In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 36 - Truck Brigade

“I am the representative of Shimoicho Masanari Academy, Tooru Saejima.”

“I am the representative of the Truck Brigade, Jin Hiiragi. Hearing your voice, I get the feeling that you are quite young?”

“Yes, I am a high school first year.”

“...You’re put together, huh. Are you certain that you’re fifteen?”

“Yes. more or less, zombie invasion was… Oh, we are calling the infected people zombies. Anyhow, there was no invasion.”

“I see. We are fourteen with four teams. Our present location is Mishimacho1.”

Mishimacho made him think of hot springs, which the town was famous for and was also often broadcasted on TV.

However, it was a few prefectures from here, in Shimoicho.

“Do you enjoy hot springs too?”

“Ha. No way. …However, the hygiene is starting to become a problem, so we should probably take a bath soon.”

“Certainly, bathing has also become a big problem for us here.”

“Well, men wouldn’t really say anything about it, but the women…”

“Hahaha. It’s the same here as well. So, what will we do?

“In case you need assistance, we will help you to the best of our abilities, but from what I have heard, it seems fine.”

“In the current situation. Well, we have a lot of problems. Fortunately, the electricity is still working, but we don’t know when it will be cut off. We are in need of a power generator right now. Also, a stable supply of food and water.”

“We need gasoline on our side. …Hey hey, don’t pull.”

“Did something happen?”

“No, hearing that we made contact with other survivors, the child is… Hey, let go.”

“Seems fun. …How about leaving this line connected and considering an exchange between us?”

“That’s a good idea. It might reduce the stress as well. Besides, it’s possible to exchange information too. Since the distance is far, don’t plan on going to you if you don’t need something, so let’s give this a shot.”

“Yes. …By the way, do you know how to take care of guns?”

“Since I am a police officer. I know more or less how to do it. Did you obtain one?”

“No, not yet, but we are going to go outside the school to procure supplies.”

“I see, watch out.”

“You as well, don’t slip on the snow. Then, let’s exchange information later on. We will be changing the person in charge.”


Hearing a sound after taking off the headset, he immediately heard the voice of a cheerful girl.


If he judged from the voice, she would be in early elementary school.

He decided to send Ryou to bring everyone and talked to the girl.

“You name?”

“Hmm, Misa is called Misa.”

What gibberish.

At any rate, it was someone called Misa.

“Misa. Glad to meet you. I am Tooru. How are you?”

“Well, because I haven’t taken a bath, I’m in a bad mood.”

“I see. We are here too.”

“Besides, everyone fights a lot. Jin stops them, but Brother Blonde and Brother Glasses only quarrel all the time.”

Apparently, among the fourteen people, there was a delinquent and an honest man, that fought about every little thing.

Moving in a truck all the time, it was natural to accumulate stress.

It was understandable that Jin left the line open and answered within two replies.

“How are you living?”

“Misa is following a news agency. There’s a big antenna at the top!”

Her voice awkwardly trying to explain was just like a child’s.

“And then, about Jin,


“Yeah. The driver. He likes music. He’s close with Jin.”

“Isn’t there any child of similar age to you?”

“Yeahh. But Sister Airi is fourteen. Other than her, everyone is an adult.”

“Is Sister Airi kind?”


He was glad that there was another child who could understand Misa.

It was then Miu came.

“I heard you had connected with other survivors…”

“Oh, yes. Do you want to change?”

“Yes. Please.”

He changed seats with Miu.

“Hello, I am called Miu Shimizu.”

“Sister Miu?”

Miu shook.

And, slowly, she urged Tooru to leave.

Tooru left the room while feeling puzzled.

Confirming that, Miu started communicating.

“I heard you connected… Hm?

He heard a voice for some reason.


It was like someone was singing.

Daiki opened the door with a paper saying it was the amateur radio club on it.

In there, an outrageous scene was playing out.

It was a girl’s singing voice.

“Wow! Amazing! You’re skilled!”


Was this really that Miu?

She didn’t have the usual calm expression, but a motherly one, and she was talking with a genuine smile.

“U-uh, Senior Miu… It’s you, right?”

Miu stiffened and abruptly stood up from the chair.

“Senior Miu…?”

Miu passed by Daiki and locked the door.

“You saw it…”


The intent to kill emanating from her was overwhelming enough to freeze his heart over.

“I-I didn’t see anything!”

However, Miu slowly approached him.

“R-really! Wai-, plea…”

His body collided with the wall.

It was a dead end.

Miu’s shadow grew larger.

“Forget it….”


Daiki’s yell reverberated throughout the school.

  1. Mishimacho is in Gifu prefecture, which is kind of near Nagoya. From Shimoicho, it’s about two hours by car.

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