Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 35.2: Jia Jia!

Chapter 35 Part 2

Xi Jia understood Wu Xiang Qing Li’s resentment. In fact, Xi Jia was also so angry in his heart right now that his teeth itched. He really wanted to for a round and beat up this entire group of ignorant villagers. However, the situation right now was too strange. It had already been determined that it was a malicious ghost causing harm. They still had some questions for the villagers that needed to be asked.

That middle-aged man was hit by Wu Xiang Qing Li and coughed up two mouthfuls of blood. Perhaps a few ribs were broken.

The villagers looked at Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi as if they’re looking at devils, but they didn’t dare to step forward anymore. They also knew fear, afraid that these two terrifying people would beat them to death.

The middle-aged man was carried away, and the old man walked up to Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi.

Ye Jingzhi said, “This person died an unnatural death.”

The old man looked at them with a odd expression. After a long time, he asked, “You……who are you looking for?”

Ye Jingzhi answered, “A friend of ours disappeared five days ago. This mountain is the last known location.”

The old man was stunned, “Five days ago?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded.

Old man, “Our village hasn’t seen any outsiders for more than half a year. We don’t know who you’re looking for.”

Although the old man’s stature was short and small, his eyes were bright, and he appeared to be the person who could make decisions in the village. He didn’t seem like he was lying based on the expression in his voice. Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi exchanged a mutual glance, and Ye Jingzhi spoke what he initially said again, “This person died an unnatural death.”

The old man attentively watched Ye Jingzhi. After looking for a long time, he finally sighed and spoke the truth.

“Two months ago, a person in our village died in their home. He was my cousin’s son.1 In our village, everyone is a bit related to each other. My cousin’s son was over 40 years old this year. He was poor and didn’t have a wife. He lived alone, and we only noticed that he had died after three days. When we opened his door to take a look, his stomach was cut open, and the intestines inside spilled on the floor. The floor was covered in urine and feces. He was already dead.”

Xi Jia could only understand a little bit of the old man’s words, and Ye Jingzhi was translating for him. When he translated up the part about intestines spilling out of the stomach, Master Ye simply said one sentence, “The person was already dead.”

Xi Jia was somewhat dumbfounded, “He said so much, and it’s just this sentence?”

Master Ye, who dearly loved his wife and didn’t want his wife to hear nauseating things, nodded his head without a change in expression.

Xi Jia, “……” Why do I feel like something’s weird?

The old man was still talking.

Two months ago, someone died in the Yuanjia Village, and everyone was immediately alarmed. That villager died very tragically with spilled innards. How much hatred or resentment was necessary in order to use such a method to kill someone?

At that time, the villagers hadn’t thought that it was due to a ghost. They were all suspecting who had killed the person and who had enmity with that person. If something happened in such a remote village, they simply wouldn’t report it the authorities and resolve it themselves. In the end, with the old man in charge, he tied up someone in the village who had fought with his cousin’s son before and locked him in the cellar used for cooking. Everyday, the old man would deliver him food.

Only the old man had the key to the cellar, and everyone was relieved.

Until three days later when the old man entered the cellar to send food and unexpectedly found that the person had died in the cellar!

The food cellar was covered in blood. White brain matter and red blood splashed on the walls and food. That person’s head was totally smashed to bits. The entire cellar was smeared with his flesh and blood, and a layer of sticky red meat covered the ground.

The villagers were scared and started to panic. They didn’t suspect the old man. On one hand, the old man was the oldest in the village and his prestige was quite high. On another hand, the old man was over 80 years old, and it was impossible for him to smash this person’s head and splatter it all over the ground.

This was the actual start of the panic.

People died, one after another. The villagers trembled in fear.

Within two months, 23 people had died. The villagers knew that no one in their village was the murderer. They all also knew that the murderer definitely wasn’t human.

After hearing everything, Xi Jia asked, “Then why did you treat us like that when you saw us coming? We didn’t kill these people.”

Ye Jingzhi told the old man what was said, and the old man’s expression became odd. He didn’t answer the question but said, “If you want to find someone, go to their Lijia Village. Two mountains over is Lijia Village. Your friend is there.”

Xi Jia asked the old man a few more questions. The old man answered some of the questions very clearly while some answers were unclear and disorganized. He didn’t know if he gave unclear answers for real or if he was deliberately hiding something.

After the questions were asked, the situation was caught in a deadlock.

Besides knowing that the 23 people were killed by a malicious ghost, they had no other clues, and there was no trace of Pei Yu. Staying in this Yuanjia Village might also be in vain. Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi looked at each other, and Xi Jia said, “Master Ye, let’s go to that Lijia Village.”

Ye Jingzhi, “Okay.”

Ye Jingzhi first used a spell to restore Yuan Laojiu’s grave back to its original state. When the villagers saw him use magic, fear showed on their faces, and each and every one of them didn’t dare get near. As soon as they left the village, the group of villagers were still holding onto their farming tools tightly and looking at them with strange gazes, helplessly watching them leave.

Among the villagers, there were several woman whose gazes were particularly odd. They were practically staring at Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi with hateful and angry gazes. When the two of them had reached the village entrance, they hatefully spat on the ground with saliva. Xi Jia stopped in his footsteps. He turned his head to look at these three middle-aged village women with disheveled hair, stooped backs, and bent waists.

Ye Jingzhi looked at him with a blank look. Xi Jia’s gaze became colder and colder, staring at these three village woman and scaring them until they withdrew back into the crowd. However, besides them, those villagers were also tightly holding onto their farming tools. The hatred in their eyes weren’t as frank and blatant as the three village women. It seemed like as long as Xi Jia came back, they would still cut them without the slightest hesitation.

Ye Jingzhi called out in a low voice, “Xi Jia?”

Xi Jia fished out Wu Xiang Qing Li from his pocket. Gently stroking this bronze die that was still sulking, he asked in a quiet voice, “Do you want to hit this group of bad people?”

Wu Xiang Qing Li was in the middle of feeling wronged. It was clearly helping vent its master’s anger, but its master made it come back. Hearing Xi Jia’s words, it immediately started to get excited and danced in the air in expectation.

The villagers cried out in horror. Xi Jia whispered, “Don’t beat anyone to death, just beat them a little bit until they have a blood nose and a swollen face.” His voice paused, and Xi Jia turned to look at Ye Jingzhi, “Master Ye, Wu Xiang Qing Li and I want to do this, do you approve?”

Ye Jingzhi was blankly looking at his wife. He hadn’t had the time to react when Wu Xiang Qing Li shot out with a whoosh.


“Ahhh, a ghost! It’s a ghost!”

The bronze die transformed into a black ray of light as it passed through between the villagers. Wu Xiang Mountain’s most powerful treasure had once stormed through Tian Gong Pavilion and Shennong Valley, forcing the two great sects until they had no choice but to sign a contract. It also once followed Hell King Ye, slaughtering through Fengdu’s Hell Gate and charging into “Ghosts Know”’s headquarters. Now, it released its inexhaustible killing intent and baleful aura, beating this group of ignorant people until they ran with their tails between their legs.2

It didn’t think that using itself in this way was overkill. Instead, it felt completely overjoyed.

Just like what Xi Jia had said, it didn’t harm anyone’s life. It just kept on hitting the most painful places on their bodies and making them hurt until they crawled like a dog as they ran away.

After it finished hitting the people, Wu Xiang Qing Li cooly flew back to Xi Jia’s hand. It flew back up again to happily rub against his cheek.

Xi Jia hooked the corners of his mouth, blinking at Ye Jingzhi who was still stunned, “Master Ye, it’s too late if you want to oppose it. We have already finished beating them up.”

Wu Xiang Qing Li fluttered in response: That’s right, that’s right! It feels great to beat them up!

The villagers had already been beaten by Wu Xiang Qing Li until they fled with their tails between their legs. Underneath the moonlight, Xi Jia exposed a trace of a crafty smile. Something bright and sparkling twinkled in those eyes, and Ye Jingzhi who was looking slowly got lost in them.

Right now, Xi Jia and Wu Xiang Qing Li felt better after being them up. Who cared about other people’s opinion.

Xi Jia had already restrained his stomach full of anger.

Brother Jia never felt this sullen when running into malicious ghosts. As long as he saw a malicious ghost, Brother Jia could directly send his fist over, hitting those malicious ghosts with no temper. Nowhere was it like today, being ousted by the villagers like they’re dogs. This group of villagers didn’t give them a chance to talk from the beginning, didn’t listen to the explanations, and wanted to kill them the moment they approached.

If this was a group of malicious ghosts, Brother Jia would’ve already sent their souls flying and scattering, but they just had to be a group of people.

Xi Jia acknowledged that he wasn’t a good person with upright moral conduct or strong sense of responsibility. He had the power to settle malicious ghosts. However, he had lived in S City for so many years, and he wasn’t like the Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world, hunting ghosts and eliminating demons as a career. Unless the malicious ghosts disturbed him before his eyes, he wouldn’t take the initiative to go out and find ghosts.

Just like when Pei Yu found out about his special physique, he wanted him to form a team to ghost hunt. At that time, Ye Jingzhi was in the room beating that old ghost until its soul scattered. Xi Jia had pulled Pei Yu into the living room, saying to him, “Protecting humans is such an important matter, I can’t do it. I only want to live well and have my friends also living well.”

This was Xi Jia. If it was only him today, he definitely wouldn’t yield again and again. He would immediately hit these people.

But, Ye Jingzhi was here.

Master Ye was the moral model of the Xuanxue world. The more Xi Jia interacted with him, the more he knew how great this person was. What was good about Master Ye wasn’t as simple as his great temperament, but rather, everything was great.

Xi Jia said, “Master Ye, I know that because these people were born in the remote mountainous regions, they didn’t seem to have received an education. Their manners are crude and are malicious towards us because they’re just so ignorant! Also because so many people suddenly died in their village, they might be afraid. But Master Ye, I don’t want to empathize with them. Even if they have a lot of children and elders there, even if they have just lost a lot of relatives and friends, I also don’t want to empathize with them. For what reason must I sympathize that they didn’t have a good birth or their feelings and let them bully me? Just because they’re weak, they’re justified? I didn’t do anything at all, why should I be treated like that? I can’t hold it anymore, why do I have to be wronged by them?!”

Just let him be morally wrong. At least he had Wu Xiang Qing Li be lenient on them, maybe Master Ye wouldn’t be that angry?

Xi Jia lowered his head, letting his thoughts go wild. Who would’ve expected that in the next moment, Ye Jingzhi asked, somewhat blaming himself, “You feel……wronged?”

Xi Jia was stunned. He raised his head and thought for a moment, “I feel pretty wronged.”

Being chased and hit by a group of lunatic mountain people, Brother Jia felt very wronged, and he hated that he couldn’t directly use his hands to tear them apart.

Xi Jia was thinking of why Master Ye would ask him that. Could it be that he thought that he and Wu Xiang Qing Li weren’t doing the right thing? He didn’t notice Ye Jingzhi looking at him in self-blame. The more he looked, the more he blamed himself. The more he looked, the more he felt that he was too useless. Then, he took out a talisman from his Qiankun bag.

Xi Jia asked in surprise, “Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi pressed the paper between two of his fingers and rapidly recited an incantation. Suddenly, he raised his fingers and threw the talisman out. The yellow talisman flew through the air until it was above the village. In a flash, it scattered and became countless gold-colored dust. The dust sprinkled onto the village with the wind. Not long after, bursts of anguished wails sounded within the houses of the village.

Xi Jia looked at Ye Jingzhi in shock. Ye Jingzhi took his hand and ran.

They ran until they reached the bottom of the mountain. The painful howls of those villagers still hadn’t stopped. Their cries were already to the extent of shaking the skies and penetrating the earth as if they were currently enduring the greatest pain.

Xi Jia laughed until he bent back, and Wu Xiang Li also happily fluttered in the air.

Xi Jia asked, “Master Ye, what is that charm?”

Ye Jingzhi was somewhat ashamed and lowered his head, “It’s only……it’s only something that I made when I was bored and when I was little. It’s nothing good.”

“What is it?”

The villagers’ cries became louder and louder. With such sounds in the background, Master Ye lowered his head and said in a small voice, “This is a Internal Fire Subduing Mind Spell. The person hit by the spell will feel like they’re being burned by a ball of fire. They would feel the pain of being burned, but they won’t get hurt. Probably after six hours, it will disappear automatically. Really, it was really something I randomly made when I was little.”

Xi Jia burst into loud laughter.

Ever since they had entered this village, he hadn’t laughed like this before. Ye Jingzhi couldn’t help but be dumbfounded as he watched.

The two of them set off for Lijia Village. After passing over a mountain, they unexpectedly could still hear the cries and yells from Yuanjia Village. Xi Jia felt comfortable as he listened. He felt that he was particularly like a vicious male side character in a TV drama. To those that had offending him, he absolutely wouldn’t think about forgiving them and beat them until they couldn’t tell north from south. According to the latest public TV drama audit guidelines, this kind of character definitely couldn’t become the lead because the lead must have a broad and open mind to forgive and reform the enemy.

Brother Jia’s implication: I can’t do it, I just want to beat people up.

Translator’s Addition:
C+: I choose you, Five Boxes of Green Pears!!!
(* `ω´)ノ ━━━━━



Translator’s Notes:
1 表侄 Cousin’s son – 1st cousin once removed, but no one really says that in English.
2 抱头鼠窜 covered their heads and scurried away like a mouse – idiom, similar to “fleeing with their tails between their legs.”

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