Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 363 - Childhood Sweetheart (13)

Because Su Rui frequently picked Su Wan up after school, he naturally got to know the people in the courtyard house after a while. Because he had a pretty good background, Su Rui was able to buy a lot of candies and crackers for the children within the courtyard house every now and then. The neighbors in the house gradually found out that Su Family had a wealthy relative.

Though Su Rui was Qin Fang’s relative, Liu Li also felt really proud. Especially when Su Rui had brought a bottle of branded perfume from Hong Kong. Ever since, Liu Li treated Su Rui enthusiastically. She also treated Su Wan better and better.

Su Guoliang sighed in relief, seeing his family being harmonious.

Su Qingmei was the only one unhappy. In her past life, she had gotten such a tragic ending because of Gao Yu. She was unable to convince herself to get along with Gao Yu calmly. Therefore, she would try her best to avoid him whenever he came to the Su Family. She’d go to the courtyard or play on the streets.

Su Qingmei wanted to look for Xie Changan but he hadn’t been out of his house recently, for whatever reason. She didn’t dare to visit the family without reason so she kept on walking back and forth in front of Xie Family’s door.


A handsome man suddenly walked out and smiled, greeting Su Qingmei.

“Teacher Xie!”

Su Qingmei saw Ye Kanhuan and greeted sweetly.

“Little Qingmei, why are you here?”

Ye Kanhuan asked warmly. “Did you want to play with your brother Changan?”


Su Qingmei nodded firmly. “I haven’t seen brother Changan for a few days. Is he sick? I’m quite worried for him.”

“Ah, you’re a good child!”

Ye Kanhuan patted the female lead’s head and exclaimed, “Here. I’ll take you to your brother Changan.”

Ye Kanhuan held Su Qingmei’s hands and led her to the Xie Family.

Xie and Su Family were both from ordinary workers backgrounds. However, Xie Family’s house was a bit bigger than the Su Family’s. Xie Changan also had a wide room.

In their past life, Su Qingmei and Su Wan had come to this room many times. But this was her first time coming to his room in this life. At this time, Xie Changan had just finished the problems left by Ye Kanhuan. He was spinning his pen and thinking about going to look for Su Wan on the weekend when he heard the door opening.

“Uncle, I finished...Qingmei?”

Xie Changan thought that Ye Kanhuan was back originally but he turned to see the young Su Qingmei. She was blinking her charming big eyes and standing by the door shyly.

“Qingmei, why are you here?”

Xie Changan’s gaze suddenly brightened. “Did your sister bring you here? Where’s Su Wan?”

Su Wan, Su Wan.

Su Qingmei’s gaze dimmed before she started laughing. “Brother Changan is looking for my sister? She’s doing homework with my cousin in her room. It takes her a long time to finish everyday. I can’t even play with her now. Cousin is the worst!”

Gao Yu again...

Xie Changan pursed his lips. “Tomorrow’s the weekend. My uncle is taking me to play in the park. Do you and your sister want to come along?”

“Sure! I love going to row the boat!”

Su Qingmei clapped her hands happily.

“Okay, then it’s deal. Tomorrow at eight in the morning, I’ll be waiting for you guys outside of your house.”

Xie Changan couldn’t help but smile seeing that Su Qingmei agreed.

Su Rui and Song Yang were already waiting there when Xie Changan and Ye Kanhuan arrived on the second day.

“Gao Yu, isn’t he the boy from the other day?”

Song Yang had a great memory. When he saw Xie Changan, he smiled and whispered in Su Rui’s ears. “No wonder you refuse to play ball with me, and want to go to the park. You’re such a great mother. You must want to protect your little sister 24/7!”

Su Rui was speechless.

If he could, he really didn’t mind protecting her 24/7.

Not too long later, the sisters came out. Girls all love being beautiful, even if they were just lolis. Before leaving to play, they’d make sure to dress themselves up first.


Seeing the huge safflower on top of Su Wan’s head, the corner of Su Rui’s lips twitched. Su Wan, you must’ve done this on purpose right?


Ye Kanhuan also saw Su Wan’s outfit. Su Wan, you sure know how to grab attention! I can’t even pretend like I don’t see you.

Compared to Su Wan’s tackiness, the little Su Qingmei had her hair pulled up and she wore a red wool yarn dress. It made her look really cute as she blinked her big eyes.

“Oh my! Little loli!”

Seeing such a cute loli, Song Yang immediately took out a lollipop from his pocket and smiled. “Here, call me big brother and I’ll give you candy!”

Su Qingmei was speechless.

Is there something wrong with you?

Ignoring Song Yang’s lollipop, Su Qingmei ran to Xie Changan happily, pulling his hands happily.

Song Yang didn’t know what to say.

Damn. The lolis now don’t like to eat lollipops? This didn’t make sense!

“Everyone’s here, let’s go!”

Ye Kanhuan waved his hands and exclaimed, “Your brothers need to take care of your sisters. Changan, hold Qingmei’s hands and don’t let her run around. Gao Yu, you do the same for Su Wan. Let’s go!”

Song Yang was ignored once again.

There were three big parks within C City. The closest park to Su Wan’s family was Nanhu Park. The park still collects fees. It was two yuan per person. Of course, children get to go in for free.

Ye Kanhuan originally wanted to pay for the fee. After all, he was the adult within this group. Cough. Although besides Song Yang, they were all pretending to be children.

Our Master Song finally got to show off at the door. He took out a paper pill and exclaimed, “Don’t bother looking for change! The rest is your tip.”

The employee at the park: ...

Everyone else: Don’t look at us. We don’t know this clown!

It was approaching autumn. The reed by the lake was the height of a person. There were many people riding boats in the center of the lake. Ye Kanhuan purposely rented three boats and the arranged Xie Changan and Su Qingmei in one while Su Rui and Su Wan had gotten on the other one. Then, he rowed the last boat by himself.

Song Yang: ...

“Cough, um...Teacher Xie?”

Song Yang looked at Ye Kanhuan gloomily. “Qingmei and Changan are still so young. Are you sure they can ride a boat alone?”

You must be joking!


“You’re right too.”

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