Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 35 Shimane Prefectural Office (NPC)

Prefecture Hall on the 6th floor.

Tong Fei stared at the six suspects in the glass room with bloodshot eyes. 2 women and 1 man stood beside her, and the other 2 are dead. Their task is to find the real killer based on the testimony of the 6 suspects and the testimony of Riri Ono in the adjacent room. It’s already 2 days now and every night at 1:35 a.m., Riri Ono would ask them to name the killer's number.

However, in 2 days, they still got it wrong.

At first, they thought they would just have to find the killer before the last day. Who knows, at 1:35 midnight, Riri Ono suddenly appeared in their room and killed a person casually. Before leaving, she smiled maliciously.

"You must help me find the murderer tomorrow."

The homicide went like this: One morning, an unnamed female corpse is found hanging from an electric pole at an intersection. According to initial checking, she is just hanged not long ago so the police managed to find 6 suspects.

The person on the 1st floor said, “I was taking a shower just now, and I didn't go anywhere.”

The person on the 2nd floor said, “I was washing the dishes just now. Then, I heard someone shouting outside so I went to take a look, and only then did I know that someone was hanged.”

The person on the 3rd floor said, “I was chatting with a friend on the Internet just now. Then, I saw a pair of feet swaying outside the window.”

The person on the 4th floor said, “I was not at home just now. I just got home, so I don't know anything.”

The person on the 5th floor said, “I was playing with my father. When we went to the living room, I saw a clothed person outside.”[1]

The person on the 6th floor said, “Aiya, how terrible! I suddenly saw a person’s head hanging from outside the window.”


Everyone has points of doubt, but only 1 suspect can be mentioned at a time, which makes it more difficult.

Jiang Rou closed her eyes, she is very tired. 2 days without rest made her thinking freeze. She glanced at Tong Fei, whose eyes are red, and said, "Sister Feifei, take a rest. It's useless to hold on like this."

Tong Fei clenched her fist and thumped the table, making a loud noise, "Damn!" After venting, she finally nodded, "Everyone, take a rest. Eat something, and save your energy."

Tong Fei gritted her teeth. If nothing works, she’ll go all out with Riri Ono.

Stepping on the 4th floor, everyone in Qin Tan’s team felt disheartened, no longer carrying the dashing attitude they had at the beginning. Even Lou Fan didn't want to collect equipment anymore, he just wanted to end the fights quickly. Of course, there is nothing in the hands of the ghost for him to grab after that. Fortunately, when to rest is up to them. Otherwise, they will really be exhausted to death.

This task world is actually quite easy. Physical combat and exercising in here worked better than Qin Tan’s training plan at Lazuli. Chen Shuyang's dagger can now be used with ease, and his body's reaction speed has also accelerated. Not to mention Wen Lang and Jiang Dong, they got stronger and better sense of cooperation.

The layout of the 4th floor is no different from the 2nd and 3rd floors, but on this floor, the corridors are deep and dark. It is bright outside, but none of the light could come in.

"It doesn't look good." Lou Fan casually shot a spiritual arrow into the distance. The arrow disappeared into the darkness.

Even if Lou Fan didn't say it, Qin Tan felt that they couldn't be careless. Hence, he decided to move forward together with the whole team, no longer act separately.

In the first 3 offices, everyone worked together, and they managed to complete it in less than 2 hours. Walking into the 4th office with a relaxed look, the team saw an electronic watch with cartoon design inside, which looks like a child's watch. Lou Fan was thinking about whether it would be another game duel when a little girl about 5 or 6 years old appeared in front of him. She has two pigtails, is wearing a dusty pink dress, and holds a dirty doll in her hand. The doll's eyes are big, and the corners of the mouth are curved in a strange arc. It looked as if it is alive so it gave people a chilling sensation.

"Hee hee hee, are brothers here to play with me?" The little girl raised her face with a smile. Her face is pale, and there are dark shadows under her eyes.

No one answers her question. Lou Fan's spirit arrow shot at her, but she flexibly avoided it. Wen Lang's poker came right after, brushing the little girl's skirt and cutting the fabric.

The little girl glared at Wen Lang and said grimly, "How dare you cut my skirt!"

As soon as the voice fell, the girl disappeared from their sight and suddenly appeared behind Wen Lang. Wen Lang only felt a pain in his back, and there is already a long wound, which made him grimace with pain.

The little girl moved so fast that their eyes couldn't catch her. She flashed back and forth around them, and each of them received wounds of different sizes. On the other hand, her doll appeared on the other side alone, waiting quietly.

"Jiang Dong, bandages!"

Lou Fan shouted, and Jiang Dong quickly threw out the bandage. After taking the bandage, Lou Fan wrapped it around his arm. Next, Jiang Dong threw the other end to Qin Tan, and all five of them held the bandage in their hands, surrounding the girl in a circle. After that, the five of them ran towards each other, tightly wrapping her in the middle. The little girl only stared at them and grinned. In the next instant, she and the doll switched places.

She can even switch places?!

Lou Fan's eyes narrowed. With the bandage wrapped tightly around his arm, he pulled out the phoenix feather arrow from the quiver on his side. The phoenix feather is shot at the doll with a swoosh and the doll got pinned to the wall, rendered immobile.

The little girl screamed and pounced towards Lou Fan. Lou Fan didn't dodge and he kept pulling the bowstring with his right hand, shooting spiritual arrows towards the little girl. The little girl had to back down, just in time for 5 people to surround her again. Finally, they managed to tie the little girl. Qin Tan swiftly stepped forward and cut down without hesitation.

"Ah?" Lou Fan is about to speak, but the little girl had disappeared before his eyes, "I haven't asked how to use the doll yet!"

Qin Tan glanced back at the doll pinned to the wall, helplessly spreading his hands, "I'm sorry, I forgot."

Lou Fan took the doll down and put the arrow back into the quiver, "Forget it, I don't like it very much either. After we returned to Lazuli, I’ll just exchange it, or give it to someone else. " This thing looked eerie, It also feels creepy to carry around. Besides, he never played with this kind of thing before.

Wen Lang gasped in pain and sucked in a breath. That little devil just scratched so deep that one could see the bone. It’s super painful. Chen Shuyang helped him to the side and sat down. He called Jiang Dong, "Doctor Jiang, come and help Wen Lang to have a look. I can even see the bones. Man, it hurts to look at."

Jiang Dong walked over and asked, "Does it hurt?"

Wen Lang tightened his back and gritted his teeth, "It doesn't hurt that much, just a little bit."

Amused, Lou Fan is not feeling sympathetic at all but wanted to give Wen Lang a slap. "Okay, don't hold on. Jiang Dong, you can do whatever you need to. Use the medicine as you like."

Jiang Dong nodded responsibly, "It looks a bit serious, I hope the medicine will work well."

Hands moving quickly as they are talking, Jiang Dong cut open the clothes on Wen Lang's back. After disinfection, he sprinkled hemostatic agents and anti-inflammatory medicine. When the bleeding stopped, he wrapped the bandages around a few times.

Wen Lang felt heartbroken about his clothes, "I only have this clothing left that doesn’t have holes but you cut it up. What should I wear now?"

Chen Shuyang is about to lend a helping hand when Jiang Dong said, "I’ll lend mine to you. After we returned to Lazuli, you can return a new one to me."

"Tsk, how short-sighted. Do you need to be that calculative with a piece of clothing?" Wen Lang wrinkled his nose in disgust.

Wen Lang is seriously injured this time so the other 4 members left him to rest alone, and they continued to move forward. Fortunately, Lazuli's medicine is really good. It’s just 1 day and the wound no longer hurts, though still looked quite scary.

Raw word count: 2122


[1] Banana: That’s what the raw said lol. Such a weird thing to say. Not sure if it’s intentional or not, Banana cannot remember what’s the answer (who is the murderer) anymore. It’s been a long while.

Btw, this kind of guessing-the-murderer-game reminds me of ‘A Sunday Morning Murder’ quiz. Those who never heard of it can google it up and try to guess the murderer yo~

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