In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 37 - Eco-Friendly Generation Method

Being able to speak to survivors other than themselves gave the high schoolers at the school much enthusiasm.

It was like a thread was dangling before them in this hellish world.

Therefore, they were naturally desperate to maintain the radio and think about how to generate electricity.

“Therefore, I want to think about how to generate electricity. For the time being, I am planning on securing a private power generator for emergencies during this expedition, but we can’t rely on it forever.”

The electricity was running for now, but it would probably stop at some point.

Having that said, they couldn’t build a power station either.

They should start making things now, and make things that don’t use fuel.

“Then, isn’t natural energy fine?”

“Water power wouldn’t be enough from the river.”

“Sunlight… We don’t have any panels, huh.”

“Meaning, wind power generation, I guess?”

Wind power generation.

It wasn’t used a lot in Japan because of the lack of flat land.

However, if they only needed to connect the radio, then only a small amount was enough.

“It takes time to make a power generation, so even if we make something else as a substitute for now, just how do we make a wind power generation?”

“There might be no other option than making it from the iron plate in the technology room. That makes it a little hard.”

“Would something like a frying pan or some kind of bowl be impossible?”

“It might be tough, but let’s try it first. Let’s try water power and wind power. Then, Senior Takumi, Senior Kazuma, and Senior Jun should try processing the iron plate. Senior Shouda and Senior Rei, and I will try with the bowl. Ryou and Daiki will look for something that could work as a dynamo. Senior Seiji and Tsubasa will make the water wheel.”

“Huh? What about the girls?”

Daiki said, looking around.

There were only boys in the wide conference room.

“...They are all communicating with the radio.”

Takumi answered with an unpleasant expression.

“What does Misa like to eat?”

“Hmm, omurice!”

A high-pitched voice answered cheerfully.

Next was a question from Hazumi.

“T-then, what do you dislike to eat?”

“Hmm, tomatoes, and bell peppers… but Misa eats everything!”

The high-pitched voice sounded cheerfully again.


Yuuki looked at the group of high-pitched cheerful voices and felt as if she was looking at a group of aliens.

“A dynamo is?”

“ Let me see, a dynamo is…”

In the other direction, Ryou and Rei who had remained in the conference room tried to find a dynamo, but Ryou had said that he didn’t understand what a dynamo was in the first place, so Rei tried to explain.

“... Well, to sum it up, it’s a mechanism that is needed to generate electricity…”

“I see.”

“...You got it?”


Rei sighed and sat next to Ryou.

“But wind power generation is such a hassle. When I said generation, only things like pedaling a bike…”

“! Ryou, say that again!?”

“Uh, pedaling a bike…”

“That’s it! Hahaha, I wonder how I didn’t realize it!”

“What is it all of a sudden?”

“The light on a bike lits up when you pedal, right? This means that it should have a dynamo too! Then that concludes the dynamo!”

“Ohh! Then let’s hurry and remove one!”

The two rushed out of the conference room.

“Then, let’s search for something like a bowl first.”

Tooru looked for things that had a bowl shape, and Shinji looked at him with cold eyes.

Why was he being given orders?

By all rights, he, the student council president, should naturally take command over the community.

Besides it not being himself, it was even more ridiculous for a first-year to do it.

He himself was the most appropriate.


No, wait.

If he thought about it, it was understandable.

Looking back at history until now, it was clear what he should do.

It was fine to plan to overthrow him.

Meaning, a coup d'état.

By tormenting this guy in front of him to death, he would stand at the top.

This world was a survival of the fittest, and there were no laws anymore.

He had to gather accomplices.

He had to gather weapons.

Not yet.

He had the tendency to rush things.

Even if he caused a coup d'état, Tooru’s underlings wouldn’t necessarily stay quiet and follow him.

He might die as the underling put up resistance.

If that happened, it would really be ridiculous.

Those who control the military power were controlled by it.

In other words, he shouldn’t have any,

He would use brains.

He would erase Tooru as naturally as possible, and stand at the top.

If there was an accidental death…

However, was there such an opportunity?

… There was.

The expedition to the shopping district.

There, he would kill Tooru in some way.

Or, make zombies eat him.

If that happened, he would stand at the top for sure.

He needed to refine the plan.

It was a detailed plan.

Without anyone noticing, without being suspected, he would naturally bestow his death.

This was his trial.

His power was being tested.

…As if he would let the first-year push his luck.

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