End of World Businessman

Chapter 37.4: The Black Market [4]

Author: He Feng Yang

Translator: HeXie  

Editor: Larkspur

Chapter 37.4: The Black Market [4]

It was prudent to hoard them and sell them during the winter for a higher price, just like everyone else was planning. However, his sister was ill, and he urgently needed money to treat her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have ventured to the province to begin with. The harvest of this trip was a lot less than he’d expected. His only recourse was to sell the goods first to relieve the urgency.

Since the quality of the clothes looked pretty good, Wu Ye decided to ask the price, "How much are these clothes for? If it’s cheap, I will buy them all." They’d be entering September, and it would be cold in a few days. These clothes would come in handy and even make a few quick bucks.

The young stall owner didn't expect to encounter a big customer, and he brightened up. He was in a hurry to sell the stuff up due to his sister’s condition, so after thinking over it for a moment, he set the price. "No matter the size, I’ll only sell them for 50 pieces of transparent crystal a piece."

Fifty crystals were the amount of money for people to buy two pounds of pork, and foods were more important to people than clothes. Besides, while these down jackets and cotton coats weren’t branded goods, their quality was still okay, so they shouldn’t have been sold at this price.

When the apocalypse occurred during winter, no one cared about their clothes at the time, too busy trying to keep their life. And last year, they didn’t care about clothes or how cold it was; they still were more concerned with filling up their stomachs. Besides, since most of them were out to kill zombies, it was given that their clothes would get torn a lot. So, few people would pay attention to their clothes, much less winter clothing.

Nonetheless, over time, some of the hunters managed to accumulate some wealth, so it was not easy to predict what would happen this winter.

Wu Ye looked at Yang Li Na and nodded slightly towards him and said, "Okay, the price you offer is acceptable, I will take them.”

"Good!" The young stall owner then hurriedly showcased the clothes to Wu Ye. There were 36 winter clothes in total, which means he’d need to pay 1800 crystals in total. Wu Ye grabbed a few crystals from the hiking backpack and handed it to Yang Li Na to let her settle the bill with the stall owner.

"Thank you, brother. My name is Peng Zijun. Can we be friends?" Peng Zijun had a fairly discernible eye. He had recognized Wu Ye as the guy who shot the special guard during the siege. Once, he happened to be fighting near Wu Ye and saw the amazing scene of him sweeping the zombies with a heavy machine gun. To date, he had never figured out how his small body could completely control the heavy machine gun with its heavy recoil. Therefore, his image was imprinted on his mind. After all, extremely outstanding figures were difficult to be forgotten.

"Wu Ye."

The Second Young Master Wu didn’t snub the boy. Moreover, he even proactively reached out to shake hands with him. But suddenly another hand held Peng Zijun's in a thunderous manner.

Who else would it be but- Qin Wuhua!

"H-h-hello, hello." Peng Zijun stammered, starry-eyed.

God, the legendary level three thunder ability user! After I go back tonight, I will never wash my hands! [ED: He’s cute XD]

Wu Ye gave Qin Wuhua a strange look, but the other only calmly diverted his attention to something else. "There seems to be someone selling tablets, do you want to go over and see?"

"Uh-huh!" Hearing his sentence, the Second Young Master Wu's little doubt was left behind in an instant. After all, since he had given the little prince to Wu Li, he had never played a Star Wars game. So, right now his hand was a bit itchy for some games.

When the Second Young Master Wu wasn’t looking, Yang Qi gave Qin Wuhua a vague look. However, Qin Wuhua only gave him a warning look. Thus, Yang Qi could only touch his nose sorrowfully and raised his hands up. He knew nothing about a man with a crush.

To even get jealous of a small stallholder… he could only secretly say that Qin Wuhua’s ‘Good Days’ had yet to arrive in his heart.

"Have you installed games on your tablets?"

There were ten tablets in the stall, but they were all old goods, and the quality was nothing new to the little prince. The model was also an older model than the little prince. It was a second generation AI model made by Qing Yu.

The young stall owner was very indifferent and directly picked three sets and handed them to Wu Ye. The latter then opened each one and looked at it.

They all had one common thing: there were no complete games on these tablets. And only one of them has Wu Ye ’s favorite Star Wars game. Since he was well-versed in it, he decided to test it for a while. The game ran without a hitch. There was no problem with the device itself, it’s the Q version of the game. However, the little AI was a little dull and would only move when it was given a command. It was not as humanized as the little prince who would actively communicate with its owner.

"How much will one of this cost? I want all of them, so make it cheaper."

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