End of World Businessman

Chapter 37.3: The Black Market [3]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 37.3: The Black Market [3]

"Don't let Qian Xin sing in front of you, otherwise you will regret it." Therefore, Qin Wuhua kindly gave his advice to the team members.

However, this was overheard by Qian Xin; since after he had awakened the wind ability, his ears had become very sensitive. So, he pouted and whispered to himself.

“Chief is so mean. My singing is just a little bit out of tune, it's not as bad as what he said... It’s all Yang Qi’s fault, I’ll teach him a lesson after we go back tonight. "

Poor Yang Qi didn't know that his casual words would be the cause of his agony in the upcoming days. In the future, when he reminisced about this, he would slap his mouth for its recklessness: dare you to talk, dare you to talk!

"Brother, look at my watch. This is Omelika's new model in 2012, its plate is coated with platinum and 18K rose gold. Its price should be around more than 5 million before the end of the world. Furthermore, this watch is 80% new. If you like it, I will sell it to you at a cheaper price. " A man stood right before him with a watch in hand.

Wu Ye took a look. It wasn’t like he was new to branded watches. But sure enough, he had never heard of this Omelika brand. Its shape had resemblance to Patek Philippe's 5102PR. What’s more, even the design of the sapphire cover and the operation of the celestial body were very similar. It was truly an exquisite piece of work. The only part that was markedly different was the price: it was twice the price for 5102PR.

"Now such good things are rare in Lancheng, I promise..." The man seemed to be a pro at selling, adeptly appraising and showcasing the value of his goods.

To Wu Ye, the likes of him were a dime a dozen. So, he impatiently cut his words. "Tell me directly how much do you want?"

"You see this watch is so new, and I have only worn it a few times since I bought it. So, I'll sell it to you cheap... just 30,000 translucent crystals." He thought the young man before him was wet behind the ears and wanted to fleece him.

To his surprise, Wu Ye directly thrust the watch back into his hands and leveled his gaze at him. “WTF, you obviously picked this from a zombie!”

"What?! Where is the zombie? If you can't afford it, don't talk nonsense!" Otherwise, I will beat you… However, before he could even say the last part, the stall owner was forced to swallow it back when he saw Qin Wuhua’s frosty expression as he stood beside Wu Ye imposingly.

Lan Cheng base had over a thousand ability users. Even so, everyone still heard about the strongest of them. So, although Qin Wuhua didn’t know those people, many knew that he was one of the four level three ability users of Lan Cheng. Furthermore, some even speculated that he was the most powerful thunder ability user in the base currently.

The stall owner, who was trying to one up just then, obviously knew Qin Wuhua. He knew when he had to advance and retreat, so despite his dissatisfaction, took back the watch and said nothing more.

Actually, Wu Ye was right. This watch was indeed taken off the wrist of a zombie today. Not only was there a famous watch on that zombie’s hand, but he also wore several rings with gemstones. Thinking of his rare good luck today, the stall owner’s mood immediately turned better.

Wu Ye was too lazy to deal with him and simply turned to the next stall.

"Brother, look at my clothes. They are all brand new. Not only that, there are many variety, available for men, women and children. Furthermore, they’re all cheap!" A young man in his twenties greeted them enthusiastically.

When Wu Ye examined him, he noticed that the young man seemed like a decent lad. Not only that, his wares were neatly stacked in a transparent plastic bag giving a clear idea about its quality. And when Wu Ye looked closely, he found that the boy was telling the truth: they’re all indeed brand new.

"Where did you get these from? Can I open them?" Wu Ye asked.

"Take a look. We brought these goods from Qingmin County. A dozen brothers died over it." The young stallholder sighed. He was quite forthright and just told them everything.

Qing Min County was the closest county to Lan Cheng. It usually took a three hours drive under normal circumstances. And while everyone knew this province was home to many good things and hence was the most sought after place, the zombies there were also the most ferocious and equally cruel. Therefore, despite the temptation, who knows just how many could get them?

According to the young man’s story, this time his group had gone there with more than 30 people. But when they had just reached the suburbs of the province, more than a dozen people had perished. They had only managed to scavenge a clothing store before they had to leave since they were unable to endure the zombies’ attack any longer.

Therefore, their only yield was the clothes. His group then divided it among the surviving 20 people with each of them getting 30 pieces; all of which were down jackets and thick cotton coats for winter that were manufactured before the apocalypse.

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