Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 347 - The Warlord’s Concubine (20)

Although they had “sentenced” Guang Li, there was no peace in the Yin Family tonight.

Yao Ruofeng’s room.

“Get on your knees!”

After Yao Baiqian ordered Zhen Lan to close the door tightly, she coldly reprimanded. Right now, Yao Ruofeng and Yue Xiu’s faces were pale. Yue Xiu immediately trembled and got on her knees. As for Yao Ruofeng, her eyes teared up as she looked at Yao Baiqian pitifully. “Mother! Aunt! Ruofeng...Ruofeng recognizes her mistake!”

Yao Baiqian raised her hand, seeing that Yao Ruofeng refused to get on her knee. She slapped Yao Ruofeng’s face. m

Yao Ruofeng clutched her aching face and looked at Yao Baiqian unbelievably. “Aunty, you slapped me? Why did I do wrong?”

“Even now, you have no idea what you did wrong?”

Yao Baiqian’s expression turned colder. “I can tolerate your attitude and acting jealous. I was planning to let you handle the household matters but what did you do? You dared to murder Yin Family’s child!”

Yao Baiqian was speechless with Yao Ruofeng’s stupidity.

“I was just learning from you!”

Yao Ruofeng placed her hand down and sneered, hearing Yao Baiqian reprimand her. “Aunty, didn’t you do the same to the concubines in the residence back then? If aunty could do it, why can’t I? Plus, aunty, aren’t you an expert in poisoning? Besides the concubines in the residence, and Su Wan. Su Wan, she…”

Bang. The tightly shut door was suddenly kicked open. In the night, Yin Beige’s face turned gloomy. “Yao Ruofeng, what did you just say? Say it again.”


Yao Ruofeng was stupefied. At this time, Yao Baiqian’s gaze flickered and she slapped Yao Ruofeng again. “Bastard! It’s one thing if you don’t recognize your mistakes but now you’re even babbling nonsense!”

“I’m babbling nonsense?”

Yao Ruofeng’s face was swollen and she narrowed her eyes at Yao Baiqian. “Aunty, no, I should call you mother. Since the day I married into the Yin Family, I should’ve known. You just didn’t want Yin Family to be in another person’s hand. Therefore, you went through all the trouble to let Beige marry me. Damn me for thinking that you were pampering me back then. Yao Baiqian, you’re so selfish!”

“Shut up!”

Yao Baiqian glared at her, hearing her call her name out loud. She was about to slap her but Yao Ruofeng ducked it and said, “Since Beige heard this, I might as well tell the truth.”

Yao Ruofeng glanced at Yin Beige, her expression a bit strange. “Beige, do you know? Back then aunty never planned on letting you marry Su Wan. Since agreeing to the marriage, she had been plotting against Su Wan. She purposely had uncle dispatch you and then replace the groom for your elder brother during the day of the marriage, and threatened Su Family’s people. Even more, brother beiyue had been lied to and used by aunty the entire time. Later on, after he died, aunty counted this all on Su Wan however. She wanted Su Wan to die with her son so she drugged Su Wan’s food with a slow poison. All the physicians in the residence were bribed by her too…”


Yin Beige swayed a bit. He looked unbelievably at Yao Baiqian. “Mother, is Ruofeng telling the truth?”

Thinking of how he missed Su wan and his elder brother’s death, and then to the pain Su Wan had suffered lately, Yin Beige’s heart tightened.

“Mother, how can you be so heartless? Elder brother and I are both your sons! Have you never thought about our happiness?”


Yao Baiqian lifted her brows. “Truth proved that Su Wan was a slut. Mother didn’t let you marry her for your own good. Mother is doing this for you guys and the Yin Family!”


Yin Beige gradually stepped back and looked at Yao Baiqian as if he was looking at a stranger. “You’re not doing this for us. You’re doing this for yourself.”

A person’s selfish interest will hurt themselves in the end.

The next day in Yin Family.

When Guang Li woke up, she found out that she was in a completely unfamiliar place. The arrangements in this place were pretty much the same as the arrangements in the Yin Family.

“You’re awake?”

A gentle female voice rang in her ears. Guang Li slowly sat up and saw Su Wan sitting not too far by the old-fashioned square table.

“Third, third madam?”

Although she had only seen her once, Guang Li had a deep impression of Su Wan because she gave her a familiar feeling as if they had known each other for many years.

Su Wan smiled. “Don’t call me this. If you like, you can call me Linglong.”


Guang Li looked at Su Wan shockingly. “You saved me? Why did you save me?”

Yesterday, Guang Li thought she was dead for sure.

“Someone asked me to save you. I’ll tell you about it later on. Just be at ease and stay here to rest.”

Su Wan was just talking to Guang Li when Shuning walked in quickly. “Third madam, second madam is here. She’s in the front lounge waiting for you.”

“Mn, I know.”

Su Wan answered and gradually stood up. “Guang Li, you can rest for now. I’ll come and visit you again later.”

“Huh? Oh.”

Guang Li froze watching Su Wan leave. For a moment, her mind felt overwhelmed. But the third madam, Linglong, appeared to be a good person.

So there are good people in the Yin Family too.

The front lounge.

Bu Ningshan was slowly drinking tea. Shuning walked out with Su Wan. Seeing that she looked better, Bu Ningshan stood up and walked over to hold onto her wrist. “Linglong, are you okay? I’ve been worried about you since leaving yesterday. I handled all the matters in the household today and then rushed to come visit you right away. I’ve brought a top-notch swallow’s nest. Have the kitchn cook for you later.”

“Second sister-in-law, thank you for your concern.”

Hearing Bu Ningshan’s words, Su Wan immediately acted moved and glanced at her in gratitude.

“We’re a family. You don’t need to be so polite. The morals of the time suck right now. As a family, we need to unite!”

Bu Ningshan purposely sighed. “Look at elder brother and sister-in-law. The family lives in the residence and guards over the general’s residence. They even had tens of thousands of troops. One can only stand their ground with military power in their hands. Then look at my husband! Sigh. Chengmo only cares about earning money. The money he earns all goes towards elder brother’s funds and provisions for the troops. He spent quite a lot of money, yet he has no troops under him. As for Mingye...he...sigh…”

Bu Ningshan sighed consecutively. Su Wan’s expression kept changing too. “Second sister-in-law, you’re right. Mingye had been wanting to train in the military lately but elder brother said he’s not made for that. He gave him some money and wanted him to come back and operate Linglong Lane with me. People say that men are ambitious but what future could he have guarding the entertainment place with me? If the battle really extends to our Liao City, what use is there earning money?”

“Linglong, I know you’re smart!”

Bu Ninghsan held Su Wan’s hands tightly. “Unfortunately, elder brother has full control over Liao City. It’s very hard for us to do anything. Plus, elder brother’s wife isn’t a simple character. Linglong, you’re the smartest. What do you think we should do?”

What should we do?

Su Wan hesitated momentarily. “Second sister-in-law, there are solutions but it depends on whether you’re willing to cooperate with me or not.”

“Linglong, you have a solution?”

Bu Ningshan’s gaze brightened. As for Su Wan, she lowered her voice and murmured in Bu Ningshan’s ears.


Bu Ningshan hesitated.

“Of course, this is my thought. Second sister-in-law, consider this.”

Su Wan didn’t rush her either but smiled.

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