Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 346 - The Warlord’s Concubine(19)

“You did this?”

Yin Beige walked in front of Guang Li and bent over, his hands pinching her chin.


Guang Li opened her mouth but could only make out vague noises. When Zhen Lan slapped her, she made sure to control her skill and strength. It wasn’t too hard or too light but it was enough so that she couldn’t explain for herself.

Guang Li could only stare at Yin Beige’s close-up face. She stared at the man’s thick brows and deep eyes.

She blinked her eyes, tears forming.

Yin Beife, you really don’t recognize me?

For a split second, Yin Biege looked into the girl’s eyes and felt like space-time was in disorder.

So familiar.


At this time, Yao Baiqian gradually stood up and said sternly, “It’s unclear whether this girl was sent over as a spy by another army. It’s better to deal with her soon. What the eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.”


Yin Beige’s gaze flickered. Lately, the north and the east were battling. The capital wasn’t too peaceful either. It was unclear when Liao City would be implicated and dragged into battle.

Thinking of this, his heart felt heavy.

Yin Beige let go and gradually stood up. He looked at Guang Li emotionlessly and said, “Drag her away and…”


Before he could finish, Hua Yaolan exclaimed in shock.


Bu Ninghsan who was watching a show hurriedly stood up too, calling out anxiously.


Yin Beige suddenly turned to see Su Wan falling down and leaning against a chair with a pale face.

“Xiao...third sister-in-law!”

He almost blurted out “Xiao Wan.” Thankfully, Yin Beige hadn’t lost his self-control. He hurried over and carried Su Wan up. “I’ll take third sister-in-law to see a physician.”


Yao Baiqian wanted to stop her son. Unfortunately, Yin Beige was already far in the distance, leaving everyone only to see his silhouette.

Yao Baiqian’s expression changed while Bu Ningshan smiled, ruminating.

Mn, she almost forgot. Linglong looked really like the dead woman in the side courtyard!

Yin Beige carried Su Wan out and paused at the door.

Su Rui was smiling and standing there. Shunning had pulled the curtains of the carriage to the side.

“Beige, leave Linglong to me. Thank you for the trouble.”

Before Yin Beige could react, Su Rui had snatched Su Wan from his arms domineering.


Yin Beige opened his mouth and wanted to say something when Su Rui waved at him. “I’m putting her inside the carriage first. Let’s talk later if you need anything.”

After that, Su Rui carefully carried Su Wan inside the carriage. Then he ordered Shuning before getting out of the carriage, at ease. He ordered the driver to drive them back to the courtyard.

Watching as the familiar carriage faded into the distance, Su Rui looked back at Yin Beige. “It just so happens that I want to talk to you too.”


Yin Beige looked at Su Rui in shock.

Ever since they revealed Su Wan’s identity, the two men weren’t on good terms.

This time, it was a little unexpected that Su Rui took the initiative to talk to him.

“Give me Guang Li and I’ll tell you a secret.”

“Guang Li?”

Yin Beige’s expression changed.

How did third uncle know about Guang Li?

From his memory, he only knew one person whose name was Guang Li. She was the villager girl that saved him not too long ago.

Seeing that Yin Beige’s reaction was a bit strange, Su Rui’s expression changed. “You didn’t forget who Guang Li is right?”

“She saved me. Third uncle, do you know her?”

Yin Beige looked at Su Rui, still confused.

“Heh. Who in the Yin Family doesn’t know her?”

Su Rui looked at Yin Beige teasingly. “Don’t tell me you don’t know who she is.”


Yin Beige’s expression changed. “Could it be…”

“Right, she’s that scapegoat.”

Su Rui walked over step by step and said, “Haven’t you wanted to know about Su Wan? Give me Guang Li and I’ll tell you everything.”

Yin Beige hesitated. “Third uncle, why do you want Guang Li? You have a family now. If you dare do anything to hurt her, I won’t let you go. Even if you’re my uncle, I won’t show mercy!”


Su Rui couldn’t help but mock, “You were the only one that had hurt her.”

Su Rui’s words made Yin Beige speechless. Feeling Su Rui’s disdain and the coldness in his eyes, Yin Beige stayed silent. Then he nodded softly. “Okay, I’ll bring Guang Li to your courtyard. Third uncle, tell me what you know.”

“I know a lot.”

Su Rui patted Yin Beige’s shoulders and said, “How Hua Yaolan lost her child and how Su Wan died were due to the same methods. As for that person, you...should know who!”


Yin Beige clenched his hands tightly.

He harbored suspicions towards Yao Ruofeng and Su Wan’s “death.”

But he hadn’t found any beneficial evidence.

After all, what happened to Su Wan was too far in the past. Physician Sun had died already so he couldn’t testify. Even if Yin Beige wanted to investigate this event now, he was unable to. But...what happened with Hua Yaolan was recent. If Yao Ruofeng was really behind this, he should be able to find evidence!

Yin Beige’s expression turned complicated.

He recalled what Su Wan had said to him in the past. She said that he had been hurting her even though he thought he was being nice to her.

Yin Beige didn’t understand Su Wan’s words but now he did.

Did Su Wan already know that Yao Ruofeng was hurting her at that time?

She knew that she had been poisoned? But she didn’t tell him and chose to believe in his third uncle instead.

Su Wan, am I not trustworthy in your heart at all?

Yin Beige’s heart ached. One step wrong and everything was wrong. There was no turning back.

That night, Lu Anbo brought Guang Li, who was covered in injuries, to Su Rui’s courtyard.

“Third master, I’ve treated the injuries on her.”

Lu Anbo felt ill at ease when he handed Guang Li to Su Rui.

He couldn’t help but make some reminders. Seeing Deputy Officer Lu’s anxious expression, Su Rui couldn’t help but smile.

He almost forgot that this male supporting lead was infatuated with the female lead.

Right. Lu Anbo had brought people to pick up Yin Beige from the fisherman village. He had seen Guang Li there already. Even more, he fell in love with her, this gentle and innocent girl, at first sight.

“Deputy Officer Lu, if you’re really worried, you’re welcome to visit her whenever.”

Lu Anbo froze before smiling awkwardly. “Third master, nice joke. I’ve completed the warlord’s order so I’ll be taking my leave now.”

Lu Anbo quickly left. Watching as he and the horse disappeared in the night, Su Rui turned to put the unconscious Guang Li in the housekeeper’s hands. “Arrange her in a guest room. Find two maids to wait upon her.”

No matter what, Guang Li was the original owner’s sister. Su Wan wanted to deal with the Yin Family. This time, she didn’t want Guang Li to have anything to do with the Yin Family...

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