Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 357 - Childhood Sweethearts(7)

Su Guoliang still wasn’t in a good mood during dinnertime. Liu Li eagerly placed food on Su Wan and Su Qingmei’s bowls. In the past, Liu Li saved the best pork chops for Su Qingmei. However, she left it for Su Wan today. Su Wan didn’t say anything either. After dinner was over, she returned to her room. The worn-down desk faced the only window in the room. Under the not so bright light, Su Wan glanced at her messy textbooks.

Uh. It seemed like she was really into sleeping in the morning that she had forgotten the homeworks the teachers assigned.


Su Wan decided to clean her desk according to her class schedule. In elementary school, besides English and math, there weren’t any major classes. After all, homework was usually just normal calculation and practice work for lessons learnt in class. These were incredibly simple for Su Wan.

After packing up her backpack, Su Wan closed her door and then she purposely left a crack by the window. Then she laid on her wooden bed, getting some rest.

It was unclear how long passed but by the time Su Wan woke up again, Su Rui was sitting by her bed.

“Your bed is so small.”

Seeing Su Wan open her eyes in a daze, Su Rui couldn’t help but complain. He finally got in through the window. Seeing that she was sleeping soundly, General Su also wanted to get in bed with her for a while. In the end, because the bed was too small, he didn’t want to squeeze himself in bed with her, not having the heart to.

“Look at how small I am. How big do you think my bed needs to be?”

Su Wan winked, responding in an immature voice.

Su Rui: this general has no words.


He softly coughed to hide his embarrassment. Su Rui looked at Su Wan and asked, “What’s up with Xie Changan?”

“Who knows? He probably...was reborn?”

Su Wan shrugged at Su Rui. “This is a high possibility. From my observations, it doesn’t look like he transmigrated but rather he had been reborn.”


Listening to Su Wan’s guess, Su Rui also nodded. “I think so too. I can tell from his gaze.”

That’s right. The feelings between love rivals were that strong.


Su Rui suddenly felt a bit confused. “If he had been reborn and planned on getting back together with the original owner, then how come it didn’t show that I failed my mission? Plus, in our task plot, it didn’t show that Xie Changan had been reborn.”

“Right, that’s what I’m most worried about.”

A tint of worry flickered over Su Wan’s tender face. “Su Rui, did Xu Ce talk to you about space-time and space-time executioner?”


Su Rui shook his head. “They’re also task enforcers?”

“I guess. We’re in the highest level of the lost space. Likewise, the deity space-time is also one of the highest levels. It opposes us. The deity space-time has countless deity-level systems. They would automatically search through the low, medium, or high levels and find a host that fits their conditions. Then, they’d tie them together so that they had to complete counterattack missions set up by the deity space-time. These hosts are kind of like task enforcers like us. However, they are controlled by the system, unlike eus. As for space-time executioner…”

Su Wan’s expression turned conflicted and even a bit scared. “They shoulder the responsibility of stabilizing each space-time and they’re the only ones that can kill task enforcers too!”


Su Rui’s gaze turned gloomy. “That means that if we unfortunately encounter a space-time executioner during our mission, it’s possible for them to kill us? And if they kill us, it’s forever?”


Su Wan nodded.

Space-time executioners were a group of really mysterious people. They were scattered on different space-times and didn’t belong to a definite one. However, they had the ability of shuttling between space-times. They were able to act as anyone within space-time, and kill anyone there either, including the host as well as the lost space-time task enforcers!

They were pampered ones of space-time.

“Su Qingmei had been reborn in this world originally. When we entered here, we planned on changing Su Qingmei and Su Wan’s fates. But at this time, Xie Changan also had been reborn. According to the headquarters’ rules, it would reveal that a bug had appeared when we encountered things like this or that the mission was over or completed. But we didn’t even receive any hints. I think there are two possibilities now.”

Su Wan looked at Su Rui seriously and exclaimed, “The first possibility was that the disorder in this space-time had attracted a space-time executioner’s attention. They had entered this space-time right now and locked all ways to exit. The executioner has to return everything in this world to its original path. They need to forcibly bring Su Qingmei, you and I, and even Xie Changan’s fates back to their original path. Of course, during this process, they might do something to us. And obviously, there is another possibility.”

Su Wan relaxed a bit talking about the second possibility. “Though Xie Changan and Su Qingmei had been reborn, the two might not have been reborn at the same space-time. Which means that the two had originally been living in two different worlds and they had crossed paths in this parallel space-time. Su Qingmei had been reborn first. Hence, this mission was created. Then after other reasons and whatnot, Xie Changan, from another space-time, had been reborn in this world too. Because two other world’s plots had been added to this world, that means besides me and you, there might be another task-enforcer.”

Su Rui understood immediately. He couldn’t help it. He was that smart.

It was easy to understand parallel space-times. Everyone would make different choices at different times. When you make a different choice, your fate also changes. Hence, the reason for so many parallel spaces. There were countless “yous” experiencing completely different lives.

Su Qingmei’s “past life” and Xie Changan’s “past life” might be two different space-times. Now, the two souls had been reborn in this world in succession. Could the overlaying of three parallel space-times?

If Su Qingmei’s rebirth had led to this, then this was Su Wan and Su Rui’s main mission.

That meant that Xie Changan’s rebirth would also lead to a series of chain reactions. Maybe in this past life, he hadn’t gone to the end with Su Wan. After he had been reborn, he might’ve wanted to change his and Su Wan’s life with an ulterior motive. Then his rebirth had destroyed this world’s original path. If someone really took over Xie Changan’s mission, then who could it be? And who was his target?

Su Rui and Su Wan looked at each other. The two exclaimed in unison, “The rebirth department!”

That’s right. Missions like this were usually taken over by the rebirth department.

Therefore, the two hadn’t received a hint saying that they failed or completed their mission because there was another task-enforcer hidden amongst the people. Their mission should be to play matchmaker for Su Qingmei and Xie Changan!

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