Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 34 Shimane Prefectural Office (NPC)

Without hesitation, Lou Fan took out the dagger from his waist and slashed, the hair fell. He rolled on the spot, dodging another bundle of hair that is coming straight in.

Shit, it's not over yet!

The female ghost didn't care at all. Her hair soared, and they all rushed towards Lou Fan. Lou Fan dodged left and right, and the wounds on his body kept increasing. He can’t continue like this. Lou Fan pulled out the arrow from the quiver at his waist and ran around the female ghost. The incision on the ankle continued to bleed, dripping on the ground. Lou Fan’s movement is very fast, and while running, he took out the arrow and shot forward. The dense black hair blocked the arrow, but Lou Fan saw a gap with his sharp eyes. Lou Fan is overjoyed but his hands are still moving continuously.

Seeing that there are only a few arrows left, he saw the gap in the defense and quickly shot 2 arrows, followed by a spiritual arrow. The arrow shot through the middle of the back of the female ghost’s head. The female ghost gave a shrill scream, and her figure disappeared in the air. The phoenix feather arrows fell to the ground with clumps of long black hair, looking a little disgusting.

Lou Fan struggled to get up and adjust the time before putting the watch in his pocket. Finally, he couldn't hold it any longer and fell to his knees. All wounds on his body and feet are bleeding profusely. His clothes got cut open and stained with his blood. There are also some blood dripping on the ground, which looked shocking.

Qin Tan rushed into the room and hugged Lou Fan. His expression is ugly, pitch-black like the bottom of a pot.

Chen Shuyang is startled by the bloody scene. He quickly took off his clothes and laid them on the bench in the corridor, "Brother Qin, put Brother Lou here." Then, he quickly unloaded his backpack and pulled out the medicine from it.

Qin Tan took it and disinfected Lou Fan first. The disinfectant irritated the wound, causing it to sting a bit. Lou Fan didn't say anything but gasped in a low voice. In fact, it is not very painful, but there are too many wounds, so the effect is quite stimulating.

"You are not allowed to act alone again and you must listen to me." Qin Tan said in a deep voice.

Lou Fan twitched the corners of his mouth and nodded. How could he dare to be alone again? If he met a more ruthless ghost, his life would not be enough to bet on.

When Wen Lang and Jiang Dong came out of another office, they were shocked to see Lou Fan lying on the bench in an injured state. After asking and knowing that the injury isn't serious but looked scary, Wen Lang breathed a sigh of relief. He and Jiang Dong also didn’t have it easy. There are one or two wounds on their bodies, their hair is messy, and they looked like they just went through a tough battle.

Jiang Dong who rarely opens his mouth said, "The 2nd floor is more difficult than the 1st floor." He and Wen Lang had the most say because they are the ones who fought their way through all the way.

Qin Tan and Chen Shuyang also have started fighting as soon as they arrived, but Qin Tan had a high battle skills and a powerful spirit weapon, so it didn't take much effort. Chen Shuyang also helped with a few stabs.

Qin Tan treated Lou Fan's wound with a cold face. When Lou Fan sat up, he got pushed down by Qin Tan, "Lie down and rest, don't move."

Qin Tan’s tone sounded a little displeased so Lou Fan obediently stopped moving. He laid there and met Qin Tan’s eyes. Lou Fan blinked, blinked, blinked again. Qin Tan sighed helplessly in his heart and stretched out his hand to support Lou Fan’s back. His tone softened as he said, "Sit up then, do you want to eat something?"

Lou Fan shook his head, he ate quite a bit just now and is not hungry yet.

The situation on the 2nd floor is not as good as on the 1st floor so Qin Tan regrouped the arrangement. He teamed up with Lou Fan this time, while Chen Shuyang teamed up with Wen Lang and Jiang Dong. After half an hour, Lou Fan moved his ankle and is able to move normally.

"Let's us start too," he said to Qin Tan. Wen Lang and the rest has continued their task half an hour ago.

Qin Tan helped Lou Fan to stand up and squat down to look at his ankle, "Is it alright?"

Lou Fan turned his ankles flexibly, "No problem. Fortunately, I reacted quickly and cut down the hair with a dagger."

The moment Lou Fan mentioned the fight, Qin Tan's expression sank again. He let Lou Fan walk behind him as they head to an office, "Follow me and don’t move randomly. I'll do the rest."

Lou Fan: "Qin Tan, I'm fine. I'm a man."

Qin Tan: "I know. But you are injured and need to rest. There are still so many days to come, and there are still more than 200 clocks to adjust. Are you going to endure the injuries all the time?"

Lou Fan knew that Qin Tan is right, but Lou Fan doesn't allow himself to be weak in his heart. Even when he strained his wrist in the past, he still insisted on training every day. Also, his father would not allow him to rest. But now, his ankle injury is treated and Lazuli's medicine is very effective. He feels better, but Qin Tan insisted on letting him rest. Lou Fan looked at Qin Tan's serious expression and finally compromised, "Okay, I'll be right behind you. I won't help if there's no danger."

The two walked into the office and started rummaging, but unexpectedly found 2 clocks; a small alarm clock and a watch.

"Handle it one by one?" Lou Fan asked.

Qin Tan nodded and reached for the alarm clock. 2 figures appeared in the air.

Lou Fan: "..." So taking one is no different than taking two.

"Oho ho ho, two people together." The yellow-haired ghost looked very excited.

Another ghost thought for a second before saying, "Two people huh? Let's play a game then. It's too rude to start fighting right away."

Blondie ghost’s eyes lit up, "Really? Do you want to play that game?"

Lou Fan asked, "What game?"

Both ghosts answered in unison, "Of course, the most suitable for 2 people to play together - horse-riding fight (Piggyback fight)!"

Lou Fan: "..." These two are just mentally retarded, right?

Afraid that Qin Tan would not understand what game is that, Lou Fan leaned over and explained to him in a low voice. In the end, he said, "It seems that I'm going to play with you, you better carry me properly." Not sure why but Lou Fan feel excited about this childhood game.

Seeing Lou Fan eager to try, Qin Tan reminded, "Be careful, these two don't seem to be easy to deal with."

Lou Fan nodded. They put down their backpacks and took their weapons. Lou Fan jumped on Qin Tan's back, but luckily he wasn't heavy. At best he is a sturdy type, otherwise, it would be too hard on Qin Tan to carry him.

The other party looked more relaxed. The yellow-haired ghost is lying on the back of the black-haired ghost but the ghost below couldn't feel the weight at all. He even had his hands free. This is so unfair!

The two ghosts on the opposite side rushed to the two of them with a battle call, and shouted excitedly, "If the person above falls down, you will lose. If you lose, you will be eaten by us."

Lou Fan doesn't care if he loses or falls. What he cared about is the whip in the blondie ghost’s hand. With a snap from the whip, the ghost below will run faster, he saw it.

"Qin Tan, I want that whip." Lou Fan lowered his head and leaned into Qin Tan's ear.

The wet breath sprayed in his ears, causing Qin Tan to be in a trance for a while. He couldn't hear what Lou Fan is saying at all. But then Lou Fan added, "We'll grab the whip first, and then we'll question them."

This time, Qin Tan heard it. He nodded and said yes.

Lou Fan sat on Qin Tan's back, protected by Qin Tan's hands, as they quickly ran to the side. Lou Fan shot spiritual arrows at the yellow-haired ghost one by one but the ghost simply smiled and ducked with his head tilted.

Both sides gradually approached each other, and Lou Fan kept shooting, forcing the black hair ghost below to dodge left and right. Blondie ghost shouted 'Come on', and the whip in his hand kept hitting the ghost below. The ghost didn't shout or scream, but his expression couldn't be said to be enjoyable. However, his feet quickly changed direction and charged straight towards Qin Tan and Lou Fan.

Seizing the opportunity, Lou Fan pulled out Qin Tan's Tang sword. At this moment, Blondie ghost and his partner ran to his side. Without blinking, Lou Fan slashed at the ghost’s hand holding the whip. The seemingly transparent and insubstantial hand actually got chopped off with a single slash, and the whip fell to the ground. Lou Fan jumped off Qin Tan and picked up the whip. The whip in his hand felt cold and smooth. He looked left and right at it with satisfaction.

The yellow-haired ghost became furious and he jumped down too. A new hand instantly grew out of the decapitated wound and grabbed at Lou Fan. But how could Qin Tan allow him to catch Lou Fan? The Tang sword swung over and slashed at the yellow-haired ghost. The black-haired ghost also rushed over to grab at Qin Tan. Lou Fan inserted the whip into his waistband, and then he shot spiritual arrows at the two ghosts one after another.

It would be nice if he has a rope at this moment. Then he can just tie them up, and it’s done! He should make sure to exchange for a bundle of rope when he goes back! These are the thought that flitted past Lou Fan’s mind in an instant.

Qin Tan stopped the yellow-haired ghost, and the black-haired ghost wanted to help. Lou Fan simply aimed at the black-haired ghost and kept shooting spirit arrows until the black-haired ghost got shot into a sieve and dissipated in the air. Next, he turned his head to look and Qin Tan is about to slash at the yellow-haired ghost. Lou Fan hurriedly shouted, "Blondie, tell me how to use this whip!"

Blondie glanced at Lou Fan sideways and stuck out his long tongue, "Bleh, I won't tell you!" After he finished speaking, he turned around and slowly disappeared while Qin Tan's sword is stopped in the air.

Lou Fan: "..."

Ran away already? By the way, his tongue is really long.

Qin Tan retracted the sword, adjusted the alarm clock and watch, and put it in his backpack.

Lou Fan is checking out the whip when he saw Qin Tan holding the 2 clocks. He said, "It turns out that there can be 2 clocks in one office, so there are 2 ghosts. Earlier I was still thinking if there are really 250 offices in this building. Ain’t that be too much? Anyway, even if we don’t touch the other clock, the ghosts will appear together.”

Qin Tan nodded, "Let’s go and tell them about this. We’ll try the whip in your hand in the next office?"

Lou Fan said with a smile, "You sure know me. I think it's very useful, but I don't know if it can cause harm to ghosts."

"Then we’ll try a few more times, and I'll be watching at the side."

The two waited until Wen Lang’s group came out to inform them about the situation. After hearing that, Wen Lang looked depressed, "Brother Qin, you overestimated us. Even with us 3, it’s quite hard to deal with just a ghost. If 2 ghosts come at us together, you will not see us coming out anymore."

Lou Fan thought for a while. It is really not safe indeed. So he said, "Then if you find an office with 2 clocks, just leave the room and focus on the room with only one ghost. Leave the office with 2 clocks for me and Qin Tan."

Chen Shuyang: "What if there are 3?" This possibility is not impossible.

Lou Fan answered, "Then we’ll go together."

In the ensuing battle, Lou Fan fully experimented with the use of the whip. This whip has a considerable restraining force on the ghost. Once the whip is drawn, the ghost will not dare to rush forward. If getting hit from the back, the ghost will run faster without complaining. Having mastered the skills and with the cooperation from Qin Tan, the two quickly cleaned the rooms on the 2nd floor. Wen Lang’s group left the rooms with 2 clocks for Qin Tan and Lou Fan, so their group can deal with only a ghost quite well. Until it is dawn, everyone managed to clean the 2nd floor and collapsed on the sofa in the hall.

This task is simply physically laborious. At this moment, everyone doesn't even have the strength to eat. They just want to get a good night's sleep.

Qin Tan sat up, took out his notebook, and made plans, "Later, everyone take a quick rest. We shall try to clean up the rooms during the day tomorrow to save lighting." The reversal of day and night is not in line with their resting habits.

Lou Fan looked up at the stairs and murmured, "I wondered what happened to Tong Fei and the others?"

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