Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 37.2: Requesting for Ling Xiao~

Trigger Warning: contains rape and gore. There is a page jump if you want to skip.

Chapter 37 Part 2

Meanwhile, in a corner of the illusion of the ghost labyrinth, Ye Jingzhi flipped his palm to retrieve Wu Xiang Qing Li. The female ghost’s clone was already beaten until its figure dissipated. Ye Jingzhi was about to go and look for Xi Jia when the scenery in front of him suddenly changed dramatically. He paused in his steps and calmly looked at this bustling and lively train station.

Xi Jia stood in the train station where people came and went. The people around him couldn’t see him. Each and every one of them passed through his body. He wasn’t flustered at all and merely regarded this as another illusion. He looked around and quickly discovered that this was the train station he and Master Ye had been to before.

There wasn’t any difference between the crowded stream of people and Xi Jia’s impression. An outdated train came from the distance, and a group of people got off.

The amount of time this train had stopped here seemed to be a bit longer than usual. Xi Jia calmly watched at the side and seriously observed everyone because anyone of them could be that malicious ghost. However a moment later, a wail came from behind him. When he turned his head to look, he hadn’t seen the situation clearly when he saw a thin figure quickly walking over.

“Are you okay, grandpa?”

“I-I’m fine. It seems like I just twisted my leg a bit.”

“I’ll help you up, don’t worry.”

“T-thank you girl, you’re such a nice young lady……”

“You’re welcome, I’ll help you to sit over there, okay?”

Xi Jia moved to the side to let the two through. He watched the young lady support the white-haired old man to the lobby of the train station. All of a sudden, his mind stirred. When their figures were about to fade away, he raised his legs and followed.

Human trafficking happened too suddenly.

The old grandpa who was still weak a moment ago suddenly pushed away the young lady. Two crass men swarmed in from the sides and pushed the young lady into a dilapidated van. The van left in the direction of the mountain. One old and two young men had sold the girl for 5,000 yuan, drove the van away, and left happily.

Xi Jia saw the familiar village and immediately realized what this illusion was about.

In fact, Xi Jia had long guessed that this female ghost might have been trafficked into the mountain village. He just didn’t know how she had died in the end before becoming a malicious ghost.

When he saw the fourteen young girls who were buried alive in a coffin at Yuanjia Village, everything became clear. If those girls were people of the village, who would bury their own daughters alive? These girls were definitely not from Yuanjia village, and they could only be bought from outside.

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Those fourteen girls were the wives that Yuanjia Village had bought. The female ghost had been sold to Lijia Village. Her husband consisted of four men, a family of brothers. In this impoverished mountain village, 5,000 yuan was extremely expensive. A family could only gather enough money in a lifetime to buy one girl. So this girl became the joint wife of four brothers.

When she woke up, the girl couldn’t believe it and wanted to escape. Her husbands at first dearly loved her and felt that her soft skin shouldn’t be hit. Later, the girl caused trouble for a few days, and the four brothers no longer spoiled her. That night, they locked the room, and the four of them took turns with her.

In the dirty and stinking room, the delicate and pretty girl was bare from head to toe. She laid on the bed, blankly looking at the ceiling. Tears flowed down uncontrollably from the corners of her eyes. She didn’t cry out loud, only blankly looking at the dark and filthy roof. She already couldn’t cry out anymore.

The following days consisted of being taken in turn by these four brothers. If she didn’t listen, she would get beaten. The girl was really too disobedient. She never gave up on the thought of escaping. Finally, she escaped the village with great difficulty. Not long after, the people of Lijia Village all caught up. The people in the whole village joined up and grabbed her back. This time, the four brothers broke her two legs.

These sort of days past for an entire three years.

Xi Jia didn’t know how he continued to watch. There were many times when he couldn’t bear to watch and ran outside of the house. However, the sounds inside would transmit to his ears. At first, the girl would try hard to resist, cry, and make noise. Later, she took it silently when she was being raped, allowing these four brothers to defile her body.

“If it’s such a person, the resentment would definitely soar when they die. It’s no wonder she has become such a malicious ghost……” Xi Jia whispered softly.

“Only like this?” A hoarse female voice sounded next to Xi Jia.

He subconsciously punched over. After seeing who had come clearly, he suddenly withdrew his hand.

He saw the young girl who was covered in blue and purple bruises and wearing clothes that didn’t cover her body. Half and hour ago, she was being raped by the second husband. Now, she had wrapped clothes around her body, walked out of the house, and sat next to him.

Three years had past. She already was no longer fair and pretty. Her face was yellow or black. Her eyes had lost their spirit and was like still, stagnant water. She turned to look at Xi Jia. She hugged her legs with a numb expression and said, “No need to look at me. You won’t let me kill those bastards so I’m telling you why I want to kill them. No matter how they treat me, I can handle it. I hate them. Hate them so much that there wasn’t a moment I didn’t want to eat their flesh and drink their blood. However for three years, I counted the days. Three years ago, I didn’t kill them. Three years later, I still only wanted to run away and didn’t want to kill people directly.”

Xi Jia looked at the female ghost in shock. He didn’t have the time to ask when the third oldest of the four brothers came back. He passed through Xi Jia’s body and kicked the girl to the ground. He directly tore apart her clothes and started doing it. The girl didn’t utter a sound, but she looked at Xi Jia with a side-long glance and said on repeat, “It should be roughly today. You should see it soon……”

Xi Jia said, “What will I see?”

The girl smiled. This was her time smiling in three years, but it was even more unsightly than crying. She didn’t answer Xi Jia’s question. Instead, she looked at the beam of the house and muttered as if she was possessed by the devil, “You’ll see it soon, they’re coming……You’ll see it very soon……”

When the girl spoke, the rough man who was moving above her body didn’t seem to hear or see Xi Jia sitting to the side.

Without giving Xi Jia a lot of time to ponder, a mournful voice sounded not far away a few minutes later, “Little Fei! Little Fei!”

A middle-aged man over fifty came over in large strides and pushed the rough man on the girl’s body away. He punched the man again and again. The other woman whose hair had completely turned white ran forward while crying. She pulled the girl up from the ground and tightly hugged her, painfully crying out, “Little Fei, my Little Fei, my Little Fei……”

The woman cried so painfully and uncontrollably. In her warm embrace, the girl’s eyes gradually got brighter.

It turned out that half a year ago, a group of human traffickers were arrested. They had confessed information on many of the girls who had been kidnapped to lessen their sentence. This couple had already aged until they’re full of wrinkles and grayed hair. After they had found their daughter, they kept on hugging her, not letting her leave again.

The police took the couple to Lijia Village to find their daughter. However, after being found, how could the four brothers let her leave?

When those four brothers found out that these two people were surprisingly the girl’s parents, they actually weren’t afraid of feeling guilty. Instead, they thickened their faces and called out “dad and mom.” Their ages were only a few years younger than this couple. They were already over 50 years old. No matter how the couple cursed them, they still called out “dad and mom” without changing.

Even if the police was there, they couldn’t take their daughter away.

Holding onto all sorts of farming tools, everyone in the village surrounded and blocked them from taking their own daughter away. The four brothers even said that the girl was already pregnant with their child. If they wanted to take her away, they could after giving them a few ten thousand yuan and the child was born.

How could the couple agree?

“We can give the money, but the child can’t be born. Absolutely not!”

The people of Lijia Village surrounded them. Among them, there were actually some women in their 30’s or 40’s holding hoes and blocking in front of the car. Xi Jia widened his eyes, firmly staring at these women. He knew that these women had also come here after being kidnapped and sold. However, they each surprisingly spat saliva, spitting on the girl’s numb face and hooting, “That is your child. You heartless slut, you have to give birth!”

Two police officers were completely unable to respond to these wrathful and unreasonable people. The girl was also taken by them. The couple was struck until they were chased out of the village by the villagers. Life or death, they wouldn’t leave.

“If we can’t take Little Fei away, we’ll die right here!”

The couple stayed at Lijia Village for four days. The people of Lijia Village were united wholeheartedly and wouldn’t let them enter, holding onto their farming tools and guarding the entrance every day and night. Several tens of villagers and several women who were also trafficked and had been trafficked for many years took their children born in Lijia Village and glared at the couple.

On the fifth day, the police kept on saying that they would leave first. After they had gone back, they would think of a way. However, the couple suddenly heard their daughter’s cries of suffering. The four brothers were so angry and raped her inside the house. She loudly yelled, “Mom! Mom! Mom, save me! Save me!”

The aged mother couldn’t hold it anymore. She jumped off the car and broke into the village as she wailed.

The villagers never thought that this woman would be unafraid of death and charged over. They were startled and they moved to the side. The woman had rushed into the village and pushed away the two men leaning over her daughter’s body. She hurriedly hugged her daughter tight. Her father also couldn’t hold it anymore. He rushed out of the car and ran into the house, saying that he had to take his daughter away no matter what. However, they had just gotten to the door when they were blocked by the villagers.

“She’s my daughter, she has to go with us. We’ll give you money. Three years ago, I sold the house to find my daughter. I still have 50,000 yuan left. I’ll give it all to you, all for you!”

The villagers’ eyes flashed with a glimmer of light. An older man stepped forward and stretched out ten fingers, “100,000.”1

The couple widened their eyes and tightly hugged their daughter, “O-okay! 100,000!”

How could the four brothers comply, “Give birth to the child, want the child, give birth to the child!”

The mother immediately turned around and glared with glowering eyes, “Give birth for you? Bastard, don’t even think about it!”

The couple took their daughter and walked out the door. Xi Jia watched this scene at a loss. Suddenly, he widened his eyes and subconsciously called out, “Watch……” out.


The second eldest of the four brothers was holding a kitchen knife and directly hacked onto the girl’s mother’s head.

“Old bastards! Laozi, pei! Kill them, they have money on them!”

Upon hearing this, several villagers charged up with their hoes raised and smashed down on the dying woman’s body. The girl’s father was so frightened that his entire body trembled. He loudly cursed, “Do you even have any law?” Next, countless sickles slashed at his body. Seventy or eighty villagers had rushed up. No one knew which cut was the finishing blow which killed the couple. Their daughter sat on the ground, staring blankly as she watched her parents being chopped into minced meat.

The two police officers hurriedly rushed over and wanted to save them, but it was already too late. Lijia Village threw out a young girl who was also similarly trafficked and simply said that it was this girl who had killed those two people. The girl trembled in bewilderment. Afterwards, one group of police arrived one after another. They were barely able to arrest the four brothers, but they couldn’t confront this group of dauntless villagers.

The people of the neighboring Yuanjia Village had all come. They sat in Lijia Village in confrontation with the government——

At worst, it would be death. Kill more than a hundred people of their two villages!

The four brothers were arrested that night. The girl sat at the doorway. She lifted her head to look at the moonlight in the sky and softly said, “Say, should I or should I not kill them? Should I……or should I not!”

From start to finish, Xi Jia finally placed everything into full view. His lips opened and closed. He wanted to say something, but he was unable to say a single word. His throat was dry like it was set on fire.

That night, Xi Jia never thought that after the kinds of things that had just happened, a boorish man from Yuanjia Village actually slipped into the four brothers’ house under the cover of night. He pressed the girl to the ground and raped her. As the girl was being raped, she said in a tranquil voice to Xi Jia, “He is the first person I killed from Yuanjia Village. He has no money so he can’t get a wife.”

It turned out to be Old Man Yuan’s cousin’s son.

That night, it was the man’s first time experiencing the taste of a woman. He tossed and turned the girl, done her three times, and toyed with her until she was covered in blood before wiping his mouth in satisfaction and left. The girl laid on the bed. After a while, she climbed off of the bed, slowly crawled next to the table, and grabbed the kitchen knife on it.

Xi Jia suddenly understood how this female ghost had died. However, he never would’ve thought that the female ghost didn’t commit suicide in one stab. Instead, she started to cut apart the flesh on her body one slice at a time!

All of the blood in her body flowed down. She kept on cutting her own flesh and giggled as if she was crazy, “After I die, I’ll kill you, kill you……I will kill you all……kill you all!”

The flesh was being sliced off, and the ghastly white bone was exposed. Probably after cutting off a hundred slices, this girl didn’t actually die from pain. Instead, she had died of blood loss.

Next, it was a massacre.

The people of Yuanjia Village had all returned to their village, and Lijia Village was exterminated in a single night.

The 89th gravestone had been pressed down onto Lijia Village’s burial mound by the malicious ghost, directly facing the place where her parents had died as if wanting these people in the graves to repent and apologize.

The sky suddenly brightened.

Xi Jia’s eyes were dry. He turned to look at the rising sun. Before he could see it clearly, the illusion was broken with a loud rumble. Everything had come to an end all of a sudden.

A pair of warm arms wrapped around pulled him into an embrace. Xi Jia slowly raised his head. After seeing the other clearly, he said with a rough voice, “Master Ye……”

Ye Jingzhi anxiously checked to see if there was any wounds on Xi Jia’s body. After he found no injuries, he sighed in relief, and only then did he become aware that he was actually holding his wife. The tips of his ears became red. Master Ye quickly let go of his hands, turned his face away, and said, “This malicious ghost’s cultivation is very deep. I spent a lot of effort to break the illusion of its ghost labyrinth. Are you okay?”

Xi Jia gently shook his head, “I’m fine.”

No one spoke again. After a long time, Xi Jia couldn’t help but ask, “Master Ye……did you see that illusion?”

Ye Jingzhi was silent. After a long time, he nodded, “En, I saw.”

The two turned their heads together and saw the female ghost who was still trapped inside the barrier and couldn’t rush out and massacre Yuanjia Village. Xi Jia felt his heart being weighed down by a huge stone. He tightly grasped his fingers and walked forward, “We know what you want to say. You are very pitiful, but don’t you know that you have been blinded by hatred?”

The female ghost had been trying hard to break through the barrier. After hearing this, it turned its head and bitterly smiled as it asked back, “Could it be that they don’t deserve to die?”

Xi Jia’s gaze became cold, “Among the 89 people of Lijia Village, there were several who had been trafficked like you. Could it be that they deserved to die?”

The female ghost said in anger, “They gave birth to their own children. They can’t even leave this place in their entire lifetime. They also don’t want me to leave and even killed my parents! In order to find me, my parents had aged so much in three years and even because of me……because of me! Because of me, they died in this kind of place. The law doesn’t blame the many. Why can’t they all die? I want them all to die!!!”

“Then, what about the girl who they pushed out to take the blame?”

The female ghost simply ignored him, “They should all die, they should all die!”

Translator’s Addition:
Mirror: I’ve finally found my wife~ 【rushes over and hugs him】
C+: 【doesn’t blush but still…】Master Ye……

Translator’s Notes:
1 There’s an increment of 10,000 in China. So with the ten fingers, he’s saying ten 10,000s which equals 100,000.

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