Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 36 Shimane Prefectural Office (NPC) Part 3

[Banana: The title is still so misleading :v]

Looking at the form, Lou Fan picked up a pen and filled it out. The girl was staring at Lou Fan when she suddenly realized that there is another person in front of her. When she looked up, she saw a tall man with sharp eyebrows and an upright aura. He held out his hand and there is a watch in it.

"It's to pay for the registration fee."

"Oh." The girl reacted and took the watch. She handed it to the man next to her and stopped looking at Lou Fan.

"I wonder when there will be an update?" Lou Fan returned the pen to the girl and asked.

"There’s no guarantee." The girl said and added, "It could be some days later or even some months. The important point is whether anyone knows about it and wanted it."

It’s similar to what Tong Fei said. Lou Fan held the hope that the registration counter could introduce items to buyers, but now it seems that it can only depend on fate. But basically every person will go to the bazaar after returning to Lazuli, not to mention those who have goods or points in hand. Thinking of this, Lou Fan felt relieved - he is in no hurry anyway.

After registering the information, he watched the information of his item scrolled on the electronic screen. Lou Fan and Qin Tan did not delay and returned to their residence to start a new round of training.

5 days later, Lou Fan's watch suddenly beeped a few times, and a message came in. When he opened it, he saw that the message is sent by the registration office, saying that Lou Fan need to come over as there are buyers who wanted to talk to him.

Lou Fan's eyes lit up and turned to Qin Tan, "Qin Tan, someone wants to buy the ghost doll. Let's go and have a look."

Qin Tan put down the barbell he was holding, and the bulging muscles on his arms glowed healthily, looking very attractive. He walked up to Lou Fan and looked down at the message on Lou Fan’s watch. At that position, Qin Tan’s strong scent surrounded Lou Fan. Qin Tan had a nice soapy scent on his body and no unpleasant smell of sweat. Lou Fan felt like his heart is about to pop out of his chest and he gulped.

Qin Tan's mouth curved slightly. After reading the message, he said with a hoarse voice, "Wait for me to get dressed." After speaking, he strode back to the room to change his clothes.

Staring at the back of Qin Tan’s golden ratio figure, Lou Fan inexplicably felt that he must be attracted by this delicious body and definitely not his appearance.

The girl at the registration office saw the two coming, and immediately greeted them with a smile. This is her commission today, so she must greet her sellers well.

"Mr. Lou, the buyer is inside, let's go in." The girl pointed to a room behind the registration office, which is their meeting room.

Entering the meeting room, Lou Fan can see a man and a woman sitting inside. The man’s appearance looked common while the woman looked a bit bewitching. When they saw Lou Fan,  they stood up immediately and the woman said eagerly, "Did you bring the ghost doll? Show me."

Such a hurry? Lou Fan felt that this deal should be successful.

Seemingly feeling that her attitude is a little anxious, the woman curved the corner of her mouth and showed a weird expression, "My name is Shi Zhen."

Lou Fan nodded and took the doll out of his backpack, "This was taken from a ghost in the last mission, have a look."

The moment Lou Fan took the doll out of the bag, Shi Zhen's eyes are fixed on it. With an excited expression on her face, she turned to look at Lou Fan hesitantly, as if she wanted to take the doll in her hand for a closer look. Lou Fan didn't mind and handed the ghost doll forward.

"It's really perfect," Shi Zhen murmured.

The man next to Shi Zhen smiled helplessly and explained, "I'm sorry, she is always like this whenever she looks at dolls. Hello, my name is Niu Xin, and I'm on the same team as Shi Zhen."

After introducing each other, Shi Zhen finally raised her head and said, "I want to exchange this doll."

Lou Fan raised his eyebrows, "You don't even ask what this doll does?"

Shi Zhen shook her head, "No need, but if you want to say it, I can listen."

It's really interesting, the buyer doesn't want to know the effect while the seller wants to take the initiative to say it. The registration office’s staff on the side pursed her lips and smiled.

Lou Fan spread his hands, "As a seller, I think it's better to explain. This ghost doll can switch places with the ghost at that time in the mission. Only after I nailed it to the wall that the ghost finally gave up switching places."

After Lou Fan said this, Shi Zhen looked even more excited, "My God, it's great, great!"

Shi Zhen put the ghost doll aside and began to dig things out of her backpack while muttering, "This is not good, this is so-so, this is it!" She took out a stack of 5 talisman papers.

"Take this for the exchange." Shi Zhen said and explained, "This is an immobilization talisman. Upon tearing it apart, it can immobilize creatures within a 5-meter radius for 1 minute. I've used it before and the effect is very good."

This is a lifesaver tool! Although there are only 5, it is much better than the ghost doll whose usage method is unknown. Lou Fan immediately agreed, "Okay, if we obtained more dolls next time, we can continue to cooperate."

Shi Zhen is also very happy with the exchange and cherishingly stroked the ghost doll. Both parties are very satisfied with the transaction.

Holding 5 talisman papers, Lou Fan handed them to Qin Tan with an expression that is seeking compliments, "Qin Tan, look! This talisman paper is really well made. If the effect is really like what Shi Zhen said, it can be regarded as a life-saving tool."

Taking the talisman, Qin Tan looked at it and praised, "En, such good luck. This thing is very good."

Being praised, Lou Fan felt that if he had a tail, the tail would be pointing straight at the sky. Back at the residence, Qin Tan asked him to put away the talisman paper, and don't tell the other three. If they knew that there are such a life-saving means as backup, they would rely on it and loosen their guard, putting themselves in a dangerous situation.

On the 3rd day before the next mission started, all members gathered in Lou Fan's living room early in the morning. Fruits, tea, and snacks are placed on the coffee table. For those who didn't know the purpose, they might think Lou Fan is having a tea party.

Di di di!

Chen Shuyang immediately looked down at his watch; the information for the next mission had been released.

Mission: Collect 10 Longjing grass (Dragon Crystal Grass) from the depths of Mount Gui. (Note: Longjing grass grows in places where Chang snakes roam). Get on the train on time at 10:00 am on December 30.

Mission time limit: 10 days.

Team information: Lou Fan Level 3, Chen Shuyang Level 3, Jiang Dong Level 3, Qin Tan Level 4, Wen Lang Level 4.

"Mount Gui?" Chen Shuyang closed his eyes and frowned in deep thoughts. After thinking for a while in his mind, he suddenly opened his eyes and said uncertainly, "Could it be the Mount Gui I thought?"

Lou Fan didn't know which Mount Gui Chen Shuyang is thinking of, he just prepared to listen with a calm expression.

Jiang Dong took over the conversation and said, "I think it's probably the Mount Gui you think of." Then he recited the description from Shan Hai Jing (Classic of Mountains and Seas), “190 li (about 95km) to the west, it is called Mount Gui, where there are many jades but no stones. The god Qitong lives in it, whose voice sounded like a gong, and there are many snakes under it."

Chen Shuyang thought about it for a while, and then said, "But there are several Mount Gui recorded in the Classic of Mountains and Seas, and one of them is near the West Sea."

Jiang Dong: "That version of Mount Gui stated that there are no vegetation on the mountain but many jades, while this version of Mount Gui only said that there are many jades but no stones. It did not say that there is no vegetation[1]."

Chen Shuyang nodded, "That should be the case." Then he patted his head and wailed, "No way! That is to say, our mission this time is the mythical world?"

Lou Fan felt that he is no longer surprised. Probably if they get an interstellar world next time, he might still be a little surprised.

Qin Tan said in a deep voice, "Chen Shuyang, Jiang Dong, put together the information you know. Then, make a plan and list what we need to prepare."

The two nodded and sat together to write. Chen Shuyang only knows what he read in books and wrote down everything he knows. Jiang Dong is also familiar with the Classic of Mountains and Seas, so he naturally understands quite a bit, and finally, they made a plan.

They will be setting off in 3 days. Lou Fan looked at the time in the mission and sighed, "It's incredible to think that we are going to spend our new year in the mythical heavenly mountain."

Qin Tan stood beside Lou Fan with a cup of tea in his hand. They stood at the roof garden on the 2nd floor, admiring the sunset.

"Time flies pretty fast, it's soon New Year's Eve."

Lou Fan took a sip of hot tea and looked into the distance. Aware of the gaze beside him, he turned his head to look at Qin Tan and joked, "What's wrong? Did you suddenly realize that I'm handsome?"

Qin Tan shook his head. Just as Lou Fan is feeling depressed with the answer, he said, "I always thought you are handsome."

Lou Fan: "..."

How can this be sweeter than sweet nothings?!

Lou Fan held back the curve of smile that is threatening to split his mouth and said, "En, you're handsome too."

"Oh, I thought my figure is more attractive to your eyes?"

Hearing that, Lou Fan's heart skipped a beat and his eyes widened slightly. How did he know?!

Not wanting to scare Lou Fan away with more attacks, Qin Tan stopped the topic and talked about what to bring to the next mission world.

3 days soon came to pass.

At 9.00 am on December 30, the group of 5 people waited on the platform with their luggage. At 9:30 am, another group of people walked to the platform. The leader looked tall and strong and carried a very special weapon, a large chainsaw. It makes him look a bit like a chainsaw serial killer.

Seeing the man walking towards their team with a serious face, Qin Tan took 2 steps forward and blocked in front of Lou Fan. Just when they thought the man is going to do something, the man smiled widely, showing a row of big white teeth. Then the man started talking and a strong northeastern accent came out, "Bros, your mission is also at Mount Gui, right?"

Qin Tan nodded.

"Oh, that's great. Let's work together and we'll be able to complete the task smoothly." The man patted Qin Tan's shoulder in a very familiar way like they are good brothers.

Lou Fan saw the teammates behind the man covered their faces and pretended not to know him. This caused him to burst out laughing.

"This big brother, is your mission also at Mount Gui? Can you tell me the content of your mission?" Lou Fan walked up to Qin Tan and asked. He said his mission first, "Our mission is to collect 10 Longjing grasses, although we don't know what it is yet."

When the man with northeastern accent saw Lou Fan, he smiled even brighter, "Yo, this guy is really good-looking. My name is Zhang Zhang[2], and our mission is to kill 10 Chang snakes[3]."

Longjing grass grows in places where Chang snakes roam, so if their team followed the intermediate team, they will definitely find Longjing grass. Lou Fan smiled brighter and started to get along with the northeastern dude. The rest of the team heard it, and Wen Lang became friendlier as he began to get close to the other team.

The northeastern big brother has a cute name, and the personality is also open-minded so both sides began to communicate very harmoniously. After a chat, they obtained an overview of the team members.

All members are at Level 8. The team leader is Zhang Zhang, a strong man with a northeastern accent and his spirit weapon is a chainsaw, very domineering. Among the members is a short, chubby, and honest man named Fu Chun, who was a school cook, and his spirit weapon is a big shovel. The young girl is called You Xing, and her spirit weapon is a flower. There is also a pair of siblings, the elder sister is called Du Feng, and the younger brother is called Du Jun.

After half an hour of chat, Lou Fan realized that the team of cooperation this time is very friendly, and he has begun to look forward to the successful completion of this task.

At 10.00 am, the train arrived on time.

The conversation between the two parties is not finished yet but they got on the train and prepared to continue the conversation after 15 minutes (when they arrived at the mission world).

"Hope this mission goes well."

However, an inexplicable feeling hits Lou Fan the moment he stepped on the train and his heart beats faster. He had a bad premonition.

Raw word count: 10189 (whole chapter)


[1] Not sure if there are multiple version of Mount Gui in chinese record or the author is trying to create a new one but Banana only found 1 which is the one that says mountain full of jades, no vegetation
[2] In case you guys wanted to know, the characters for Zhang Zhang's name are different and not the same character repeated - 张章
[3] The literal translation means long snake but this is no common snake. It's a specific snake listed in Shan Hai Jing (Classic of Mountains and Seas) so I think the word Chang (means Long) should be called as a name instead of Long Snake. Here's a drawing of the snake.

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