lightly tapping on a stack of memorials.

“The imperial court has now become a one-man office of the Lu family, everything they said is ‘seconded by this minister’.” King Zhao complained while sorting out the memorials approved by his elder brother.

“Throw them all back and tell them to copy the Prime Minister’s memorial again if they want to second a motion.” King Su looked at the ten-thousand-character long memorial written by the Prime Minister and had a headache.

It was too cheap for these people to get the imperial approval by just seconding with a single sentence.

“Thirteenth Uncle, that ten thousand character memorial was written by the imperial censor.” King Zhao sighed. The Prime Minister's memorial was not long, it was useless to copy it ten times.

“Do as Imperial Uncle says.” The silent Emperor suddenly opened his mouth.

“Ah?” King Zhao’s mouth widened.

“Thirteenth Uncle is talking nonsense…”

“Zhen wants to see how bold they can be.” His beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and An Hongche’s eyes were full of cold light.

Before he was 20 years old, he was unstable and often became a cat. He had to be absent from the morning court on the pretext of being weak and ill.

A good deal of affairs in the court depended on the Prime Minister, which led to the present situation. Now that he has taken the crown, he naturally can’t let it go any longer. It’s time to punish those people.

“Hey, I’m most annoyed by those whiny civil officials.” King Su threw back the ten-thousand-character memorial and took a drawing from his sleeve.

“Your Majesty, this is the new imperial palace defense deployment.”

An Hongche took it over and glanced at it.

“Will it work well?”

“It’s hard to talk about external thieves, but internal thieves can be prevented.” King Su frowned, but he didn’t beat his chest ensuring that everything was foolproof.

It was said that the “divine cat” ran out of the palace and was even expelled by the guards with swords. He was scared into a cold sweat even a thousand miles away. This time, when he returned to the capital, he said that he had to renovate the palace so that even water could not pour in.

“How did you spend those two months outside the palace? Thirteenth Brother and I were scared to death.” Speaking of this, King Ling patted his chest as if frightened.

He was basically unable to turn into a human for the two months before he was crowned, it was pitiful to think that such a precious kitten was stranded outside.

An Hongche glanced at his Seventeenth Uncle’s exaggerated expression and didn’t have any intention of paying attention to him.

“Your Majesty, it’s time for lunch.” Wang Gonggong came out to remind him at the right time.

“That’s all for today.” When the Emperor heard this, the gloom on his face was immediately swept away, and he got up and left.

King Su and King Ling looked at each other, then turned to look at King Zhao in unison.

When did His Majesty become so interested in eating? That was not like the old Emperor at all, was he possessed by some fatty, ba?

“What you are looking at me for?” King Zhao was puzzled.

“Didn’t His Majesty usually lose his temper when it was time to eat?” King Ling was so curious that he followed him out to see what was going on.

Someone came from afar with a food box, looking carefully, it was not someone from the imperial kitchen.

“Su Yu!” King Zhao’s sharp eyes spotted the person behind the food box and ran over in two to three steps.

“Your Highness King Zhao, long time no see.” Su Yu greeted An Hongyi with a smile.

“I still haven’t thanked Your Highness for what happened last time.” The last time he was at the Drunken Immortal House, if not for the timely arrival of King Zhao, he would have really been grasped by King Mu Jun.

After such a stir, he instead earned 3000 taels of silver for no reason.

“We are all one family, don’t be so polite.” King Zhao laughed, revealing two deep dimples.

“What are you doing?”

Su Yu smiled awkwardly, he originally thought that if the Emperor didn’t go to the Yexiao Palace at noon, he would not have to cook.

Who would expect that he would not only have to do it but also be responsible for delivering the meal? Calculating this way, it was a bit of a loss to give 80 taels a month.

“What are you standing there for, why haven’t you come in yet!” The Emperor’s voice sounded in the dining hall.

Su Yu cupped his hands apologetically to King Zhao and turned back to walk in.

“Is this meal made by Xian Fei?” On the beams of the dining hall, a black and yellow cat stretched his neck, looking at the bright dishes on the table as he swallowed his saliva.

“Be quiet!” Another big cat with black and white stripes looked serious and slapped away his brother's paw.

“Ow, you hit me again!” King Ling was very upset and opened his mouth to bite his elder brother’s paw.

When Su Yu heard a cat cry out, he thought it saw Sauce, he looked up and saw two big cats squeezed together on the roof beam.

“That is…”

“Whoosh---” A silver light flashed and the two big cats quickly rushed off the roof beam and disappeared, a silver chopstick was nailed exactly where the two cats were standing.

His Majesty the Emperor took the new chopsticks handed over by Wang Gonggong and said expressionlessly.

“A mongrel, no need to pay attention.”

Su Yu blinked, there were so many cats in the palace, ah… Wait, what’s the matter with that chopstick just now?

After lunch, Su Yu was forced by the Emperor to stay in Beiji Palace for an afternoon nap.

As a cook who was usually very busy at lunchtime, Su Yu didn’t have a habit of taking naps. Half lying on the head of the bed in high spirits, he quietly picked up one of the Emperor’s hands and studied it carefully.

He was sure that the chopsticks were thrown by the Emperor with his bare hands. If they could be as penetrative as those in novels, they must have the legendary “Inner Qi”!

When he thought of the gracefulness of this man when he climbed over the wall of the Su Residence, it must be Qinggong, ah!

Unexpectedly, this space-time he traveled to was actually a world of martial arts. Su Yu seemed to have discovered a new continent and was very excited.

“What are you doing?” A clear and cold voice rang in his ears, and Su Yu came to his senses.

He found the Emperor looking at him both eyes wide open, he still held his “Imperial Hand ” and he still hadn’t let go.

“Er…” Su Yu was frozen in place, neither loosening it nor holding it. Suddenly, there was a feeling of being caught red-handed.

“I know you admire me, but there also has to be a time and occasion. ” An Hongche didn’t seem surprised at all and he pulled his hand out of Su Yu’s palm.

“...” Su Yu almost choked on his own saliva. What did he hear?

Before he could argue, the slender and supple hand stretched out again and he wrapped an arm around his waist.

“Hmph, Zhen will allow you to indulge yourself in private this one time.” His Majesty said in an arrogant manner.

“Only Zhen will spoil you so much.”


From when he sent off the sleepy Emperor to deal with the government affairs, and went to the Anguo Tower to pay respects to the State Teacher, Su Yu still hadn’t gotten out of the Emperor’s amazing logic.

Which eye of the Emperor saw that he admired him? They have only known each other for two days, besides, this guy is grumpy and has a bad temper, although he is very good-looking…

“ Xian Fei Niangniang, the State Teacher invites you in. ” The palace maid in a plain dress bowed respectfully.

Su Yu shook his head and threw that dazzling handsome face out of his mind. He raised his feet and walked into the Anguo Tower.

There was still a misty veil hanging in the hall, the air of immortality was very strong.

The State Teacher with white hair like snow leaned on the high seat and looked at him coldly.

“What are you doing here?”

“Chen has come to pay respects to the State Teacher.” Su Yu stepped forward and saluted.

“If it’s for the sake of seeing to bed in the evening and visiting in the morning, there’s no need to come again.” The State Teacher’s beautiful profound eyes closed slightly and he gently waved his hand.

“Xian Fei Niangniang, please go back.” The palace maid who just invited Su Yu in, still keeping the same smile as before, invited him out again.

Su Yu looked at the Anguo Tower, which closed its door again, and scratched his head.


“He really dares to go pay respects to the State Teacher?” Lu Guifei couldn’t help laughing when she heard that.

Who is the State Teacher, even His Majesty can’t see him anytime he wants to.

“The Empress Dowager just gave him a way out of the embarrassing situation and he took it seriously.”

“Isn’t it? You don’t know, Xian Fei's expression when he was kicked out, tsk tsk…” In order to amuse Lu Guifei, the eunuch beside her described Su Yu’s embarrassment with exaggerated embellishments.

“Hmph, if he offends the State Teacher and shows the Emperor how stupid he is, I’ll see how many more days he can be pleased with himself.” Lu Guifei fiddled with some wooden plaques on a tray.

“Go and deliver this to Beiji Palace, say it’s the will of the Empress Dowager, and let Chief Steward Wang decide for himself.”

In all dynasties, for the sake of soaking the harem with rain and dew, the Emperor decided which concubine palace to visit by turning over a nameplate, except when going to the Empress’s Palace on the first 15 days of the lunar calendar.

The Da’an imperial family also clearly stipulated that after the Emperor takes the crown, he should flip a nameplate every day.

In Beiji Palace, Wang Gonggong frowned and looked through the wooden plaques on the tray. Among the ten plaques, there were three “Lu Guifei” and the rest consisted of two Fei’s and several Zhaoyi’s, but there was no “Xian Fei”.

Since the Empress Dowager agreed with Lu Guifei’s claim on this matter, she tacitly approved of her behavior, only…

“Your Majesty, it’s time to turn over the nameplates.” Wang Gonggong carried the carved ebony tray, and handed it over to the Emperor who was about to go to Yexiao Palace. He wanted to say something but did not.

An Hongche flipped one over without looking. The official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs immediately recorded: “On a certain day, of a certain month, of a certain year, the Emperor flipped over the nameplate of so and so concubine.”

“Let’s go, ba.” With a dashing flick of his sleeves, His Majesty the Emperor lifted his feet and walked towards Yexiao Palace.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

<What’s the meaning of flipping the nameplate?>

Wang Gonggong: Your Majesty, flip over the nameplate

Cat Gong: (Covers with his paws) Lay the bet, lay the bet

Thirteenth Uncle: (Pushes out a fish) I bet “Lu Guifei”

Seventeenth Uncle: (Pushes out two fish) I also bet “Lu Guifei”

Younger Brother: (Pushes out a pile of fish) Definitely “Lu Guifei”

Cat Gong: Meow hahaha, it’s “Chen Zhaoyi”. Hand over the fish, hand over the fish. Stupid slave, quickly come out to stew fish soup!

Thirteenth Uncle & Seventeenth Uncle & Younger Brother: You’re cheating, how can Lu Guifei not have a thousand QAQs today


Gugu -> aunt

Qinggong -> martial arts technique for making the body extremely light in weight

seeing to bed in the evening and visiting in the morning -> ancient filial duty

soaking the harem with rain and dew -> to share the favor for all the harem

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