Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 370 - Devils in the Abyss(2)

After Lika left, Su Wan turned and entered Her Highness Su’s laboratory. It was inside a secret room within the palace hall. Magic lights were hung on the ceiling and there were all sorts of test materials within the laboratory.

Using the original owner’s memory, Su Wan found a bunch of useful things in the laboratory. She turned and immersed herself into the new laboratory. Not long later, Su Wan concocted a deep blue magic drug.

Seeing her creation, Su Wan smiled. After she drank the liquid, the blue glow in her eyes flickered.

Like the demon species, the beautiful women within the abyss rarely had the ability to give birth to children. But they possessed incomparable natural abilities.

The beautiful women within the abyss were able to use their bodies as weapons, able to charm anyone. The demon species within the abyss were their weapons, their voices.

Demon species’ voices naturally have charm to them and could make people hallucinate. If they used their voices to their abilities, it would be very destructive.

Therefore, all the demon species on the trade market were all sealed. After they were captured, specialized magicians would use a sealing spell to seal their natural talent. Therefore, all the magic servants were mute.

But to Her Highness Su, this was as easy as a pie. She could concoct a drug to remove the seals whenever she wanted to, letting her recover her voice.

But in the original plot, Her Highness Su didn’t bother with this. She was immersed in her magic refinement world. Up until a day did she find out Lika and Asino were consummating in her palace hall with her body coming out of the laboratory. This caused her to be furious. The noble magic family’s dignity mustn’t be trampled on. Her Highness Su wanted to punish Lika but Asino stopped her.

Seeing that her identity was about to be exposed, Lika immediately begged and cried for Her Highness Su’s forgiveness. Even more, she told Asino that she wasn’t the actual Her Highness, in a pitiful manner. But during this time, she couldn’t help but fall in love with Asino which was why she had done this.

After figuring out the truth, not only did Asino not hurt Lika, he even helped her to imprison  Her Highness in the hidden chamber. Even more, he used his magic to seal the exit of the hidden chamber.

Asino already had ambitions to invade Sidanke’s territories. He purposely got on Her Highness Su’s good side in order to obtain the Overland, Sidanke’s trust so that he could take over the territories slowly. With Lika’s identity being exposed, he immediately formed a new plan.

He imprisoned the actual Her Highness Su and then with Lika, they acted together and successfully ordered their demon soldiers to invade Beike City, becoming the new leader of this area.

Back then, the fire of war filled the air and the entire Overlord’s residence was enveloped by howls of grief. When the actual Her Highness Su was unsealed, everything was over.

She had a chance to escape on her own but to save her father, she didn’t leave in the end. Instead, she chose to die with Beike City. This was the last bit of her pride as a member of the noble magic family.

After Her Highness Su and the old Overlord died, Lika even put up gravestones for the two, shedding crocodile tears. Every now and then, she would go to the cemetery to repent. Then, she started doing kind deeds around Beike City, adopting many demon servants and beautiful women. Not long later, she became known as the “kind person” within the abyss.

In this world full of evil crimes, every act of “kindness” would be magnified endlessly. The lowly demon servants who struggled hard within the bottom class of the abyss all viewed the Overlord’s wife as their spiritual leader.

Unfortunately, up until the end, barely anyone knew that the Overlord’s wife, who they thought was kind and gentle had hurt so many people to fulfill her selfish motives…

What was “kindness?” What was “evil?”

In the original world, the people in the bottom class viewed Lika as light. In their hearts, the old Overlord, Sidanke, was slapped on labels like “vicious” and “bloody.”

How could there be any kind people within the magic clans. Even those at the bottom class would hurt their own family in order to survive.

When nobles kill people, they are known as vicious and heartless. But when people killed one another, people said they were just doing this for survival.


Soft knocking rang outside the laboratory.

Su Wan’s gaze flickered and she quickly walked to the door, using her mirror spell. A handsome blue-hair magic warrior stood outside the door. He was wearing dark-red bloody armors. His familiar face was a bit anxious. Sensing Su Wan’s gaze, the blue-haired man shot Su Wan a faint smile. His dark-red eyes looked at her gently.

“You’re here.”

Su Wan sighed in relief.


Su Rui froze hearing Su Wan’s charming voice. Then he furrowed his brows. “You removed your seal?”


Su Wan answered before remembering that demons had special voices. It seems like she should pretend to be mute.

“Try not to talk in the future.”

Su Rui reminded Su Wan. Then he held her hands and walked out with her. “Asino and the female lead are getting it on. I think they’re going to be performing explicit scenes in a while. Wife, I’ll take you to my place first.”

Right now, it just so happened that the plot reached the point where Asino and the female lead were getting it on and that Her Highness Su was about to walk in on them doing the deed.

Su Rui knew that if he didn’t do anything, Asino might imprison Su Wan again.

Therefore, he had to take Su Wan before the male and female lead came back.

“Ignore them. Take me out of Beike City.”

Su Wan looked at Su Rui with a sparkling gaze. “I’m not here to do my mission this time. I’m here for Ding Jiajia.”

Ding Jiajia!

Hearing this name, Ding Jiajia’s information flickered through his mind.

He closed his eyes and sensed around. He didn’t feel Ding Jiajia’s presence within the range.

“Where is she?”

The female and male lead were both in Beike City then as a mission enforcer, why would Ding Jiajia be somewhere else? What an unreliable mission enforcer.


Su Wan also hesitated. “Maybe she’s in the Soul Death Purgatory?”

Soul Death Purgatory, the forbidden place within the purgatory deep down the abyss. Even magic claims wouldn’t dare to enter this dangerous place.

The endless abyss was also known as the endless hell. There weren’t eighteen floors but they were divided into different levels. Shallow, medium, and deep. Each floor had their own survival rules. Beike City was a small place within the medium floors. To get from Beike City to a deep floor of the endless abyss, one needed to be transported over on a conveyor belt from the fixed spot. This was a really long process and the fee was unbelievably high as well.

“Okay, let me take you to pack your things up first. Then we can leave.”


Su Wan nodded and then took off her Azure Crystal necklace. “I’m going to take this with me. Put that in your space ring for now.”

Su Wan was the “lowest class servant, Lika” within the Overlord’s residence. She naturally didn’t dare to wear this necklace. Out in the open. Plus, this mysterious necklace was bought by Sidanke for his daughter, depleting a lot of his resources in the process. There was no way she’d give this to Lika.

Su Rui placed the Azure Crystal necklace away and left Her Highness Su’s palace hall. Not long later, they encountered the housekeeper from Overlord’s residence. Seeing the two, he shot Su Rui a smile. “Lan Pa, where are you going?”

Lan Pa was Su Rui’s name in this world and he was Her Highness Su’s magic warrior protector.

Of course, he should be loyal to the actual Her Highness Su. Unfortunately, he was kept in the dark this entire time and served upon the fake Her Highness Su, Lika.

This was the most tragic male supporting lead Su Rui had seen.

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