Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 351 - Childhood Sweethearts(1)

“You brat. Why aren’t you up yet? Are you looking for a beating?”

Whip. The sturdy rattan landed on Su Wan. Feeling the sting of pain on her waist, she immediately rolled out of her small wooden bed. Despite being prepared, Su Wan still furrowed her brows unhappily glancing at her limbs.

“Damned girl, why are you furrowing your brows? Get up and work for me already!”

The woman’s harsh and unhappy voice rang again. Su Wan looked up to see a woman clad in blue with her short hair brushed up. Her apron was around her waist and she was now looking at Su Wan coldly..

The okay-looking woman that didn’t seem yet in her thirties was Su Wan’s stepmother, Liu Li.

She and Su Wan’s father, Su Guoliang had been married for six years. Su Wan was only nine years old now and her sister, Su Qingmei was five.


Seemingly shocked by Liu Li’s voice, Su Qingmei wore a western-style dress and rubbed her beautiful eyes. She looked confusedly at Su Wan and Liu Li. “Mother, don’t hit big sister. Don’t hit big sister okay?”

Su Qingmei’s tears were threatening to spill from her beautiful eyes.

“Oh my, my good baby. Don’t cry, don’t cry! Mother didn’t hit your big sister!”

Saying this, she glared at Su Wan and exclaimed, “Damned girl, don’t you see your sister crying right now? Come here and coax her.”


Su Wan slowly got up and walked over to Su Qingmei. “Sister, don’t cry. I’ll take you out to play okay?”

“Okay, okay!”

Su Qingmei stopped crying right away. She grabbed Su Wan’s hands and before the two could process what happened, she already tugged Su Wan out.

This child!

Liu Li sighed heavily standing behind the two...

They lived in a courtyard house. There were seven or eight families living here. Although Liu Li had a fiery personality, she was good at observations. Su Guoliang was also known for his honesty and sincerity. Su Wan and Su Qingmei were both cute and obedient so the family had good relationships in the courtyard house. Seeing the two sisters walking out shoulder to shoulder, the elderlys sitting in the yard basking in the sunshine immediately greeted them.

“Xiao Wan, you’re here to take your little sister out to play again?”


Su Wan nodded then, while bouncing, she left with Su Qingmei. Walking on the worn-down path and the people riding by on their bicycles, Su Wan and Su Qingmei both sighed in unison.

Damn. This era is really deceptive.

That’s right. Su Qingmei was reborn and she was the female lead of this world.

In her past life, Su Qingmei had grown up under Liu Li’s pampering. She was really competitive and unruly as a child. At that time, Liu Li mistreated Su Wan but Su Qingmei didn’t think there was anything wrong with that.

Afterwards, the two sisters slowly grew up and Su Wan liked Xie Changan from the yard next to theirs. In that era, people had the most sincere and pure feelings. Su Wan quietly liked Xie Changan and didn’t dare to tell anyone else. Therefore, she kept her thoughts on her diary. However, Su Qingmei found out about it unintentionally. She was younger than Su Wan by four years. At that time, she was only twelve years old so she didn’t understand love at all. She was just purely curious. What did it mean to like someone? What’s good about Xie Changan as well?

Therefore, Su Qingmei slowly started paying attention to Xie Changan and after a while, she gradually started to like him too.

Different from Su Wan’s docile personality, Su Qingmei said everything on her mind. When she was fifteen, she went to confess to Xie Changan. At that time, he was twenty, already in college.

It’d be wrong to say that he wasn’t touched by his childhood sweetheart loli’s confession.

Su Qingmei was more beautiful than Su Wan and had grown up under Liu Li’s pampering. She learned how to dance and to play the piano, and she had an impressive temperament too.

Who wouldn’t like a girl like that?

Therefore, the two silently started dating after Su Qingmei’s confession but their relationship didn’t last for too long.

After Su Qingmei got into highschool, she encountered the handsome history teacher, Gao Yu. He was from an influential family and came to the school to make himself look good.

He was talented and unusually handsome. Many girls in school all silently liked him, yet he took a fancy to Su Qingmei at first sight.

Under Gao Yu’s sweetness and bribing, Su Qingmei quickly fell for him. She forgot about her promise with Xie Changan and turned to Gao Yu’s arms.

Two years later, Gao Yu left the school and went to work in the Department of Education. Meanwhile, Su Qingmei successfully got into a college as well. She had been fantasizing about her beautiful life with Gao Yu after graduating, and forming a family with him. But the harsh reality shattered her beautiful dream.

Because Su Qingmei was going to college at another place, she and Gao Yu didn’t get to be together for long. However, the two still maintained an intimate relationship. However, after undergoing an examination, she was apparently pregnant!

That was definitely the scandal of the school. Su Qingmei didn’t even have time to call Gao Yu. She took the train and hurried back to her hometown. But when she came to Gao Yu’s house, she saw him and another female colleague flirting.

“I was just playing with you, Su Qingmei. Don’t tell me you can’t afford that!”

Su Qingmei could never forget Gao Yu’s expression back then. It was despicable.

She was expelled from the college as the result of her pregnancy. She didn’t dare go home and she didn’t even have the money to do a surgery. At this time, she encountered Xie Changan again.

Right now, he was married with Su Wan. He was Su Qingmei’s brother-in-law.

Xie Changan immediately helped arrange her to go to a hospital. In order to take care of her emotions, he had been bustling around the entire time. He didn’t tell this to anyone from the Su Family. He even went to the college personally and begged them several times before the college allowed Su Qingmei to drop out temporarily and then come back a year later to resume her studies.

Lying on the cold hospital bed, Su Qingmei suddenly felt regretful after seeing the tired but gentle-looking Xie Changan beside her.

Back then, she had such a good man but how come she didn’t know to treasure him?

Why must she be blinded by the sweet words, vanity, and wealth?

Su Qingmei regretted her decision so much. Would anyone still want her after this?

What if, what if this scandal spread? How could she possibly live? Xie Changan did all this to help her because he was still deeply in love with her right?

Unfortunately, he was Su Wan’s husband already. If time could go back, and she could start everything over, Xie Changan, I mustn’t lose you, I mustn’t...

With this in her heart, Su Qingmei fell unconscious on the hospital bed. By the time she woke up again, she realized she had been reborn back to when she was five.

This year, Xie Changan just moved to this county.

This year, she and Su Wan were still ignorant lolis. This year, she still had a start over!

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