Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 342 - The Warlord’s Concubine (15)

It was the end of the month in the blink of an eye. Linglong Lane would come to perform every month at this time. It was the busiest time for them. The moment they opened business this morning, many familiar customers rushed in.

Yin Beige naturally remembered that Su Wan told him to come today but he hesitated when he walked to the door. Lately, Yao Baiqian was busy trying to find him concubines. To speak the truth, Yin Beige was against this. Plus, because his memory hadn’t fully recovered, he didn’t feel the motherly love at all. Therefore, he had been in a bad mood recently.

Seeing the bustling scene in front of Linglong Lane, Yin Beige paused. Xue Linglong’s face flashed through his mind. Her face was too familiar to him. Just thinking about her made his heart ache.

Su Wan.

Just what had we experienced in the past?

How did you die?

How come I can’t remember some things?

While Yin Beige was overwhelmed by his thoughts, a familiar melody suddenly floated out of the building.

Misty wind and floating clouds.

The spray on the ocean sways with the wind.

Father fisherman hasn’t come home yet and mother is longing for him by the shore..

Her voice was like the sound of nature, heard from afar, and stepped across time and space. It floated to Yin Beige’s ears once again.

This is!

His expression changed and he started dashing in the direction of the sound as quickly as the wind.

On the stage of the first floor, Hua Yaolan swayed her body wearing a red western-style dress, her black hair scattered on her shoulders and swaying slowly as she moved around.

Father fisherman hasn’t come home yet and mother is longing for him by the shore..

Huff, huff.

By the time Yin Beige rushed to the lounge of Linglong Lane, Hua Yaolan was about to finish the song.



Cheers rose and fell in succession. Hua Yaolan smiled gently at everyone and her gaze swept over the crowd. When her gaze landed on Yin Beige, she froze for a moment before politely nodding at him.

Yin Beige also froze. For a split second, he thought he saw Su Wan again.

Their voices were similar just like their smiles, even the red dress matched the one he saw during their first meeting...

“Proprietress Xue, name a price! I want Lady Yaolan!”

A deep and solemn male voice suddenly rang from the crowd. The man was Fang Dae. Because he was rich, he acted arrogant.


Su Rui and Su Wan sat on the second floor and smiled at each other hearing his voice.

“Boss Huang, our Linglong Lane is an entertainment place. We don’t sell people!”


That wealthy Boss Huang waved his hands in disdain. “Ten thousand silver dollars!”

Ten thousand!

Although the guests here were all wealthy people, there were rarely any that could just spend ten thousand silver dollars just like that.

“Boss Huang, do you think my Yin Family lacks the ten thousand silver dollars?”

Su Rui mocked Boss Huang. “I heard that you just took in an eighth concubine. I’ll give you thirty thousand silver dollars. Will you sell your concubine to me?”


Boss Huang’s expression coldened. “Third Master Yin, although the Liao City belongs to the Yin Family, it belongs to General Yin. I’m advising you to stay low-profile and don’t cause any unnecessary trouble for the general. I’ll give you guys twenty thousand silver dollars!”

Twenty thousand silver dollars!

Su Rui said nothing. He stared at Boss Huang under the stairs. He was a huge fish. Su Wan and him had put in a lot of effort for Boss Huang to take the bait and come here. Now, it depended on whether Yin Beige would be a letdown or not.

“Thirty thousand silver dollars!”

A cold male voice gradually rang. Under everyone’s surprised gazes, Yin Beige walked to the stage.

Young general!

Who here didn’t recognize him? Everyone hushed seeing the young general.

As for Boss Huang, he stared at Yin Beige unfriendly. “Young general, you’re planning to oppose me to the end?”

Although Huang Chen was a businessman, his sister had married into the capital governor-general’s residence. She was the third madam of the governor-general. In terms of background, Huang Chen was really not afraid of the Yin Family.

Oppose to the end?

Yin Beige sneered. He had no idea who Huang Chen was because he lost his memory. He subconsciously just wanted to protect the woman behind him.

“She belongs to me. I’ll shoot whoever dares to touch her!”

Yin Beige took out his gun without hesitation and aimed it at Huang Chen’s chest.


“Oh my god!”

“Young general is so cool!”

Whispers were everywhere. Su Wan couldn’t help but glance at Su Rui seeing what happened downstairs. “Hey, third master, look at how handsome our young general is! He’s stolen your spotlight!”

Su Rui was speechless.

Who doesn’t know how to be lovey-dovey? General Su just hadn’t gotten the opportunity just yet, hmph.

Seeing that Yin Beige took out his gun without hesitation, Huang Chen’s expression changed. In the end, he chuckled lowly. “Young general, you’re quite impulsive for your age. I was just kidding with you. There was no need to act serious. Everyone knows that third madam is the owner of Linglong Lane. Everyone here belongs to you, no?”

Yin Beige placed his gun down and then turned to look at Hua Yaolan in concern. “Lady, are you okay?”

Hua Yaolan curtsied at Yin Beige and exclaimed, “Yaolan is fine. Thank you young general!”

News of the young general saving a damsel in distress from the Linglong Lane had spread back to the Yin Residence, taking only the morning to do so. Yao Baiqian froze, finding out that her son was interested in a woman from Linglong Lane. Thankfully, Linglong Lane had a pretty good reputation and rating in Liao City. It was okay for the young general to take Yaolan in as a concubine.

But she wasn’t sure about the woman’s morality and conduct.

Yao Baiqian hesitated before ordering Zhen Lan to send someone to tell Su Rui to return back to the residence for dinner with his wife.

Su Wan and Su Rui naturally knew about Yao Baiqian’s thoughts. The two got everything ready, sure that Yao Baiqian would be pleased.

Evening at Yin Residence.

After dinner, Yao Baiqian called Su Wan to her courtyard alone. As expected, she was going to ask her about Hua Yaolan.

Su Wan was ready. She told Yao Baiqian about Hua Yaolan. Hearing that she came from a pure background and knew the four arts, Yao Baiqian was pleased right then.

“Linglong, look, Beige, he…”

“Sister-in-law, I know what you’re trying to say. Yaolan also admires the young general. As long as you agree, you can set up their marriage whenever!”

Yao Baiqian smiled. “Good, good. I’ll have people prepare this.”

This might the the one time Su Wan and Yao Baiqian acted harmonious with one another and the only time.

Coming out of Yao Baiqian’s courtyard, Su Wan looked at the empty door and her expression changed.

Where’s Su Rui?

If nothing special happened, he wouldn’t leave unless...

“Su Wan!”

At this time, a familiar figure walked towards Su Wan in the pitch-black night. Step by step, eluding a pressuring atmosphere.

Yin. Beige!

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