I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 34 (Part 2)

Fu Yangxi's heartbeat sped up abruptly.

He immediately typed out a text message and sent it to Lawyer Zhang, asking him to send the things to the KTV room near the school.

Then, Fu Yangxi walked out of the Information Department. His limbs were stiff, his head buzzing. He didn't know how he left the school.

Half an hour later, at the KTV room outside the school.

There was no singing, only dead silence in the room.

Fu Yangxi sat silently, his expression dull and solemn. He looked closely at the photos the old man had given him one by one.

Ke Chengwen dared not say a word as he stood beside him.


The first photo was the day when Little Mask came up to help him take out the trash. The two of them were talking in the alley. The alley was facing the academic building. The one surnamed Shen was standing on the fifth floor, looking at them from a distance.

So at that time, did Zhao Mingxi really rush up to help him take out the trash, or did she come because Shen Liyao was watching?

In the second photo, before the monthly exam, Little Mask suddenly hurriedly held his hand. A corner of the photo from the class’ surveillance camera was printed, and Shen Liyao could be seen passing by—

So did she really want to hold his hand, or did she hold his hand abruptly after seeing Shen Liyao?

The third, fourth and fifth pictures were a series of screenshots from the library’s surveillance cameras. Before he arrived at the library that day, Little Mask clearly had a quarrel with Shen Liyao, and they looked quite familiar with each other. But she told him that he was just an ordinary friend.

In addition to these photos, there was also a record of Little Mask's application to transfer classes last year.

Turns out, Little Mask didn’t want to transfer to the International Class at the beginning, and she definitely did not transfer to the International Class because she fell in love with him at first sight.

The first time she applied last year was for the Gold Medal Class which Shen Liyao was in, but she did not meet the grades required at that time and was rejected, so she applied for the International Class this year.


Fu Yangxi clutched these items so hard to the point that his knuckles were pale. Bit by bit, the blood rushed from his limbs to the top of his head, and his whole body became cold.

The old man was very resourceful. Fu Yangxi didn’t even know where he got all this information from.

He only knew that a lot of things had already been clues. It was just that he chose to humiliate and deceive himself.


When she rushed to run 800 meters for him, everyone in the next class knew that Shen Liyao's was not pleased about this.

At that time, what role did I play? Was I just a tool?

She suddenly wanted to apply medicine on his wound this morning, and Shen Liyao just happened to pass by.

Turns out Shen Liyao was the one who gave her the key points for the Hundred School Tournament. She had been flipping through it so much that it was practically crumpled.

Also, when she refused Li Jingyu, she said that she wanted to focus on her studies, not that she already had someone she liked— She knew that he was listening by the window.

He did find it strange that time.

So that’s what it was.


Fu Yangxi didn't know how to describe his mood at the moment… Angry? Upset? He didn't even have the strength to display these emotions. Once there are these emotions, feelings of hatred will follow, yet he couldn’t bring himself to hate.

His mind was overwhelmed with feelings of distraught.

It was as if he had personally pierced a dream that he had woven, ushered in reality, and found out that he was nothing but a joke.

Regardless of whether she used him or not, he did not care anymore.

There was a voice in his head maliciously repeating over and over again—

Little Mask doesn’t like me.

Little Mask never liked me.

After she held his hand in the library, he never imagined such a possibility. The voice knocked him off the cliff and caused him to tremble unconsciously.


But does she remember my birthday?

This was the main thought in Fu Yangxi's mind.

As if he was holding on to a lifeline, he thought desperately, what if all this is just a misunderstanding? Such a coincidence can happen in this world! Just when she was being kind to me, Shen Liyao appeared! If I misunderstood her because of this and went to make trouble unreasonably, then I would be considered insane!

She did like Shen Liyao, but what does that matter? She has no contact with Shen Liyao at all now, so I definitely won't mind this!

As long as she likes me now, I’ll pretend that nothing happened today!

“I don't believe anyone else. I only want to hear this from her.” Fu Yangxi wiped his face. He suddenly stood up and asked Ke Chengwen to take out his phone. “Call her.”

Fu Yangxi's sanity was stretched to the brim.

Although his face was already very pale and his lips looked bloodless, he maintained the last bit of decency by trying hard to maintain his expression and not let himself show any signs of embarrassment.

He settled down and said to Ke Chengwen slowly, “Help me ask her.”


Ke Chengwen looked at him hesitantly for a while. In the end, he had no choice but to call her.


At this moment, only their breathing could be heard in the room.


After a while, the call got through.

Ke Chengwen didn't know how to ask her. He glanced at Fu Yangxi's expression and asked, "Mingxi, where are you?"

“You’re having dinner with the Dong family? I see. Well, um, it's just that—” Ke Chengwen paused. “Do you remember when Xi ge's birthday is? Do we want to surprise him?”

There was a static sound before Mingxi who was at the other end of the line replied, “Yes, of course we should give him a surprise.”

Ke Chengwen put her on speaker.

Then Fu Yangxi heard Mingxi ask, “But when is his birthday?”

Fu Yangxi: “...”


The air was dead silent.

Ke Chengwen dared not look at Fu Yangxi's face, so he asked, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow, we’ll discuss what to give him in school then. We have to discuss this privately and keep it a secret from Xi ge. What are you planning to give?”

She said, “I haven’t thought about it yet. Give me some time to figure something out.”

Ke Chengwen's heart was pounding with nervousness. He tried to coax the truth out of her, “Don't go too far with your gift, or else everyone in class will know that you like Xi ge.”

After he finished speaking, he shouted and prayed in his heart, Zhao Mingxi, hurry up and say that I’m being stupid! Say that you do like Xi ge! Otherwise Xi ge will really blow up the school tomorrow! Other people will suffer too!

Mingxi on the other side was taken aback.

She suddenly realized that some of her actions since she changed classes could be easily misunderstood. Based on Ke Chengwen's tone, he seemed to think she was pursuing Fu Yangxi.

Thank goodness Fu Yangxi doesn’t think so.

Fortunately, Fu Yangxi's single-cell brain has yet to realize this, and he just treats me as a same-sex follower. If he mistakes me for liking him, we won’t even be able to stay as friends anymore. Just like the girl who gave him a thousand paper cranes that day, Ihe would think that I was looking for a beating.

Mingxi didn’t want to lose Fu Yangxi, so she hurriedly took the phone and ran to the toilet before explaining, “No, no, that’s absolute nonsense. I treat Xi ge like my boss, I won’t—”

Mingxi wanted to say that she would not overstep her boundaries, but for some reason Ke Chengwen was suddenly disconnected on the other side of the call, effectively cutting her off.

Then, there was a busy tone.

Out of battery…?

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