Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 38 Mount Gui (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 8 team
张章 Zhang Zhang (leader)
富春 Fu Chun (chef)
尤星 You Xing (young girl)
杜凤 Du Feng (older sister)
杜军 Du Jun (younger brother)

Han Yu (Real estate agent)
Jiang Yiran (college young man)
Qi Shan (young girl)
Unknown x3

As the sky is getting darker, the fog started to appear all around. Everyone became vigilant because whenever this kind of thing happens, they know that it is not good. The fog gradually thickened, and soon the visibility is only 2 to 3 meters, the sky is completely dark. Lou Fan’s team gathered together. They looked seemingly casually but their weapons are tightly grasped in their hands.

The surroundings are quiet, not a single sound could be heard, only the sound of breathing between each other. After a while, seeing that nothing happened, the newcomers couldn't stand it anymore. They sat down one after another and complained in a low voice.

You Xing whispered to Zhang Zhang, "Team leader, I think something is wrong. I seem to smell something, so we still have to be careful." You Xing's nose is very sensitive, and she can smell anything that seems wrong. Many times they rely on her sensitive sense of smell to escape danger.

Zhang Zhang believed what You Xing said and nodded, "Okay, I'll go over to tell Team leader Qin about it and arrange a vigil."

The team leaders discussed the arrangements for the vigil, and regardless of the complaints of the newcomers, they decided to go straight to rest. Suddenly a newcomer shouted.

"You guys see that? It’s something shiny."

"Is it something like gold? Or gems?"

The 2 newcomers looked very excited and said, "Let's go over and take a look. If it's really gold, we’ll be rich."

Lou Fan watched the commotion calmly. Such a big piece, if it is really gold, indeed one will be rich.

Zhang Zhang frowned and said, "Don't move."

The newcomer disdainfully replied, "Why should I listen to you? We discovered this first. Do you want to hoard all yourself?"

As a person with a bad temper, the accusation caused Zhang Zhang to become angry, "The hell, I’m thinking for your own g..."

"Who wants you to be good for me? Mind your own business." The two newcomers are disdainful and did not appreciate Zhang Zhang’s goodwill.

Qin Tan grabbed Zhang Zhang and said, "Team leader Zhang, this kind of person who wants to seek death, can you stop them? Just go and rest."

Zhang Zhang stopped to think about it and felt that Qin Tan is right. Why is he angry with the newcomer? With this kind of self-destruction attitude, they might die at some point anyway. Isn't it a waste of his goodwill? The newcomers also said that he is nosy. He must have been too idle to think to warn them.

The 2 newcomers quickly ran towards the place with the glowing thing, while the other newcomer hesitated. Looking in that direction with a rapid heartbeat, the third newcomer finally couldn’t resist the temptation and walked slowly there.

The fog is very thick, the figures of the 2 newcomers soon disappeared into the fog. The third newcomer behind them also looked blurred to the rest.

Han Yu looked hesitant and seemed very moved. Qi Shan however didn't move at all, still sitting by the fire. Jiang Yiran put the umbrella on his shoulders and stared over there with a smirk. He said to Chen Shuyang, "Look, this kind of behavior is courting death. Their ending must be bad."

As soon as Jiang Yiran finished speaking, the ground began to vibrate slightly, as if something heavy appeared. Lou Fan turned his ears sideways and seemed to hear something rustling. Qi Shan reacted quickly and immediately used the soil around the fire to extinguish it, and Du Jun stepped forward to help. As soon as the fire is extinguished, the surroundings plunged into darkness. You Xing shrugged her nose and she caught a stench.

A bell noise sounded, the sound is heavy and thick and it’s making people feel dizzy.

The 13 people present held their breath and did not dare to make a sound. The 2 newcomers who were picking up things over there also felt that something is wrong and immediately wanted to return. But before they could take 2 steps away, they saw a black shadow appear.

Standing next to Qin Tan, Lou Fan only felt a sense of oppression from all directions, and he unconsciously held the hand by his side. Qin Tan tilted his head indistinctly and squeezed Lou Fan’s hand firmly. Lou Fan’s tense heart seemed to be surrounded by a warm current. A smile appeared in his mouth, and his gaze became firm.

"AHH! Help m..." The screams sounded and stopped abruptly.

The third newcomer who was still on the way froze in place, didn't dare to move. He stared forward, and his pants got wet.

2 minutes later, the surroundings returned to silence, and everyone looked at each other cautiously. Zhang Zhang gestured at Qin Tan and he walked slowly towards the man who can still be seen in the thick fog. When he reached the man, Zhang Zhang sighed inwardly and shook his head at the crowd. Lou Fan followed Qin Tan and walked over. Although the man remained standing, his 7 orifices are bleeding and his body is as stiff as a stone as if he had been dead for a long time. But for them, it is only 5 minutes ago.

The remaining 3 newcomers are stunned by this kind of situation. Even Qi Shan showed a surprised expression, her eyes under her long bangs showing a terrified gaze. Han Yu is even more frightened. Fortunately, he hesitated a moment ago and didn't go.

"Frick! What did I say just now?! I knew that doing this kind of thing would definitely be offed as cannon fodders." Jiang Yiran said in horror, his eyes looking back and forth among the 10 experienced people. "This is terrible, I have to hug a big thigh."

There must be a protagonist among them but who?

Lou Fan recalled the sound just now and said, "I heard a rustling sound just now, it's kind of like..." For a while, he couldn't think of a proper word to describe it.

You Xing added, "I smelled a fishy stench."

Both of them have sensitive 5 senses, while the rest only feel the strong underground vibration.

Chen Shuyang thought about it, and suddenly said, "Could it be a snake?"

Jiang Dong immediately added, "The god Qitong lives in the mountain, its sound is often like a bell, and there are many snakes under it. It should be Qitong who appeared, and there are snakes beside him."

Chen Shuyang covered his mouth, in disbelief, "God? We really met a God?!" What could they still do? Might as well die now.

With the speculation of the two, Lou Fan also thinks he heard a snake. So the question is, did Qitong randomly appear, or did it appear because the 2 newcomers picked up the glowing thing?

Lou Fan helplessly said, "Even we encountered him, we still have to do the task. Gods will not eat you for no reason."

Then, Lou Fan walked to the place where the light was just now. Qin Tan had already checked it out and said, "There are no shiny things anymore." There is no blood or anything around, the 2 newcomers seemed to disappear suddenly.

Qin Tan ordered the people to return, "Go back to rest, and we’ll continue the mission tomorrow. The shiny thing is the trigger point, don't touch it."

Lou Fan nodded and informed Zhang Zhang, "Then I'll go to bed first. Call me for vigil duty later."

The night duty arrangement is the Level 8 team in the doing the first half of the night, and the junior team in the second half of the night. The extra person from each team will be on duty together in the early morning. After fully considering various factors, this arrangement is quite reasonable.

There are 3 tents, one for Qin Tan and Lou Fan, one for the other 3 members, and the last one is for the girls from the Level 8 team.

Qin Tan walked into the tent and closed the zipper. There are no lights in the tent so he is about to get a night light when suddenly, someone pulled at his collar. With this weak force, if Qin Tan exerts a little force, the other party won’t be able to pull him down at all. But he knew who it is and cooperatively leaned forward. He sensed a soft touch on his cheek and gave a low chuckle.

"Qin Tan, be serious!" Lou Fan whispered in Qin Tan’s ear.

The shallow breath is right next to his ear making Qin Tan feel like he got lightly brushed by a feather. His body felt itchy, and he wanted to do something.

"What's the matter?" Mimicking Lou Fan, Qin Tan also lowered his voice, carrying a hint of hoarseness. In the dark, it sounded dangerous.

Hearing that make Lou Fan grit his teeth, he really wanted to take a bite at Qin Tan.

"I like you."

Qin Tan is not surprised by the confession. In the darkness, the corners of his mouth rose, and he couldn't hide his smile. But Lou Fan couldn't see it. Seeing that Qin Tan didn't speak for a long time, he felt a little anxious in his heart. He couldn't help but say, "Qin Tan!"

The next moment, Lou Fan is held tightly in Qin Tan’s arms and the man lets out a sigh. Then, they both fell down. With the human protector at the bottom, Lou Fan got thrown into Qin Tan's arms.

"I liked you for a long time."

Hearing that, Lou Fan smiled widely, and he kissed Qin Tan fiercely. Soon, Qin Tan took the initiative, and Lou Fan is kissed so deeply by the man that he could hardly breathe. Qin Tan seemed to want to eat him whole. Qin Tan’s broad palms pressed against his back, pressing him tightly to his body. Lou Fan felt that he could hardly breathe, the air in the chest seems to be sucked out. He made small gasps and this made Qin Tan’s body tense up even more.

Qin Tan gasped and stopped when he is about to lose control of himself. He buried himself in Lou Fan's shoulder, calming himself down.

There is a numb itching on the side of his neck, and Lou Fan could feel Qin Tan's feeling of excitement at this moment. A strange feeling rose in his heart and Lou Fan closed his eyes, trying hard to suppress the smile that is about to burst out.

In the silence, no one spoke. Lou Fan is hugged by Qin Tan just like that, and then—— fell asleep!

After Qin Tan found that Lou Fan has fallen asleep, he wrapped him properly in a sleeping bag. Then he bowed his head and kissed Lou Fan, again and again, Finally he sucked at Lou Fan’s lips and explored around until Lou Fan made an impatient sound. In the dark, Qin Tan couldn't stop smiling.

After what happened, Zhang Zhang and the others keep feeling a little nervous all night. When they woke up early in the morning, everyone had a little shadow under their eyes.

Lou Fan came out of the tent and stretched, his face full of good sleep and content, but also with a smug look on his face. The other members also came out one after another, Qin Tan and Jiang Dong looked sober, while Chen Shuyang and Wen Lang looked lazy and dazed.

Wen Lang looked at Lou Fan, left and right, and felt that something has happened that he didn't know. He leaned over to Chen Shuyang and asked, "Shuyang, do you see something wrong with Brother Lou? Why do I think he is smiling like a…" Wen Lang is a little afraid to say the last word[1].

Chen Shuyang looked up and said, "No, Brother Lou looked normal. What's wrong?"

Wen Lang looked again suspiciously. Could it be that he is wrong? No, with his keen intuition, something must have happened.

Zhang Zhang: "Brother, you guys are really gutsy, more than me."

Lou Fan: "It's useless to worry so it's better to rest as much as possible. You see, nothing happened, right? And there are people staying vigil in the night. They will call out if there is any situation."

That's gutsy too! In that kind of situation, who can sleep!

Once again, Zhang Zhang felt that the junior team is a bunch of amazing people. Zhang Zhang also made a judgment in his heart. If one is not strong enough, they won’t dare to do this. Even if someone is on vigil duty at night, when an emergency occurs, can a sleeping person react swiftly to it? He dared not say he could.

Lou Fan’s team ate bread for breakfast, Zhang Zhang’s team ate biscuits, and the newcomers only had compressed biscuits.

"Continue on the path today?" Zhang Zhang asked Qin Tan. But he didn't hear the expected answer.

Qin Tan turned to look at Lou Fan and asked, "Where do you think we should be heading?"

Lou Fan finished the last bite of bread and stood up. He put his hands on his hip and closed his eyes. Taking a deep breath, Lou Fan slowly turned around.

Zhang Zhang: What is this series of actions?!!!

With his eyes still closed, Lou Fan pointed to a direction, "Over there!"

Nodded, Qin Tan stood up and said to Zhang Zhang, "Team leader Zhang, let's continue over there." The other 3 team members behind Qin Tan had already stood up and looked ready to go, without any hesitation in that direction.

Zhang Zhang and his team members: ...

What kind of junior team did they meet? Do they need to be so casual about making decisions? Is it not dangerous?! Oh, fortunately, the direction Lou Fan pointed is not too far from the direction he was going, otherwise, Zhang Zhang felt that he might do something terrible.

Raw word count: 3184


[1] Pervert, maniac, it could be anything :v the author didn’t mention it

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