Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 349 - The Warlord’s Concubine(22)

As Bai Yanxue married into the Yin Family and became General Yin’s second madam, Linglong Lane had shut down because it didn’t have its pillar anymore. Though it had only been open for two years, it had become Liao City’s legend.

Who in Liao City didn’t know that the women in Liao City had all married into rich families.

Su Wan closed down Linglong Lane and then started helping Su Rui manage the businesses in the family. In this era, they hadn’t met any opponents in terms of financial battle.

Though it seemed like Yin Family had made some profits on the account book, Su Rui and Su Wan had transferred funds over. The stores here were all hollow inside and would collapse at the first blow.

At this time, Bai Yanxue and Yao Baiqian had irreconcilable adversaries. Because Bai Yanxue had a beautiful face, she would always pretend to act wronged and cry in front of Yin Shun. After a while, Yin Shun treated Yao Baiqian worse and worse.

The people in the Yao Family, more or less, had been oppressed by Yao Baiqian. The moment Bai Yanxue married into the Yin Family, she started getting on the housekeeper and head maids’ sides. Meanwhile, she would give Yao Baiqian’s people fatal blows. Yet, Yin Shun just so happens to believe her, this white lotus. Whenever something happened in the family, Yin Shun would be on Bai Yanxue’s side.

Bai Yanxue: Sniffle, what did I do wrong? Sister, why do you have to call me that? I’m so upset. I don’t want to live anymore!

Yin Shun: Honey, don’t cry. Xue’er, be good. This general will bring you justice! Yao Baiqian, you’ve gone too far!

Yao Baiqian was speechless.

Therefore, no matter how ruthless and merciless you can be, as long as you go against a lovable white lotus, you’d be angered to death for sure.

After being trampled over by Bai Yanxue several times, the arrogant and proud Yao Baiqian finally fell sick. But at this time, news of Hua Yaolan being pregnant had spread. This was the happiest event in the Yin Family. Hearing this, even though Yao Baiqian was sick, she struggled to get out. She told Zhen Lan to help her dress up and then she brought people to Hua Yaolan’s room. But Bai Yanxue was already sitting beside the bed and acting like sisters with Hua Yaolan. Yao Baiqian didn’t like this scene.

“Sister, if you’re sick, then you should rest. What happens if you get Yaolan sick too?”

Seeing Yao Baiqian’s sickly expression, Bai Yanxue immediately revealed a concerned expression. “Sister, don’t worry. General has handed the household matters to me. I will arrange everything suitably. You will have a lot of time to rest in your room!”

Bai Yanxue exclaimed this tactfully and gently but her expression was strangely haughty and indifferent.

Bai Yanxue, Xue Linglong...

Yao Baiqian clenched her teeth and returned to her yard. She glanced at Zhen Lan with a gloomy expression. “How’s the progress with what I asked you to investigate?”

“Replying to madam, this maid is still investigating...but I haven’t gotten anything yet.”

“Useless thing!”

Yao Baiqian shook her sleeves angrily. Her face turned paler. “You can’t even find information on a person I asked you to investigate. What use do I have of you?”

“Madam, please calm down.”

Zhen Lan immediately got on her knees respectfully. “Please give this maid some time. This maid will get results!”

“Get lost!”


Zhen Lan’s expression was really unwell coming out of Yao Baiqian’s room. Everyone knew that she was the first madam’s personal headmaid. She appeared gloryful on the surface but all these years, who knew about the hardships she suffered?

“Sister Zhen Lan.”

Zhen Lan just walked out and a pleasant voice stopped her. She looked up in confusion to see Bai Yanxue’s personal maid, Zhu Yu, smiling and standing in front of her. “Sister Zhen Lan, this sister has something to say to you!”

To a person who was used to being mighty and controlled everything in the residence, it wasn’t enough to let her fall flat on top of dirt. It was best if you let them experience being betrayed by everyone and finding themselves utterly isolated, having nothing.

Yao Baiqian’s sickness kept dragging on and there were no improvements. Physicians after physicians, and this dragged onto the end of the year. Hua Yaolan’s stomach also grew. Bai Yanxue’s status in the family had stabilized as well. Right now, it seemed like many people had forgotten that there was a first madam whose order was absolute.

Yao Baiqian was unwilling. She was unwilling to hand everything in the Yin Family to that shameless white lotus. She silently found Yao Family’s people to help her investigate Bai Yanxue and Xue Linglong as well as everyone in the Linglong Lane. Yao Baiqian thought that there must be a conspiracy. She was determined to find the truth.

As Yao Baiqian was busy being a detective, Yin Shun took in another concubine. This concubine wasn’t someone unfamiliar but rather Zhen Lan!

The day Zhen Lan married him, Yao Baiqian had rushed into the hall after finding out she was betrayed. She wanted to teach Zhen Lan a lesson, acting like a madwoman. In a panic, she pushed Hua Yaolan who was trying to mediate the situation, causing her to almost lose her child.


Slap. Under the guests’ flabbergasted gazes, Yin Shun slapped Yao Baiqian hard.

Seeing Hua Yaolan on the ground with a pale face, Yao Baiqian was also dumbstruck.


Yao Baiqian wanted to say something but she only saw Yin Shun’s furious gaze, his indifference, and Bai Yanxue taking pleasure in her misfortune.


Yao Baiqian spat a mouthful of blood under the guests’ gazes and then fainted.

By the time Yao Baiqian woke up again, she had returned to her own room. The candlelight in the room was swaying and it reflected a familiar face under the dim light.

This is.


Yao Baiqian stared at the person beside her bed, stunned and her tone a bit hoarse.

“Sister-in-law, you’re awake? How do you feel?”

Su Wan watched Yao Baiqian wake up and immediately tugged on her blanket. Yao Baiqian froze.

“Linglong, you...why are you here?”

“I’m here to visit you.”

Su Wan smiled at Yao Baiqian strangely. “Less and less people are going to visit you in the future. If I don’t visit you, how lonely will you be?”


Yao Baiqian saw Su Wan’s smile and had a bad omen.


Su Wan suddenly bent over and glanced at Yao Baiqian on the bed quietly. “How does it feel to not be able to get out of bed? Thanks to you, I had to lie in bed for a good half year.”

“You are…”

Yao Baiqian’s eyes widened. She struggled, wanting to get up but she realized that she couldn’t control her limbs at all.

“Don’t struggle for no reason. The time’s here. Do you think only you know how to poison people?”

Su Wan smiled at Yao Baiqian. “I personally concocted this poison. This has a great effect. Just be good and lie there in the future. Every once in a while, I will come and visit you. Let me tell you by the Yin Family had collapsed and fallen apart. Yao Baiqian, you mustn’t die!”

“Su Wan!”

Yao Baiqian glared at Su Wan harshly, wanting to tear her into pieces. “You sinister woman. I won’t let you go. Even if I become a ghost, I won’t let you go. You want to destroy the Yin Family? Keep dreaming! Beige won’t be fooled by you anymore. I’m going to reveal your true face to him and tell everyone.”

“Okay, then tell them. Yao Baiqian, do you think anyone in the family still believes you at this point?”

The saddest thing in the world was telling the truth but no one believed in you.

Su Wan smiled and walked away casually.

“Su Wan, you’ll die a horrible death!”

Yao Baiqian screamed from inside the room. Su Wan walked out and Su Rui was waiting for her.

Su Rui furrowed his brows hearing her voice. “Why don’t we just kill her?”

“Nevermind. Isn’t it pretty good letting her live a horrible life and not be able to die? How can she die so easily? The hardest thing is staying alive.”

Su Wan smiled and walked off with Su Rui slowly.

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