Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 35.3: Jia Jia!

Chapter 35 Part 3

Only one mountain was left between the two men and Lijia Village. Along the way, Xi Jia was in a cheerful mood, yet Ye Jingzhi was very upset.

Master Ye was holding it in for a long time, thought for a long time, and also hesitated for a long time before finally opening his mouth to say, “Sorry, Xi Jia, I made you suffer a grievance.”

Xi Jia suddenly paused in his steps. He turned around in surprise, looking at the other, “Master Ye, could it be that the villagers weren’t being unacceptable or bullying? Why would you need to say sorry for?”

Ye Jingzhi lowered his head in self-blame, “I didn’t know you felt wronged……”

Xi Jia was even more lost, “Master Ye, don’t tell me you didn’t feel that angry or wronged when they treated you like that?”

Ye Jingzhi blankly looked at him, “But, when I was little, the others were also like that to me.”

Xi Jia froze, “Others? Who’re the others?”

Ye Jingzhi said, “When Master was still alive, he let me be in contact with children my age. Wu Xiang Mountain is the only Xuanxue world sect in G Province. The people of the Xuanxue world, in order ……in order to avoid Wu Xiang Mountain, they usually won’t come to G Province unless it’s for the Poyang Ghost Market. In that case, Master let me play with those kids, but they didn’t want to play with me. They kept on saying that my parents didn’t want me, that they’re not working outside, and that they abandoned me and ran off. They aren’t wrong, my parents really didn’t want me. Working outside is just a superficial excuse given by Master. But they were always saying that, and I felt somewhat upset. So I made the Internal Fire Subduing Mind Spell and wanted to take revenge against them.”

Xi Jia never imagined that the Internal Fire Subduing Mind Spell was actually created under these sort of circumstances.

“At that time, my magic power was too low. The Internal Fire Subduing Mind Spell could only be used for a moment and couldn’t last long. But after Master found out, he told me not to pay attention to those kids and also didn’t let me play with them again. Ghost hunting Celestial Masters shouldn’t get involved with ordinary people. Xi Jia……is that being angry and being wronged?”

Ye Jingzhi raised his head to look at Xi Jia. The little black mole in his right eye lightly flickered.

His fingers slowly tightened. Looking at Master Ye like this, a burst of pain went through Xi Jia’s heart, but he didn’t know what he should say. After a long time, he held Wu Xiang Qing Li in one hand and waved the other, smiling, “Master Ye, don’t mind those kind of people. Now, Wu Xiang Qing Li is here, and I’m also here. You don’t need to be excessively tolerant and suffer grievances. Wu Xiang Qing Li and I will always be here.”

Ye Jingzhi fixed his eyes on the slightly smiling, black-haired young man. After a long time, he nodded his head. He couldn’t help but hook up the corner of his lips, “It doesn’t matter if they bullied me. But I let you suffer grievances, I’m angry……”

These words were spoken a bit too quietly, and Xi Jia could only hear the last word, “angry.” He suddenly thought, “Wait. Why does Master Yi Lingzi want you to endure like this? Master Ye, I read quite a few things about Master Yi Lingzi’s past deeds on ‘Ghosts Know.’ They say Master Yi Lingzi would happily repay kindness with kindness, enmity with enmity. He had a decisive character and had never suffered a grievance.” You won’t allow any feelings of being wronged yourself, and yet you let your disciple suffer grievances? What kind of master is this!?

Ye Jingzhi saw Xi Jia’s angry expression, and his heart became warm. He continued to explain, “Master said that he wouldn’t let me play with them again and to not use magic to tease ordinary people. But after that day, I saw Master put a sack over those kids’ heads, pressed them into a corner, and beat them all up. Master used a concealing spell so others couldn’t see him. Then, he immediately beat up those kids.”

Xi Jia, “……Covered with a sack?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded.

Xi Jia, “……” I’ve misjudged Master Yi Lingzi! He is a real master ah, must take revenge when there’s animosity and beating up brats without talking it over, brilliant!

After such a thing had happened, Xi Jia’s heavy mood eased a little bit. They went towards the Lijia Village while Xi Jia mentioned his past, “Master Ye, do you think that my skills aren’t that bad?”

The scene of Brother Jia tearing a ghost with his hands and the little ghost noisily crying as it tried to flee from the elevator suddenly emerged before Ye Jingzhi’s eyes. Master Ye nodded hard and praised from the bottom of his heart, “Very good.”

Xi Jia smiled, “Actually, when I was in elementary school, I was often bullied.”

Ye Jingzhi’s footsteps stopped, and he looked at Xi Jia.

“It’s nothing, and it’s all in the past. Before I was four, my father wouldn’t let me be with other children because I couldn’t control the yin energy. After I got the Mt. Tai stone, I could finally play with them, but I didn’t know that they couldn’t see ghosts. I was always telling them that there’s a ghost here or there. Then, they all alienated me, calling me crazy and mental.”

Recalling the things of the past, Xi Jia merely thought it was laughable. He already didn’t feel that bad about it, and speaking it out loud was very easy, “Then I went to elementary school, and I was in a class with some of these kids. They said that I was crazy in class. The whole day, they said I could see ghosts. The teacher also didn’t like me saying these things and would often educate me, saying that I shouldn’t tell lies. At that time, I didn’t understand. Those ghosts were clearly there, why would the teacher say that I was lying? In that case, I wanted to say it even more. Slowly, the teacher also disliked me, and the classmates drifted away from me. Until the last few years, they often bullied and secretly beat me. During class, they used paper balls to hit me. Master Ye, don’t you think kids are immature?”

Ye Jingzhi’s heart hurt extremely, “Xi Jia……”

Xi Jia continued to smile, “Actually, it’s nothing much. But only because I was being beaten up too much, my temper became bad, and I wanted to resist. In junior high school, that group of people were also at the new school, spreading rumors and saying that I’m a lunatic. Actually, during elementary school, I never said that I could see ghosts again, but they still told the new classmates and made them also slowly discriminating against me. In order to not get beaten, I could only protect myself. After getting beaten more and hitting people more, my skills got better.”

Ye Jingzhi’s heart started to tighten as he listened. His wife was often hit by someone? He clearly went to a new school and could have a new start. Why would they still bully his wife!?

“Xi Jia……”

Xi Jia suddenly thought of something, “Master Ye, we’ve known each other for this long, you don’t have to call me Xi Jia anymore. I’m a bit not used to it. Just like the others, you can call me……” His voice abruptly stopped.

Ye Jingzhi’s heart became warm, “Call you what?”

Xi Jia, “……” The others call him Brother Jia. In any case, he couldn’t have Master Ye calling him Brother Jia too?

After thinking for a long time, Xi Jia was just about to say, “Maybe it’s better to call me Xi Jia,” when he heard a low voice sound beside his ear, “……Jia Jia?”

Xi Jia suddenly froze, looking at Ye Jingzhi in surprise.

Maybe because this moonlight was too soft, Ye Jingzhi’s gaze was tender like the water. He gently said, “Jia Jia.” The voice was extremely light in a sentimental tone, as if calling the most important two words in his life and calling out this name to engrave it into his heart.

Xi Jia subconsciously answered, “En!”

Ye Jingzhi widened his eyes in happiness and called out again, “Jia Jia.”

Xi Jia, “……En?”

Ye Jingzhi called out once more, “Jia Jia!”

Xi Jia, “……En.”

“Jia Jia!”

“……Master Ye, I think you can stop calling my name, I’m right here.”

Ye Jingzhi felt upset has he lowered his head. In his heart, he called out this name again and again. By the time he called out for the 100th time, he suddenly thought that Xi Jia was still calling him “Master Ye.” Thinking to here, Ye Jingzhi began to fantasize. What name should wife call him by?

Ye Jingzhi?


Suddenly, a scene of Xi Jia softly calling out “Jingzhi, good night” appeared in his mind. Master Ye’s heart rate instantly surged, and he immediately turned to look at Xi Jia. Xi Jia happened to turn his head to look at a tree off to the side and met with Ye Jingzhi’s gaze.

Xi Jia, “Master Ye, what’s the matter?”

Ye Jingzhi, “That is……Can you……Can……”

After waiting for a long time without receiving the following words, Xi Jia knitted his brows, and he stepped forward to ask, “Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi’s brain froze. He was nervous for a long time before he uttered a word, “No-nothing……”

Xi Jia, “……” Master Ye is weird today.

After passing through this mountain, they would arrive at Lijia Village.

Ever since Xi Jia knew that Ye Jingzhi lacked experience in interacting with people since childhood, on the way, he started to rack his brains to teach Master Ye on how to get along with people. Although Xi Jia himself was also a newbie with hardly any experience and could only blindly talk nonsense, he nevertheless had Chen Tao as a best friend, much better than Master Ye who was cut off from others for 25 years.

However after he finished speaking, Ye Jingzhi asked, “Do you have to have a lot of good fiends?”

Xi Jia blanked. After pondering for a moment, he said, “It’s best if there’s at least one. One who are willing to help you at a crucial time, such as willing to lend you money.”

Ye Jingzhi said, “I have a pretty good relationship with Fellow Daoists Nan Yi, Muyu, and Measurement. I won’t borrow money from them, but they should be willing to help me. So, it can be said that I have three good friends.”

Xi Jia who only had Chen Tao as a good friend, “……”

I can no longer chat today!

Because Xi Jia had a bit of acrophobia, Ye Jingzhi didn’t take him directly to Lijia Village by flying. Instead, they slowly hiked through the mountain forest. They finally passed through this mountain peak and could already see the roofs of the houses in Lijia Village.

Seeing their target, Xi Jia couldn’t help but increase his pace and quickly walked forward.

They were getting closer and closer to Lijia Village, closer and closer. They only needed to wind though this mountain path, and they could see Lijia Village.

Xi Jia said, “Master Ye, we need to be more careful this time. It’s already the middle of the night right now, and the people in their village should be asleep. We should quietly check out the situation first in case the people of Lijia Village are the same as Yuanjia Village’s, barbaric and unreasonable.”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “Okay.” I’ll listen to wife.

Xi Jia walked a few steps further and finally circled to the other side of the mountain. He said, “Master Ye, we need to be careful……”

His voice stopped suddenly.

Xi Jia’s eyes slowly widened. He dully looked at the mountain village hidden deep in the mountains. Ye Jingzhi also walked through the mountain path. When he saw the scene in front of him, his expression slowly became serious. He quickly swept through the surroundings, only relaxing when he determined that there weren’t any malicious ghosts or evil spirits nearby.

The night in the mountains was cool. A burst of cold wind blew past the gravestones, giving Xi Jia goosebumps.

The moonlight passed through the dark clouds, shining onto the gravestones, one after another. The densely packed gravestones were far more than 23. There were at least 80 gravestones erected in front of Xi Jia!

It was deathly still inside the Lijia village. Not because everyone in the village was asleep, but because they were already sleeping in the ground. There was no one who could hold onto the farming tools to chase them away.

The ice-cold moonlight illuminated the gravestones made of rock. Like a malicious ghost, it seemed to be give a cold, ridiculing smile.

From young to old, the 89 people of Lijia Village were all dead!

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Mirror 【smiling foolishly】: Jia Jia……Jia Jia, Jia Jia! (*´ω`*)
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