Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 379 - Devils in the Abyss(11)

The fighting lasted until late at night in Beike City. At a town outside the city, Su Wan and Su Rui were both busy with their own things. Su Rui had been adjusting his breathing while Su Wan was bustling around in the kitchen. She purchased some low-level magic beasts in the morning and she used them for experiments. The rest were dumped into the pot as food.

Mn. No matter what, they were going to eat well today.


Su Wan was cooking when Su Rui suddenly darted into the kitchen. “Wife, I can feel Ding Jiajia and Frank’s auras.”

“Oh? They’re back that quickly!”

Su Wan’s gaze flickered. She smiled and walked out of the kitchen. “Su Rui, go check out the courtyard. I set up the magic base.”


Su Rui nodded and quickly walked out. Meanwhile, Su Wan took out a magic scroll from her arms. She wrote them all up herself. It was a necessity for setting up the magic base.

After silently chanting the spell, Su Wan placed the magic scrolls away. A star-shaped magic base faintly appeared before completely vanishing in the yard.

Seeing the magic base disappear, Su Wan smiled a proud smile. She took out the magic drugs that were successfully experimented on and then sprinkled them into the magic base.

Overlaying of the magic base: perfect!

Rumble, rumble.

Along with the loud shaking, the Infernal Demon King gradually appeared in front of the town. The magic demons all got out of its way.

Right now, the Infernal Demon King was cupping an unconscious person in its arm. It was Ding Jiajia!

“What happened?”

Su Rui’s gaze landed on Frank. His robe was now teared into pieces and there were still bloodstains not yet dry on the corner of his lips.

“I...Jiajia, she…”

Frank stumbled on his words. He jumped off the Infernal Demon King’s back and then held Ding Jiajia in his arms.

“Jiajia had become like this because of me. I, I’m sorry. I’m actually…”

“Sh, come inside first.”

Su Rui cut off Frank and then instructed him to carry Ding Jiaija inside the courtyard. Frank nodded and carried Ding Jiajia inside. The moment he did, a glaring white glow lit up.

This was…


Frank exclaimed in pain but he didn’t let go of Ding Jiajia.

“You guys…”

After the piercing pain, Frank found out that he couldn’t move at all. In addition, he couldn’t use his magic either. He couldn’t even order the Infernal Demon King!

This...could this be the legendary forbidden magic base?

Frank widened his eyes and glanced at Su Rui and Su Wan. “You guys...could you guys be…”

“Stop acting. Time for you to die!”

Su Rui scuttled to Frank and while he was still shocked, he slowly withdrew his sword, slashing it down.

At the last second, Su Wan who had been controlling the magic base silently chanted again and Su Rui froze in place.

“Stop acting. Time for you to die!”

The same words, the same tone.

Ding Jiajia who was supposed to be unconscious in Frank’s arms suddenly opened her eyes. She smiled and took out a dagger eluding magic aura and stabbed Su Rui’s chest accurately.

Goodbye, executioner!

They actually...knew?

“Su Rui” wore a faint smile. “Mission enforcers, there’s more to it than meets the eyes.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Ding JIajia smiled and pulled the dagger out. Seeing the fresh blood on the dagger, she smiled and licked it. “Really? I had to personally kill my adonis. Unfortunate. I didn’t even get to have some intimate moments with my adonis yet.”

“Ding Jiajia, do you want to die?”

Su Wan’s face was pale as she stared coldly at Ding Jiajia.


“I’m joking, joking.”

Ding Jiajia tossed her dagger down right away and stared innocently at Su Wan.

His body was slowly turning transparent. When an executioner received a fatal hit, he would be forced to leave the time-space and then he wouldn’t be able to enter for a really long time.

He thought he was perfect. At least, from the memories he received, he thought he had done a perfect job playing the role.

Of course, the only thing he did wrong was that he wasn’t used to being too intimate with people.


“You’re not him so even if you have his appearance and his memories, you’re still not him.”

Su Wan’s expression turned worse. This was because she had depleted all her magic energy in order to support the overlaying of the magic base.

Demons usually had low magic energy.


The executioner smiled a conflicted smile. “I’m quite envious of you guys. I can tell you guys have a great relationship and...he is very strong.”

Saying this, the executioner’s expression was a bit distorted.

He had never seen such a strong man. When he killed Frank in the soul death purgatory, he planned on transforming into him so that he could kill Ding Jiajia. But during that time, the time-space alarm rang again. It was then that he found out another mission enforcer entered the space and was most likely Ding Jiajia’s helper. He had no choice but to teleport to Beike City first. At that time, Su Wan had entered the mission world while Su Rui was just connecting.

Obviously, the executioner chose Su Rui who hadn’t entered the world completely yet. He planned on attacking Su Rui’s soul and then using his identity to raid Su Wan, and then look for Ding Jiajia. The best plan was getting rid of them all one by one.

But who knew that Su Rui had such powerful spiritual power!

While fighting for Su Rui’s body, the executioner’s soul was heavily damaged. In the end, he had to use his protection talisman to reluctantly cut off the connection with Su Rui.

Therefore, from the start, Su Rui hadn’t entered the world. But while fighting for Su Rui’s body, the executioner had accepted some of Su Rui’s memories.

There was only one person in Su Rui’s memory and that was Su Wan.


All his memories revolved around that woman. While accepting the memories, the executioner was incredibly shocked.

It was a miracle that Su Rui remembered every single thing with Su Wan. Therefore, the executioner was able to play the role of Su Rui without Su Wan noticing…

But because the two people were too familiar with one another, Su Wan naturally noticed General Su’s strangeness.

This Su Rui gave Su Wan a strange feeling. After she successfully met up with Ding Jiajia, she felt his difference more and more.

After understanding the executioner’s power, Su Wan thought of a possibility.

Could the executioner be playing the role of Su Rui?

But shouldn’t the executioner be after Frank? How come she had to give up Frank to pretend to be Su Rui?

The legendary executioner was really powerful. If he pretended to be Su Rui, why didn’t he do anything to her?

Plus, Frank had the face of an adonis and was eluding an unnatural temperament. There were also many strange things about him...

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