Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 36 Shimane Prefectural Office (NPC) Part 1

Lou Fan looked at the ghosts wandering in the open space in front of the prefecture office building and felt a little fortunate, "Fortunately, the ghost that was killed no longer appears inside. Otherwise, when the time comes for us to get on the train, it would be a fierce battle."

Standing next to Lou Fan, Qin Tan didn't speak, and Chen Shuyang's voice came from behind him.

"Tomorrow is the 6th day and there’s only the 6th floor is left. Also, there are 6 ghosts to finish off." After Chen Shuyang said that, he laughed, "It's really 666/ liu liu liu (amazing)!"

In everyone’s backpack are the clocks that they have adjusted the time, except for the clocks that could not fit due to their size. At this moment, each of their bags is almost full. There are even more loots in Lou Fan’s bag.

Since Wen Lang didn't fight in any battles yesterday, he felt refreshed physically and mentally. Just as he is about to open his mouth to say something, he stopped and closed his mouth. Then he threw a nut in the air, raised his head, and caught the nut in his mouth. He didn't want to say anything depressing. Jiang Dong is a little taller than him so the clothes he lent to him are quite suitable. However, Wen Lang is used to wearing his sweater so, suddenly making him wear a white shirt felt awkward.

Lou Fan retracted his gaze from out and looked sideways at Qin Tan. With a long sigh, he said, "I hope everything goes well tomorrow."

Qin Tan smiled, "It will definitely go well, with you here."

Such words. Lou Fan's face felt inexplicably hot, and he shifted his gaze to the other 3 team members sitting on the sofa. Seeing that they are all looking at him, Lou Fan had a feeling like he got exposed or something. "Hey, take a rest, take a rest." Lou Fan said and went to the other side of the sofa. After he laid down, he added, "We have works to do tomorrow!"

Qin Tan followed behind Lou Fan. Seeing him covering his face like an ostrich, Qin Tan chuckled in a low voice.

Stepping on the 6th floor, Lou Fan looked around for Tong Fei and the others but found no one at all. The 6th floor is quiet, and the empty area only had a huge clock in the middle, surrounded by 6 small clocks. The time all stood still at 1:35 am. The team of 5 people frowned so deeply that the wrinkles can squeeze a fly to death. Does that mean they have to deal with 7 ghosts together? Who can handle this kind of difficulty?!

Lou Fan felt in a trance that something is wrong, but he couldn't figure out what is wrong for a while.

Standing at the front, Qin Tan held the Tang sword in his hand, and said in a deep voice, "Are you all ready?"

Everyone readied themself and replied in a low voice, "Ready."

As soon as they answered, Qin Tan took a deep breath and reached out to touch the largest clock.

A female ghost with shoulder-length hair appeared, and 6 ghosts stood behind her. Appearing along with them are Tong Fei and 2 team members and they are in a sorry state. Supported by Jiang Rou, Tong Fei had one arm broken, while the other hand is holding a large sword.

"Team leader Qin!" Jiang Rou exclaimed. Her eyes suddenly lit up at the 5 people there, as if she saw a savior.

Jiang Rou and Wang Xiaoyun immediately supported Tong Fei forward and ran behind Qin Tan. Lou Fan looked at their sorry state and knew that the opponent on the other side is definitely not easy to deal with, but he couldn't help but ask what was going on.

Tong Fei gritted her teeth, unable to speak in pain so Jiang Rou explained quickly. It turned out that their task is to find the murderer. After analysis, they named the murderer, but Riri Ono on the opposite side said no. In the end, there are only three of them left. With the intention to take down Riri Ono, Tong Fei fought with the ghost. They ended up injured, and Tong Fei got her arm cut off by Riri Ono. Fortunately, at a critical moment, the five of them appeared.

"Are you sure you found the right murderer?" Lou Fan asked.

Jiang Rou and Wang Xiaoyun nodded affirmatively, "Yes."

Staring at the 7 ghosts on the opposite side, Lou Fan concluded that the ghosts are cheating. Tong Fei and the others should have other ways to complete the task. Still staring at the ghosts, the more he looked at them, the more Lou Fan feel that something is wrong.

Before Lou Fan could think more about it, Riri Ono laughed out strangely. Her laughter echoed on the 6th floor, becoming more and more terrifying.

"Are you all here to help me find out who killed me?"

Behind them, Chen Shuyang had already asked about the testimony of the 6 suspect ghosts from Jiang Rou. He didn't even think deeply about it and laughed. Then he said to Riri Ono, "What is there to find out? It's so simple. You can't even find out who killed you? You are stupid eh?"

What Chen Shuyang said almost angered Riri Ono to death. She looked at Chen Shuyang with a grim expression, and asked in a deep voice, "So you know who killed me?"

Chen Shuyang pointed casually, "It's the suspect on the 3rd floor!" His words hit the nail on the head with no mercy.

However, Riri Ono obviously didn't really want this answer. As she said ‘So it was No. 3’, she pounced over to catch Chen Shuyang. The 6 ghosts behind her also started to rush forward together.

Qin Tan’s team had to protect the 3 wounded women and deal with 7 ghosts at the same time so the scene is very chaotic. Tong Fei gritted her teeth in pain. She sat leaning against the big clock and holding a big sword in one hand. She turned to Jiang Rou and Wang Xiaoyun beside her and said, "Hurry up and help them. I'm fine, won't die yet. Kill that Riri Ono for me!" If she could, Tong Fei really wanted to bite that Riri Ono to death.

Jiang Rou and Wang Xiaoyun looked at each other. They are not seriously injured so they stood up and rushed into the battle to help with their weapons.

Lou Fan is busy shooting arrows and then he saw Tong Fei leaning against the big clock. A flash of inspiration suddenly hit him. He remembered that yesterday Chen Shuyang mentioned the number 666.

"Shuyang, you said 666 yesterday, right?" Lou Fan had to make sure.

"Ah?" Chen Shuyang couldn’t react for a while. What happened? Why did suddenly Brother Lou talk about that? But Chen Shuyang still replied promptly, "Yes, 666."

Hearing that, Lou Fan walked quickly to Tong Fei's side. He pursed his lips and laughed, causing Tong Fei to feel horrified. Without saying anything, he grabbed Tong Fei’s big sword and slashed at the big clock behind her...


The shrill and mournful cry seemed to pierce one's eardrums. With the scream, Riri Ono disappeared in front of everyone with unwilling and vicious eyes.

Before everyone had time to be happy that they defeated Riri Ono, Lou Fan's spiritual arrows quickly aimed at the other 6 ghosts, and Qin Tan followed through with a slash of his sword. Soon, the 6 ghosts are wiped out. There are 6 clocks scattered on the ground, and the team set it back to the correct time. At the same time, the tasks of both teams are marked Completed. 8 people collapsed on the empty ground without caring for their image...

"Finally, it's done..." Wang Xiaoyun muttered while lying on Jiang Rou's side.

Jiang Rou closed her eyes, a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth as she said softly, "It's great, we're still alive." The two of them looked sideways at Tong Fei lying on the ground, the corners of their eyes slightly moist.

Back in the lobby on the first floor, Jiang Dong bandaged Tong Fei's arm. This charming woman asked him to help her bandage her wound while she chatted with other people as if it is just a small wound. She didn’t even frown. Jiang Dong tied the last knot, put away the things, and said, "It's bandaged. Your arm will grow out when you get on the train."

Tong Fei nodded indifferently, and thanked Jiang Dong, "Thank you, Dr. Jiang."

Jiang Dong waved his hand and said it’s fine.

When Tong Fei stood up, Jiang Rou and Wang Xiaoyun stood beside her. Tong Fei solemnly thanked the 5 people, "Thank you very much today, otherwise we might not be able to get out alive."

Lou Fan took over the topic with a smile, "We are just completing our task as well but you're welcome."

Tong Fei and the other 2 have a good impression of Qin Tan’s team. She is not a hypocritical person to simply pass the favor with a thank you. In her mind, she decided to give them something good in the future as a thank you gift. Looking at the team again, she sighed a little, "It's so important to find reliable teammates, and I envy you guys. Pairing with random teammates is hard to cooperate."

Lou Fan and Qin Tan knew this from the beginning, so after working with Wen Lang, they recruited him into the team. As for Jiang Dong, they are also quite satisfied with him. As for whether the recruitment is successful or not, it depends on Jiang Dong himself.

Jiang Dong voiced out at this moment, "Having a good team is indeed very important. I wonder if Team leader Qin can let me join your team?" After he said the words, he looked at Qin Tan. Wen Lang also turned to look at Qin Tan with him.

Qin Tan nodded, "You are welcomed to join us."

Jiang Dong smiled, "Then, please take care of me from now on."

After a few days of fighting, everyone felt very tired. And so on this extra day before the deadline, everyone took a good rest in the lobby on the 1st floor. They chatted about everything everywhere. Speaking of their previous life outside, everyone suddenly felt a little depressed, but they recovered after a while.

The 7th night is about to pass. At 11.00 pm, the 8 people got ready and planned to wait for the train in advance.

Ghosts are hanging out in the open space of the prefecture office building. At first, Tong Fei’s team are worried when they saw them. But after they heard that those are the ghosts who lost to Qin Tan’s team, they don’t feel that afraid anymore. Unexpectedly, those ghosts didn't attack them and let them pass.

The newcomers in the guard room are stunned by the scene. They almost pissed their pants after hiding from them for so many days. Are ghosts nowadays that amiable? The newcomers in the guard room are kindly released from the guard’s room. All of them have yellowed complexion and are unhealthily thin, looking very pitiful. The other teams still have unfinished food in their bags, so they took the food out and distributed them to the newcomers. The newcomers thanked the teams and began to gobble the food.

The whistle of the train sounded, and the old green shell train appeared out of thin air, taking away the surviving people.

The journey is still the usual short ride, and by the time they got off the train, Tong Fei's arms are as good as before. She can move them freely as if they had never been broken. The newcomers stood together in bewilderment, looking at them so Qin Tan asked Chen Shuyang to give them a brief explanation.

Tong Fei put the big sword on her shoulders, like a female bandit leader, worlds apart from the word ‘charming’. She said, "Come to our place for dinner the day after tomorrow as a thank you."

Jiang Rou also smiled and put her arm around Wang Xiaoyun's shoulder, "Our Xiaoyun's skill is very good. We will cook you a table of delicious food."

Lou Fan immediately nodded in agreement, "Okay, can I add in my order? I want to eat boiled fish, boiled meat, and spicy hot pot..."

Lou Fan couldn't stand the temptation of food so he agreed on behalf of everyone.

Tong Fei accepted Lou Fan’s order with a smile and took Jiang Rou and Wang Xiaoyun to leave first. As soon as Tong Fei’s team left, Lin Man Man and Gong Yi, who was waiting at the side, walked up to them. Lou Fan saw the two and they looked a little tired. But they seemed to be in good spirits and a good mood. It seemed that their task has completed well.

"Brother Lou, are you all doing well?" Lin Man Man greeted Lou Fan and asked.

Gong Yi smiled and said, "Look, they all came back safely. Their task must have gone well. It’s Brother Qin and Brother Lou after all."

Wen Lang slapped Gong Yi on the shoulder, "Yo, I haven't seen you for a few days and your flattery skill has improved."

Gong Yi hehe-ed and scratched his head.

Lin Man Man is like Lou Fan's little sister, and Lou Fan likes her character. Looking at her up and down, Lou Fan asked, "How is it, did you get hurt during your mission?"

Lin Man Man shook her head with a smile and said, "My task is quite simple this time, and the people in the team are nice. Brother Lou, I also killed monsters by myself."

Originally, Lou Fan asked them to join their team, but Gong Yi and Lin Man Man discussed it and felt that they are still in the early stage. It would be best if they could improve their strength by themselves. If they don't seize the opportunity now, then it will be more difficult in the future. Hence, the two teamed up with random teams. Fortunately, the process went smoothly, and the intermediate teams they met are also very friendly.

Lin Man Man's tone is excited, like a little sister waiting for her brother's praise. Lou Fan laughed and said, "En, very good. Keep working hard, and soon you will be able to be stand up on your own."

Lin Man Man's eyes brightened and she nodded.

Raw word count: 10189 (whole chapter)


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