Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 38.1: Fellow daoist, you think there’s something wrong with my brain?

Chapter 38 Part 1

A furious voice sounded from the east, and Xi Jia subconsciously turned his head to look.

Just as the sun was rising and stretching out in between the mountains, countless golden light pierced through the clouds. A black figure rapidly flew towards the mountain and away from the sun. When the person landed, a smack landed on Pei Yu’s face, sending Charlatan Pei to the ground.

Tianci-daoren furrowed his brows and looked with glowering eyes, “You stinkin’ brat, you’ve got the ability now huh. You’ve encountered such a large matter, you didn’t even tell Master, and even brought your junior sister with you alone? Last night, if it wasn’t for Buxing who went to wake up your Master……Cough cough, if it wasn’t for your Senior Buxing who had called your Master out of closed seclusion, Master still wouldn’t know that you nearly pushed your junior sister into a pit of fire!”

Pei Yu noisily cried while holding his face. He shook his buttocks1 as he got up from the ground and hugged Tianci-daoren’s thigh, crying bitterly, “Master, I really didn’t know that you went to sleep in seclusion. I thought you’re angry at me so you didn’t answer my WeChat or pick up my calls. How would I know that you actually went into seclusion?!”

Tianci-daoren pushed away this disappointing disciple with a kick, “You even dare to feel wronged? Now’s great, Buxing that old thing laughed at this old man all the way here! He laughed at this old man for nearly losing two disciples after waking up!”

Pei Yu was stunned, “Senior Buxing is here too?”

Tianci-daoren said unhappily, “He’s a bit slower than your Master. Master was afraid that something has happened to you and your junior sister and rushed over.” Speaking to here, Tianci-daoren’s tone had become much better. Pei Yu was after all the eldest disciple that he doted on the most. He would get very angry and teach him a lesson once in a while, but eventually he would still feel sorry.

Tianci-daoren helped Pei Yu get up while saying, “Can’t you show laozi some improvement?” He looked all around, “Oh right, where’s your junior sister? Master flew over here in a hurry and didn’t see your junior sister. Where is she?”

Pei Yu’s body went stiff. He trembled and didn’t dare to speak.

His youngest junior sister raised her hand and walked forward very awkwardly. She looked at her own master, “Master, I’m right here.”

Tianci-daoren, “……”

Next, Tianci-daoren sent his eldest disciple who he had just helped up back to the ground with a slap.

“How did your junior sister become a pig head! You bastard thing, if laozi doesn’t peel your skin today, laozi will change to your surname!!!”

Pei Yu’s youngest junior sister was instantly shocked in place.

The morning sun slowly rose. By the time Master Buxing flew over from the horizon while carrying Chequ-daoren, Pei Yu had been beaten by Tianci-daoren for a full half hour. The youngest junior sister had also found a mirror. When she saw her horrible face in the mirror, the youngest junior sister bawled and wasn’t in the mood to dissuade her master from hitting her senior brother.

Once Master Buxing landed, he tossed Chequ-daoren to the ground. He glanced at Tianci-daoren and Pei Yu in shock before turning to face Ye Jingzhi, “Young Daoist Ye, what happened here? Isn’t Tianci here to save his disciples, how did it become like this?” Pausing, he looked at the unconscious villagers of Yuanjia Village not far away and wrinkled his brows, “Amitabha, how did these villagers faint? Was it caused by a malicious ghost?”

Chequ-daoren had been carried from the capital to G Province by Master Buxing. At this moment, he was crouching on the ground and vomiting several times. After recuperating for a long time, he came over and immediately shouted, “Taking the plane isn’t even as dizzy as you. Buxing, you old bald donkey, this old man has come to save people out of kindness, and you actually dare treat this old man like this! You better watch out for this old man in the future!”

Master Buxing placed his palms together and put on an amiable-looking smile, “Fellow Daoist Chequ, how could this be blamed on this poor monk. This poor monk carried you all the way here, and the hands are all sore. If you want to blame, you can only blame it on why you can’t fly.”

Chequ-daoren was stumped by this sentence. His face became red from holding back, and he stammered, “W-who told you that I should fly. How many Celestial Masters in the Xuanxue world can fly? You say it, how many?! This old man can’t fly, so what!” He was actually not ashamed and considered it as an honor instead.

Master Buxing pointed, “Even Young Daoist Ye knows how to fly.”

Chequ-daoren, “……” After a moment, Chequ-daoren turned his body and walked away, “This old man doesn’t want to do it anymore. Please find someone more qualified than me!”

Master Buxing hurriedly dragged the person back.

There were three seniors present, and Xi Jia happened to recognize them all. Tianci-daoren was Pei Yu’s master and the current sect master of Shuangji Sect. Master Buxing was the incumbent abbot of the Great Wanshou Temple. At that time, he had chased a malicious ghost in to the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor which allowed Ziying to accidentally escape. As for Chequ-daoren, it was Chequ-daoren who had carefully examined the thought transmission seal for Xi Jia when Ziying had left it on him.

Master Ye had later told Xi Jia that Chequ-daoren was the junior brother of Shennong Valley’s current sect master. His medical skills were excellent. His magic power though……was really nothing much.

This time, Tianci-daoren was called awake from his closed seclusion by Master Buxing. He suddenly found out that his disciples were in trouble and hurried towards G Province. He was worried that Pei Yu and his junior sister really had an accident, and he intentionally invited Chequ-daoren to come together. And thus, the three men appeared at the scene.

When Pei Yu saw Chequ-daoren, he became emotional and quickly flew over. He took Chequ-daoren’s hand and pulled him towards his junior sister. He said as he walked, “Senior, senior, quickly save my junior sister. If my junior sister continues to cry like this, Master will really beat me to death.”

He had just walked two steps when Master Buxing extended his hand to stop them, “Don’t worry. Your junior sister only has superficial wounds. She’s a Celestial Master and has magic power. After a short while, she’ll be fine. Chequ, take a look at the dozens of villagers lying over there. This monk senses a very rich and evil yin energy on them. Were they harmed by a malicious ghost?”

Master Buxing’s words were very reasonable. Chequ-daoren also turned his body and intended to take a look at the situation of those villagers.

However, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi stepped forward at the same time and blocked them. The two masters looked at them, puzzled. Tianci-daoren also stopped chasing after his disciple and looked over in confusion as if he didn’t understand what was happening.

Xi Jia softly sighed and turned his head to look at Ye Jingzhi. Ye Jingzhi nodded at him and stepped forward. His gaze was calm as he said one word at a time, “Seniors, these villagers were indeed injured by a malicious ghost’s yin energy. Pei Yu was also hurt by this malicious ghost. But now, the malicious ghost’s soul has already been scattered.”

Looking at Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi’s attitude, Master Bu suddenly sensed that this matter wasn’t that simple. He prodded the prayer beads in his hands and said, “Amitabha, young daoist, this poor monk knows now. But, besides the yin energy, these villagers also have a trace of evil brought by reincarnation and the cycle of karma.”

Ye Jingzhi opened his mouth and said indifferently, “This is the punishment that Ling Xiao sent.”

Master Buxing and them were simultaneously stunned and looked at Ye Jingzhi in shock. Their eyes had an expression of disbelief.

Next, Xi Jia told the three masters about the crimes that had happened in this mountain. He kept it simple, didn’t overly stir up emotions, and only calmly narrated the dark story that had happened in these two villages in chronological order.

The girl who had been kidnapped and brought here because she had helped an old man. The kidnapped women who were envious that someone else could leave.

Three years of a hellish and brutal life in a world without justice. Parents hacked to death in front of her eyes before finally becoming a female ghost through suicide and cutting her flesh.

There were also countless abducted girls who had been killed by the villagers of these two villagers.

There were also fourteen young girls who were buried alive and had died in despair.

Master Buxing and the others didn’t personally see the female ghost and were also never in the illusion to see the villagers swarming around the female ghost’s parents and cutting them into minced meat. However, after they had heard the Yuanjia Village burying the fourteen girls alive, Master Buxing’s movements of sliding his prayers beads sideways suddenly paused. He immediately walked forward towards the fourteen graves. With a palm, he shook the soil away and slapped open the coffins.

Xi Jia was stunned and asked out of reflex, “Senior Buxing, what are you……”

Ye Jingzhi stopped him.

Xi Jia looked at him in confusion. Master Ye slightly shook his head and softly sighed, “Senior Buxing wants to help them transcend so they can reincarnate sooner.”

The Great Wanshou Temple was one of the Four Great Sects of the Xuanxue world. Their position was exalted. Now, the abbot of Great Wanshou Temple, Master Buxing, sat cross-legged before the fourteen coffins in the impoverished and disorderly village and recited the Houtu Rebirth Scriptures verse by verse for the innocent people in the coffins who had died tragically.

These fourteen girls weren’t killed by a malicious ghost but by being buried alive by the villagers of Yuanjia Village. Their souls weren’t devoured by the malicious ghost.

After the female ghost had slaughtered Lijia Village, it didn’t immediately kill everyone in Yuanjia Village. It wanted to see the people of Yuanjia Village sink into panic. It wanted to make Yuanjia Village feel fear. So it had waited for the people of Yuanjia Village to notice that Lijia Village had been massacred before starting to kill the people of Yuanjia Village one by one.

The first to die was the old single man who had raped her.

As expected, the people of Yuanjia Village started to feel afraid. They were afraid that it was a ghost’s revenge and that they would also be killed. Therefore, after they had confirmed that it was the doings of an evil spirit, their choice was to capture the girls that were trafficked over these two years and bury them all alive as a sacrifice.

Yet, the malicious ghost continued to kill people after the fourteen innocent girls died with their eyes open. Therefore, when Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi arrived at Yuanjia Village, the villagers treated them with that attitude. They weren’t afraid that the two of them were malicious ghosts. They were only worried that the outsiders who were here to “find someone” were here for a certain kidnapped girl.

If Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi were to find a trafficked girl, then would it re-create the calamity that happened to Lijia Village half a year ago?

Even if it were the experienced and knowledgeable Master Buxing and the others, they became silent by this insane behavior. In particular, when Tianci-daoren heard that the most severe punishment that Ling Xiao had sent was “two thousand years in the Saw Chamber Hell and dispersing the soul afterwards,” he widened his eyes and exclaimed in shock, “How could it be that serious? Just how many heartless things did that person do?!”

After learning the truth, who would still want to save the people of Yuanjia village?

Chequ-daoren gave each of these unconscious Yuanjia villagers a kick in disgust. Tianci-daoren also kicked the other side with great coordination. Pei Yu didn’t experience the second illusion and didn’t know about the truth. Now that he knew, he angrily gave each villager a slap. His junior sister also slapped the other side of these villagers’ faces.

Chequ-daoren started to heal the junior sister’s face, and Master Buxing transcended the fourteen girls’ souls.

Tianci-daoren went to Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi and seriously thanked them for saving his two mediocre disciples. At the same time, he glared at the villagers lying on the ground with abhorrence and heaved a sigh, “We, Celestial Masters, hunt ghosts and are not here to kill people. Ling Xiao has already given them a punishment. After they die, they will suffer greatly, and then their souls will scatter. Young Daoist Ye, your Wu Xiang Mountain rarely mingles with governmental affairs, but this matter really causes the wrath of both men and gods. This old man can’t personally kill this group of bastards; however, this old man and Buxing will help. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs formed by their Four Great Sects has been cooperating with the government. This old man guarantees that these bastards hidden in the depths of the mountains will definitely get the punishment that they deserve when they’re alive!”

Tianci-daoren and Master Buxing were participants of the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly. The latter was also an important figure of the Xuanxue World Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With their guarantee, the villagers of Yuanjia Village would certainly receive their punishment for their crimes.

The law didn’t blame the masses. This phrase wasn’t wrong.

However, how many people did the Yuanjia Village have left?

Lijia Village had already been massacred by the female ghost. The female ghost had killed nine in the Yuanjia Village, and they themselves had buried fourteen people alive. Now, there were thirty or forty people left in their village.

Furthermore, even if the law didn’t blame the masses, so what? The Xuanxue World Ministry of Foreign Affairs would immediately put pressure and secretly take care of these people. It wasn’t impossible. They were hidden in the mountains, and the people outside didn’t know about the crimes hidden in the mountains.The mountains were their protective umbrella. No one knew how many innocent people had died in these mountains. However at the same time, the mountains could also make them die silently.

The matter this time up till now had truly settled.

Originally, Xi Jia had wanted to hurry and find Pei Yu because he had disappeared so suddenly, but who would’ve expected to run into this kind of situation. Tianci-daoren took care of the following matters, and the disciples of Shuangji Sect also hurried over to G Province from the capital to help resolve these problems.

Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi were only two people. They had already done most of the things that they could do and left the rest to the Xuanxue world to settle.

Additional Author’s Comments:
Recently, I thought of something. Mirror calls C+ as “Jia Jia,” then wouldn’t it become C++? Frightening. Fortunately, Mirror and C+ can’t have children. If they had a child, wouldn’t it be called J□□A (Jia-wa*)?

*Jia-wa 嘉娃 – Jia as in Xi Jia’s name. Wa means doll, but often used to call babies and toddlers.

Translator’s Notes:
1 屁颠 shaking the buttocks – while it literally means shaking the butt, it’s also groveling.

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