Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 341 - The Warlord’s Concubine(14)

Ever since the fight in the room, Yin Beige moved to another room and stopped sleeping in the same bed as Yao Ruofeng. The two were barely on speaking terms. The situation didn’t get any better a month later and this made Yao Baiqian anxious.

Ever since Yin Beiyue died, Yin Beige was Yao Baiqian’s only son left. She depended on Yin Beige and Yao Ruofeng to provide a child for her!

Because of Su Wan’s death, Yin Beige hadn’t recovered his memory entirely but he started acting a bit more indifferent to his mother. Seeing that even she couldn’t persuade him, Yao Baiqian could only go to Liao City’s biggest temple to pray and hope that the Bodhisattva could bless her son and daughter-in-law, keeping their relationship harmonious and providing numerous children.

Banrou Temple was Liao City’s biggest temple. The Children-sending Bodhisattva was also the most effective there.

Yao Baiqian came to the temple with Zhen Lan. There were many people there.

“Madam, look. Isn’t that the third madam?”

Zhen Lan saw Shuning and Su Wan. Hearing this, Yao Baiqian looked up and saw the familiar figure. She couldn’t help but freeze.

So alike. It felt as if time had gone backwards this moment.


At this time, Su Wan also saw Yao Baiqian. She smiled and walked over, greeting.

When Su Wan called Yao Baiqian “sister-in-law,” this brought her out of her trance. “Linglong, you’re also here to pray?”


Su Wan’s expression darkened. “I have a weak body and it’s been a while and I’m still not yet pregnant. I’m really anxious inside.”


Yao Baiqian couldn’t help but smile hearing Su Wan’s words. “You and Mingye just got married. What are you worrying about? Ruofeng and Beige have been married for almost two years already and she’s not even pregnant!”

Yao Baiqian was puzzled. Say, if the two didn’t have a good relationship, that wasn’t right. After all, they did act like a married couple. So why isn’t Ruofeng pregnant yet?

Su Wan’s gaze flickered and she murmured in Yao Baiqian’s ears, “Sister-in-law, do you know Physician Feng in the Liao City? She’s a female physician and specializes in treating women. Cough, I’m not trying to say anything but if Ruofeng can’t get pregnant, you can take her to Physician Feng for an inspection. There are quite a few women who can’t get pregnant so if there’s really something, sister-in-law, you can advise Beige to get a concubine soon.”

Yao Baiqian’s expression changed a bit after hearing Su Wan’s words.

She can’t get pregnant?

She never considered this question. She only had Beige, this one son. If Yao Ruofeng can’t get pregnant, who was to provide an heir to carry on the ancestral line?

There were three ways to be unfilial and having no sons is the worst.

The biggest crime was not providing any children.

There were some things that didn’t need to be explained too clearly or be exaggerated. Su Wan believed that she just needed to plant this seed of suspicion and Yao Baiqian would be unable to rest well since.

She would go seek out Physician Feng. After all, she was the best female physician in the Liao City.

Yao Baiqian, the game just started. Let’s settle accounts slowly.

Su Wan hadn’t even gotten out of the carriage leaving from Banrou Temple to Linglong Lane when the shopkeeper inside quickly welcomed her over. “Proprietress, the young general is here waiting for you upstairs.”


Su Wan nodded and then allowed Shuning help her upstairs to the fourth floor. This was the highest ground of the Linglnog Lane. Right now, Yin Beige was wearing a vest and black military boots. He was leaning against the window holding a pot of wine. Hearing footsteps, he turned around indifferently. Seeing Su Wan’s face, his gaze flickered and the pot of wine in his hands almost fell to the ground.

“Beige, why are you here? Quickly take a seat.”

Su Wan pulled the chair over and smiled at the man standing in front of the window. “Third sister-in-law, there are lots of delicious wine here. Do you want a taste?”

“No, thank you.”

Yin Beige quickly withdrew his gaze. “I was just passing by and decided to check this place out.”

“Oh, I see!”

Su Wan looked at Yin Beige and then smiled. “There’s going to be a performance here at the end of the month. Beige, if you have time, come over and help cheer, okay?”

End of the month...

Yin Beige froze. His injuries would be pretty much recovered by the end of the month. He had been really idle lately.

“Okay, I understand. I will come. Third, third sister-in-law, I’m leaving now.”

Yin Beige looked around and then quickly left.

He really passed by here unintentionally but he couldn’t control his feet, and decided to come inside.

Su Wan...

That name, that shadow.

Lately, Yin Beige had frequent fragmented pieces of memories in his dreams.

He gradually recalled Su Wan’s face and her favorite folk songs. Thinking back to the winter where the snowflakes fluttered in the sky and the lady clad in red’s faint smile...

Xue Linglong.

She looked really like Su Wan, not just her appearance.

Yin Beige felt a sense of familiarity with her too. But...Su Wan died. Everyone said she did.

Yin Beige’s mind vaguely flashed over the scene where she died in his arms and how he had dreamt of that too.

Therefore, maybe this was just his illusion.

Like Yao Ruofeng said, he had no opportunity to compensate or obtain something he had lost already...

After he left, Su Wan immediately ordered Shuning to call Hua Yaolan inside her room. The end of the month was the best opportunity. Even heaven was on her side!

Yin Family’s courtyard.

Ever since Yao Baiqian came back from the temple, she had things on her mind. That day, she drew out a bad inscribed bamboo stick. This made her feel a bit afraid.

Su Wan’s words unconsciously returned to her mind.

Could it be that there was really something wrong with Yao Ruofeng’s body?

Once this thought grew in her mind, this seed was planted deep inside. She silently thought about it for a few days before finally finding an excuse to take Yao Ruofeng to do a comprehensive inspection at Physician Feng’s place. Yao Baiqian almost fainted at the result.

Yao Ruofeng really couldn’t get pregnant!


Seeing the results, Yao Ruofeng’s face paled, her expression complicated and her feeling a headache. She looked unbelievably at Physician Feng. “What is this? I...really can’t get pregnant?”


Physician Feng said with certainty, “My inspection results are definitely trustworthy. Of course, it’s not for sure that you can’t get pregnant later on. I can prescribe medicine for you and start taking care of your body. But I can’t guarantee when you’ll recover completely. It might be a year or several years, or maybe...never!”


Yao Ruofeng fainted after hearing the final word.

“Second madam!” The maids all rushed over to help Yue Xiu support Yao Ruofeng. Meanwhile, Yao Baiqian placed the treatment fee on the table and exclaimed, “Physician, prescribe the medicine. We want the best!”

Yao Ruofeng was Yao Baiqian’s niece. She naturally wouldn’t give up on her that easily but in consideration of Yin Family’s bloodline, maybe she should let Beige take a concubine in. But the child has a bad temper lately. Would he easily agree to taking in concubines?

If he refuses to cooperate and consummate, even if she found him ten concubines, it would be useless!

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