Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 350 - The Warlord’s Concubine (Epilogue)

Yin Family’s first madam got overly shocked and became a madwoman as a result. The news slowly spread through Liao City. Yin Family’s people didn’t dare to go near Yao Baiqian’s room either. Only the elderly chef lady brought her food at a fixed time every day. According to the chef lady, Yao Baiqian had been yelling the late eldest madam’s name every day and said that the third madam was the eldest madam, and she was back to get revenge on the Yin Family.

Naturally, no one believed her nonsense. The only person who knew the truth was Yin Beige and he already knew that his mother had prejudice towards Su Wan so he wouldn’t place her words in his heart.

Slowly, the Yin Residence’s household power landed in Bai Yanxue’s hands. She eliminated her enemies silently and then got rid of everyone annoying. Right now, Bai Yanxue could feel that Yin Shun was slowly getting tired of her so she allowed Yin Shun to take in concubines.

After all, lascivious activities could lead to bitter consequences. Bai Yanxue fed him quite a bit of tonics and encouraged him to spend the night at his concubines’ places. Slowly, his body started hollowing out.

Right now, the time has matured. Su Wan immediately contacted Yin Chengmo and his wife, preparing to seize power.

For the past two years, Yin Chengmo had used his own wealth to privately form an army. While Yin Beige was working with the troops in the capital, Yin Chengmo had barged into the general’s residence and took over the general’s position.

No one wanted to see brothers kill one another. Originally, Yin Chegmo only planned on seizing power and he didn’t want to do anything to Yin Shun. However, Su Rui naturally wouldn’t let this end so easily.

After Yin Chengmo seized power successfully and planned on putting Yin Shun on house arrest, Su Rui sent someone to secretly assassinate Yin Shun.

Yin Chengmo killed his brother and seized power...this led to great fanfare within Liao City.

Yin Chengmo was only a businessman after all. He was dumbstruck when facing this situation. Thankfully, he had Su Rui and Su Wan “helping him come up with a plan.”

Yin Beige was suppressing the enemies by the border when Yin Chengmo took his two wives, Yao Ruofeng and Hua Yaolan, hostage.

“Beige, second uncle doesn’t want to do anything to you either. Your wife is here. Plus, Yaolan is about to give birth! You’re going to be a father!”

Wife, child.

Yin Beige hesitated facing his family.

In the end, for his wife and child’s safety, he had to compromise with Yin Chengmo.

He confiscated Yin Beige’s power and then took his troops. Only then did he let Yin Beige return to Yin Family.

Evening at the general’s residence.

“General, do you really believe in Yin Beige?” Yan Xiuwu massaged Yin Chengmo’s shoulders and whispered, “If we don’t get rid of any possibility of danger, it’ll come back to bite us later on. General, you have to give it more consideration.”

Rid any possibility of danger?

Yin Chengmo’s expression changed. Elder brother’s death did have to do with him but Liao City’s people thought he was the one behind this. Would Yin Beige really let him go?

Even if he weaved his people in, did he trust him enough to use his people?

Thinking of this, Yin Chengmo’s expression turned gloomy.

A great man has to be ruthless. How could he be afraid of little things when he had to accomplish great things?

A month later, Hua Yaolan successfully gave birth to a boy named Yin Chengzhi, for the Yin Family.

After the child was born, Yin Chengmo and Bu Ningshan hosted a grand birthday banquet for the child’s hundred days old. Many noble families came to the banquet and even the Yao Family far away had sent people over.

On this banquet, a large number of assassins suddenly appeared. These people naturally had worked alongside Yin Beige and Yao Family’s people. Their plan was to catch Yin Chengmo off guard.

Yin Chengmo originally planned on finding people to kill Yin Beige on the banquet but who knew that he died first.

The lounge was covered in blood. Staring at Yin Chengmo and Bu Ningshan’s bodies, Yin Beige slowly covered Hua Yaolan’s eyes. “Yaolan, don’t look. Bring the child back inside.”


Hua Yaolan hesitated. “What about Xiuwu? Warlord, don’t make things difficult for her. She knows nothing.”

“I know.”

Yin Beige nodded and then walked out. The lights were on in the courtyard. Lu Anbo led the people over for an assembly. Su Rui, Su Wan and… Yan Xiuwu tood beside him.

“Many thanks to third uncle and third aunt, and...Lady Xiuwu!”

Yan Xiuwu curtsied. Su Rui smiled and exclaimed, “Don’t thank me. I couldn’t do anything about elder brother’s death. I can’t watch as the second brother kills you either. Beige, if revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be an end to it? Please don’t make things difficult for Beiye and Beiyan!”

Yin Beige nodded. “I know what to do. It’s cold outside. Third uncle, take third aunt back soon. She has a weak body.”

Su Wan said nothing the entire time but Yin Beige’s attention never shifted from her.

Yin Beige couldn’t forget what Yan Xiuwu had said to him in private just two nights before.

Sister Linglong had saved Xiuwu so she had risked death to tell the news to him for her.

She...was nearing her end. The third master knew and so did she.

Warlord, if you really do like her, let her leave peacefully.

Up until that point did Yin Beige know that Su Wan couldn’t live for much longer.

He really wanted to hug her but he couldn’t. He could only watch her from afar, watch her stand next to another man and hold their hands.

Because he let go of her first. Now, this was heaven’s punishment...

After Yin Chengmo died, Yin Beige rectified Liao City and Yin Family gradually recovered. Everything seemed to be going in a good direction but was this really the case?

When Yin Chengzhi was half a year old, he knew how to talk in baby talk. Su Wan specially carried her to Yao Baiqian’s room. Right now, she has lived in a better place because Yin Beige still cared about her. However, she was too seriously poisoned so she couldn’t talk now.

“Sister-in-law, I’m here to visit you again.”

Yao Baiqian had just finished food when Su Wan carried the child in. Seeing Su Wan’s smile, Yao Baiqian’s gaze turned harsh.

“Sister-in-law, you look pretty good! Guess who I brought to visit you.”

Su Wan delivered the child over. Seeing her grandson, Yao Baiqian’s gaze brightened but then she looked at Su Wan on guard.

“What? Afraid that I’ll do something to your grandson?”

Su Wan smiled and let go of one hand. “Say, if I let go of him, will he drop and fall to his death? Mn, maybe just become disabled?”

Sniffle, sniffle sniffle.

Yao Baiqian wanted to scream but she was unable to make any noises.


Su Wan couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Don’t be nervous, I won’t use someone else’s child to satisfy my greed. don’t know right?”

Su Wan placed the child to the side and then said in Yao Baiqian’s ears, “This child isn’t Yin Beige’s!”


Yao Baiqian widened her eyes and stayed stunned.

“Don’t believe me? Let me tell you another secret.”

Su Wan’s smile grew. “Your son will never have a child. Your Yin Family won’t have any offspring.”

Saying this, Su Wan took out dried herbs and waved it in front of Yao Baiqian. “If a man keeps this on him regularly, they’ll become infertile. Back then, I had grinded this into powder and gifted this to Yin Beige. Up until now, he is still wearing this. So infatuated. What an infatuated man!”

Yao Baiqian’s eyes teared up. She was furious and held bitter resentment towards her but there was nothing she could do.

“Yao Baiqian, you did this yourself. Today, let your son bear the consequences. I want him to take care of someone else’s son his entire life and then think about a woman that will never belong to him for life. Say, isn’t he quite pitiful? Isn’t it hilarious?”

Sniffle, sniffle.

Yao Baiqian twitched and then spat a mouthful of blood, the blood splashing on Su Wan’s cheongsam.

Su Wan didn’t dodge it. She just watched as Yao Baiqian took her last breath in front of her.

This world’s mission was actually really easy to complete. When Su Wan arrived, the male and female lead hadn’t encountered one another yet. She had many ways to complete the mission. The only reason why she kept staying here was probably because she felt unjust.

Only a true cannon fodder could truly understand the feeling.

The original owner did nothing wrong but she got herself such a tragic ending.

In the original world, Yin Beige and Guan Li had a happy ending. In the end, Yao Baiqian was even able to turn over a new leaf.

Maybe the female lead’s halo had moved her?

But Su Wan was unable to accept this ending. Even if Yao Baiqian had turned over a new leaf, could the people that she had hurt close their eyes in death and die contently?

Su Wan didn’t want to forgive Yao Baiqian nor would she forgive her.

With what the original owner had experienced, besides Su Wan, who else could feel her feelings?

You aren’t her so don’t think that you know her hardships. You don’t know. Besides herself, no one else knows that feeling...

Yao Baiqian’s death didn’t do much. After she died, Su Wan and Su Rui left Liao City. When leaving the place, she brought Guan Li with her too.

Guan Li figured out that she had misunderstood Yin Beige after Su Rui explained what happened. Naturally, she also stopped her hilarious thought of going to assassinate Yin Beige.

Plus, Su Wan told Guan Li about her identity. The innocent Guan Li was naturally willing to be with Su Wan after figuring out that she was her sister. She left Liao City, this sketchy area...

Not too long after they left, Yin Family’s stores started a chain of problems. The stores were hollow so they left Yin Beige a huge mess to clean up.

Yin Beige spent a lot of time and effort and people before finally stabilizing Yin Family’s businesses. By the time he finally arranged everything, before Yin Family had recovered from this crisis, Yin Beichao had suddenly returned.

Returning from abroad as a financial genius, he was here to get revenge for his mother!

After he returned, he found Yin Beiye and Yin Beiyan who were scattered outside. The three joined forces and their motive was to ruin the Yin and Yao Families.

Yin Beige had been stepping back regarding their revenge because he cared about his brothers. He really wanted to resolve the situation but Yin Beichao and the others suddenly obtained the provincial military governor’s support from the capital. The two parties’ situation immediately changed tables.

As a military clique for a generation, the vast Yin Family that was originally flourishing and harmonious, ended up with a tragic ending where the people killed one another...

Many years later, Yin Family had declined in power and Liao City had become someone else’s territory. Yao Ruofeng and the Yao Family were gone too. Yin Beige was alone.

A few years ago, Hua Yaolan had brought her child to seek shelter at Boss Huang’s place. As it turned out, he was the child’s real father.

Yin Beige suddenly felt like his life was a joke. Under a snowy night, he shivered in a worn-down room, slowly taking out the brocade bag Su Wan left for him back then. He smiled and closed his eyes.

He’d never know that the strand of hair inside the brocade bag wasn’t actually Su Wan’s.

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