Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 35 - Afternoon Tea (Part 2)

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“It seems that the State Teacher is not fond of Chen going to pay respects.” The atmosphere between them was much more relaxed than before.

Recalling that the two of them were already considered married, there are things that should be discussed. Su Yu put down the account book in his hands, intending to ask the Emperor’s opinion.

Not to mention that he was curious about the existence of the State Teachers. Just talking about the task assigned by the Empress Dowager, asking him to pay respects to him every day, it was definitely inappropriate not to go, but it would also be very embarrassing to go and be kicked out again.

“Imperial Uncle is the most intolerant about unnecessary and overelaborate formalities. If you just want to pay respects to him, he will definitely not see you. ” An Hongche thought for a while and put a long and perfect leg on Su Yu’s lap.

Hmm, he knows to come to Zhen when he runs into a problem, he should be rewarded. Since he wants to be intimate with Zhen so much, Zhen will satisfy him this time.

Su Yu was taken aback by the suddenly stretched leg. Seeing the Emperor's look of righteousness, he sighed helplessly and massaged his leg in a good-natured manner.

Wrenched thing, Zhen knew that he would get his hands on Zhen at the first opportunity! His Majesty twisted his head, covering his ears that were quietly turning red, and completely chewed the crab stick in his mouth.


The next day, Yang Gonggong told Su Yu that the Empress Dowager said there was no need to go there to pay respects. It would be enough to go there once every three days, as long as he went to pay respects to the State Teacher on time.

Su Yu was naturally happy to have the chance to enjoy his leisure, but the Ci’an Palace without Su Yu’s presence was still restless.

“Has the Emperor turned over the nameplate?” The Empress Dowager frowned slightly.

“Flipped over.” Lin Gugu said with a smile.

“His Majesty has always been respectful and filial, he will certainly flip over the nameplate if Empress Dowager asks so.”

“En, it’s good to flip over. ” The Empress Dowager nodded with satisfaction.

“But the Emperor still went to Yexiao Palace last night.” Lu Guifei said with a face full of grievances and the other concubines were also indignant.

“Maybe it happened to turn over Xian Fei.” The Empress Dowager said without much concern.

“...” Lu Guifei was about to say how could it be possible, she opened her mouth to speak and yet took a deep breath.

She, as a concubine, had no right to know the Emperor’s daily life, even if she knew whose nameplate the Emperor turned over, she couldn’t say. While others didn’t know, she knew that there was no nameplate with Xian Fei’s name on the tray. How could it be possible for it to turn over Xian Fei?

Lu Guifei tore the handkerchief in her hand and secretly gritted her teeth. One time, it could be said it was a coincidence, but she didn’t believe that the Empress Dowager can still not care tomorrow.

Because he didn’t have to pay respects, he escaped the bloody storm in the harem. Su Yu, who had nothing to do, wanted to find Sauce to play with, but after searching around, he still didn’t find him.

“Just now it was at Beiji Palace, I’m unsure where it went.” Wang Gonggong talked nonsense without blinking an eye.

“When he returns, this old slave will send it to Niangniang.”

Without a cat, Su Yu had to go back to Yexiao Palace to study the recipe book.

The contents of the first chapter of the Su family recipe book were very easy to understand. Based on Su Yu’s experience, he could basically guess the exact ingredients, but in the second chapter, it was a little hard to understand.

“Mackerel, use Inner Qi to remove fishy blood, and remove the fur with boiling water…” Remove the fur? Su Yu was baffled. How could killing a fish require removing its fur? What is this mackerel?

Looking at the picture on the left, the ancestors of the Su family drew a grotesquely shaped fish with a mess of things that looked like scales and thorns on it.

In the first chapter, he learned about his ancestors’ horrible painting skills, Su Yu didn’t expect to see anything from the picture, just about the deliciousness of this mackerel.

The ancestors of the Su family also focused on describing it, saying that it tasted as delicious and tender as a roasted suckling pig, which made people unable to stop eating it.

It especially suggested that one must use their Inner Qi to remove the fishy blood, otherwise, you couldn’t make such delicious food.

Inner Qi? Su Yu remembered the silver chopsticks thrown by the Emperor.

Could it be that it preparing this kind of fish requires Inner Qi? This is too much!

Su Yu, who could not continue to read the recipe, threw the book aside, got up, and went to the kitchen to make snacks. While working, he thought about how to finish the task of paying respects in the afternoon.

The Emperor said that the State Teacher was intolerant of unnecessary and overelaborate formalities, then he could not say that he was there to pay respects, should he just that it was just for afternoon tea?

Su Yu scratched his head. It’s not good to go for tea empty-handed, then he should bring some snacks.

Unfortunately, he was not good at making pastries, at most he could make some seafood snacks. Thinking about the scene of the immortal like State Teacher eating a bone-shaped crab stick, Su Yu couldn’t help shivering.

The State Teacher would certainly kill him for the crime of “disrespecting the gods”.

After pondering for a long time, Su Yu removed the head and opened the back of the fresh shrimps, then tied them back and forth with their whiskers, after that he fried them thoroughly to make a beautiful “Golden Butterfly Shrimp”.

He also asked Yang Gonggong to find a white jade tray in the shape of a snow lotus to serve it. Although it was not a high-class fried snack, at least… it was improbable to be shot dead, ba.

Clapping his hands with satisfaction, Su Yu turned around to change his clothes. He just took two steps when he heard the sound of “Crunch Crunch” chewing behind him.

He hurriedly turned around and saw the golden kitten sitting beside the white jade plate, chewing the butterfly shrimp with great relish.

When His Majesty the Emperor returned, he heard from Wang Gonggong that this stupid slave missed him. As a diligent Emperor, it was not good for him to run a concubine palace in the middle of the day, so he turned into a cat and came to see what he was doing. Seeing him obediently preparing food for him, the Emperor’s heart was very comforted.

“Sauce!” Su Yu quickly picked up the kitten and tugged at the shrimp it held in its paws.

“Little rascal, you are not allowed to steal food. This is what I made for the State Teacher.”


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