Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 38 - Name

Chapter 38 - Name

“That, that name… what…” Su Yu asked in a daze, but his mind was not on the question at all.

What just happened? His Majesty, hit, his, butt! This, this is taking liberties with him, ba…

The soft palm of the hand slapped on that bouncy place, soft and elastic, this kind of feeling was very novel to the Emperor. He couldn't help putting his hand on it and stroking it back and forth.

“Your, Your Majesty…” Su Yu’s face turned red and instinctively shrank back.

An Hongche raised his head and met Su Yu’s eyes which were full of embarrassment. The gentle, fresh, and handsome face was tinged with a layer of light red, because of his touch, the thin red gradually spread downward, dyeing the white neck red, and climbed onto the graceful lines of his collarbone.

His body curled slightly due to the tension, and the whole person looked like a cooked shrimp, looking very delicious.

His Majesty's mouth felt somewhat parched. This wretched stupid slave is always seducing him.

This was seriously setting the rules, he cannot let him just muddle through like this, hmph!

Steadying his mind, His Majesty the Emperor proudly raised his chin and said: “ Now know how powerful Zhen is. If you do something wrong again, Zhen will punish you like this!”

Taking liberties, just taking liberties. He didn’t know how to answer such a lame excuse, Su Yu rolled his eyes and felt that he lost a little face when he blushed because he was touched.

Now to get back at him, he should pinch the Emperor’s perfectly lined lower jaw with a devilish smile, then kiss him strongly on…

Stop! Su Yu shook his head, what was he thinking? The Emperor is a man just like him, they were purely boss and cook. Who ate, talked, and slept together… Although the Emperor is very good-looking.

He looked up at those pale thin lips. At that moment, they were slightly upward because of his good mood and were glowing with a healthy luster. Su Yu swallowed his saliva and didn’t dare to look again.

To get back at him or something, even if you lend him the guts he would not dare to. He could only bow his head and let it go.

Seeing the stupid slave’s appearance of ‘knowing his mistake’, His Majesty was very satisfied. He released his grip on Su Yu, then turned over and leaned against the head of the bed.

Seeing his dumbfounded and stupid expression, he frowned slightly. Could it be that he was frightened, ba? Hmm, this stupid slave is truly delicate.

An Hongche stretched out his hand and brought him into his embrace in a natural manner.

“Of course, if you do well, Zhen will naturally reward you.”

Su Yu was suddenly dragged down again and was forced to bury his head in the arms of the Emperor. His warm body had the scent of sunshine, which made people reluctant to leave.

There was no struggle, Su Yu just silently changed his posture and twisted his face out, but his inner heart was in turmoil. I’m done for, I’m done for, I won’t really be bent, right?

Thinking about his past life, he was busy learning skills to make money, so he didn’t have time to fall in love. In this life, he had been working even harder for food and clothing that he hadn’t thought about getting married. But, today, he was suddenly attracted to a man.

He sneaked a peek at the Emperor’s profile, it was really impeccably beautiful. It must be because this guy is so good-looking that he got confused for a while. It must be the case, en.

After a well-done psychological preparation, Su Yu coughed gently to break the weird atmosphere.

“Your Majesty does not allow Chen to call him Sauce, so what was the original name of the divine cat?”

An Hongche lowered his head to look at him. He was silent for a moment, then his clear and cold voice carried a bit of solemnity that he himself had not noticed, and slowly said: “Zhanzhi… You can call him ‘Zhanzhi’.”

After that, he slowly turned his head to one side and stared at the candlestick not far away. His ears blushed an unnatural shade of bright red.

An Hongche, courtesy name Zhanzhi.

The surface of the lake sparkled with the reflection of light, the water is crystal clear.

Zhen allows you to call Zhen’s courtesy name.

“Dipping Sauce… Hahahaha…” Su Yu burst out laughing.[TL_Note: Zhàn Zhi sounded similar to dipping sauce, Jiàng Zhi-> Sauce]

“Your Majesty, your name is no better than mine, hahahaha, the dipping sauce can’t even compare to the sauce, hahaha…”

His Majesty the Emperor slowly turned his head back and looked at Su Yu, who was dancing with laughter. His face was completely black.

I entrust my heart to the bright moon, but the moon shines on the ditch… In the ditch, there is a smelly fish who did not fear death and was laughing like crazy!

Therefore, His Majesty slept all night with his back to the Xian Fei and did not say another word to him.

The next day, the Emperor still didn’t eat the lunch made by Su Yu.

Su Yu, who didn’t realize that His Majesty the Emperor was in a unilateral cold war with him, happily made a plate of garlic-flavored scallop snacks from the prepared ingredients, and went to the Anguo Tower to have afternoon tea with the “National Male God”.

The State Teacher did not meet him in the audience hall this time and directly allowed Su Yu to go up to the second floor.

“As I said yesterday, you should not climb the Anguo Tower if you have nothing to do. Since you come day by day, you must have something to do.” The State Teacher propped up his chin with one hand and looked at the brightly colored pastries on the white and blue porcelain plate with his cold and beautiful eyes.

“What is this?”

“A snack made of scallop meat.” Su Yu smiled and presented the plate to the State Teacher.

“It’s sprinkled with some garlic powder, does Imperial Uncle feel it’s overcooked this time?”

Fingers so white they were almost transparent twisted a small piece and slowly put it in his mouth. The palm-sized round snack was fried and baked until it was yellow and crisp.

There was a layer of garlic power on the surface, and the stir-fried garlic powder had a pellicular fragrance, which complemented well the umami of the shellfish, it was addicting.

The State Teacher slowly and leisurely ate a snack and took a sip of ginger tea, then he casually threw a book at Su Yu.

“Take this book and read it. If there’s anything you don’t understand, come and ask me”

Su Yu looked at the State Teacher in surprise, is he planning to teach him something? His heartbeat couldn’t help speeding up, could this be the beginning of this time-traveler fortuitous encounter?

Thinking about the plots in his previous life’s TV dramas, the protagonist who transmigrated would meet an unfathomable person by chance, and that person would inexplicably think that the protagonist has an excellent bone structure.

After some trials, he would very carelessly decide to pass on his supreme Kung Fu skills and entrust the heavy responsibility of heaven and earth to him.

With an indescribable sense of excitement, Su Yu opened the delicate book cover with trembling hands. Inside lies a beautifully bound book, and it was clearly written on the front page < Fish Killing Heart Law >

Fish Killing…Heart Law…

Su Yu felt that there was something wrong with his comprehension abilities, otherwise, why would he clearly recognize these four characters, but would not understand them when put together?

“I know you are good at killing fish, but *mortals don’t have the slightest Inner Qi, so it’s hard to have great achievements. ” The State Teacher took a bite of the garlic snack and said indifferently.

Inner Qi! When Su Yu heard this word there was a flash of inspiration in his mind and he remembered the <Su Family Recipe Book Chapter 2> record about how to eliminate the fishy blood with Inner Qi that he couldn’t understand, maybe it wasn’t just the blind nonsense of the ancestors of the Su family…

“When using Inner Qi to kill fish, draw the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, infuse it into the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, strengthen both hands and eyes, eliminate the fishy smell, and remove the miscellaneous blood…”

The long introduction made Su Yu feel as if he was amidst clouds and mist. Looking back he saw there was even a table of contents, and the whole book was divided into <Heart Law Mantra>, <Knife Skills Record>, and <Hand Seals Record>...

Is this book really about killing fish? The corner of Su Yu’s mouth twitched, he was so curious that he was unable to resist leafing through.

“Reporting to the State Teacher, His Highness King Su is requesting an audience.” The palace maid from downstairs suddenly reported.

“Put away the book and do not let others see it.” The State Teacher raised his hand and closed the book in Su Yu’s hands, indicating to not read it yet.

Su Yu obediently put the book away and put it in the food box, but his heart felt so itchy that he couldn’t help peeking at the food box.

The sound of steady and powerful footsteps came from downstairs, not long after, King Su appeared in a dignified manner on the second floor.

“Greetings, King Su.” Su Yu hurriedly got up and saluted.

“Xian Fei is here too.” King Su waved his hand to indicate to not stand on ceremony. He then saluted the State Teacher. “Greetings to the State Teacher.”

“There are no outsiders here, so there’s no need to be so polite.” The State Teacher twisted a piece of the scallop snack and motioned King Su to sit down.

“The Prime Minister said today that he had found a person, who may very likely be the foreign star in the oracle.” King Su said solemnly, twisting a piece of the scallop snack and bitting it.

The delicate long eyelashes trembled, and the State Teacher sneered coldly.

“What does he know?” With these words, the shifted the porcelain plate to his side without any trace.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

<What is transmigrating all about?>

Zhao Shi: This is a recipe passed down by the Su family ancestors.

Little Fish: The original purpose of transmigrating is to make a fortune ↖(^ω^)↗

Empress Dowager: This is the imperial family's secret history.

Little Fish: The purpose of transmigrating is to escalate the palace struggle ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

State Teacher: This is a mysterious secret martial arts manual.

Little Fish: The purpose of transmigrating was to save the common people (⊙_⊙)

Cat Gong: Zhen today wants to eat braised fish with spicy crab oil and shrimp, Meow~~

Little Fish: Transmigrating is actually for feeding the cat…ba


Heart Law -> mental cultivation method

mortals -> ordinary people

amidst clouds and mist -> puzzled/mystified

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