Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 380 - Devils in the Abyss(12)

There were always answers to the questions in the world.

Su Wan knew Su Rui’s capability. If Su Rui was real, he would’ve been able to tell whether Ding Jiajia was real or not because a person could change their appearance and their memories could be duplicated as well, but they wouldn’t be able to change their auras and souls.

Therefore, if Su Rui said Ding Jiajia was real, then she was.

If Su Rui was fake, then Ding Jiajia would be cleared as well.

Therefore, Su Wan knew that currently, she could only trust Ding Jiajia.

As a result, Su Wan had actually given Ding Jiajia a secret signal while they were chatting.

The secret signal that belonged to their department. No one else would be able to identify it.

Ding Jiajia was able to identify Su Wan through the secret signal. After she found out that she doubted Frank and Su Rui, they obviously tried to test Frank.

After testing, they figure out the issue.

I’m interested in handsome and aloof adonis, okay!

Do you really think you should bring an innocent man who has never seen a woman to me?

What little minx? What sweetheart? You must’ve read too many CEO novels.

Ding Jiajia spent the entire night and came up with the conclusion that Frank was a fake! He was really an innocent man with bad skills. Yet, he inherited the original owner's good stamina. In short, she had been scammed.

When Ding Jiajia told Su Wan about the result she came up with, the latter had something in mind. It was really clear now. The answers have floated to the surface.

Why didn’t the executioner go after Frank? Because he thought he already killed Frank.

No, more accurately, Frank had been killed by the executioner in the past. The Frank right now was a fake transmigrator.

That’s right. His career and relationship weren’t the best for him. Yet, after he transmigrated, he had become a handsome adonis who had been delusionizing a group of beautiful women throwing themselves in his arms, wanting to marry only him.

This was the typical and standard sissy male lead.

Why did the executioner keep his identity hidden and didn’t do anything? Heh. That’s because he had been heavily injured by General Su and he didn’t have the power to fight head on against Su Wan, Ding Jiajia, and the others. That’s why he had to hide his identity and mislead everyone.

After the initial conclusion, Su Wan purposely talked about testing Frank in front of “Su Rui.” Then she acted like she was going to beat Frank up. After getting his trust, Su Wan asked for the Azure Crystal back and likewise, she started preparing the materials to set up a magic base…

Frank stood still even after the executioner’s figure disappeared. Everything happened too quickly and he couldn’t process what was going on.

“Jiajia, what happened? Su Rui is the executioner? You guys beat him? Let me go!”

Frank tried his hardest to struggle free but he was unable to get out of Su Wan’s forbidden magic base.

This, this didn’t make sense!

He was a transmigrated male lead! He transmigrated over and a random Infernal Demon King treated him as his master. Then another enchantress pestered him nonstop. He was clearly on his way to becoming the winner in life!

Even at Beike City, Asino had received information beforehand and prepared a magic foundation spell to deal with the soul death wizard. However, didn’t he escape without a single scratch still?

Seeing Frank’s confused and incredulous expression, Ding Jiajia sighed. “Young man, you’re really naive. You think that, we, as destructors, would allow a leading role to reach the peak of their life without doing anything?”

They must be joking right. You guys just had to eliminate any signs of danger and leading roles.

Ding Jiajia smiled and picked up the dagger on the ground, blowing wind in front of Frank. “Say, after you die this time, will you transmigrate again? Hm? Darling?”

“Jiajia, Jiajia, don’t. A day as a couple, forever a couple. We...ow!”

It was fine when Frank said nothing but when he did, Ding Jiajia felt her heart aching.

Who am I? I’ve been through so many time-spaces and I refuse to be with any man except adonises.

My title has been ruined by this fake Frank. Even if I kill him, I wouldn’t be able to get revenge.

After Frank died, the Infernal Demon King had been standing there confused now turned into a pile of skeletons after losing its master.


Ding Jiajia snapped out of her trance to see Su Wan looking at her with a sparkling gaze.

“What?” Ding Jiajia asked, shocked.

“Nothing.” Su Wan smiled. “I thought you would leave him so that he could deal with Asino.”

“Hmph. Su Wan, you don’t believe in me right? Let me tell you. Asino, that arrogant demon king, and Lika, that bitch and white lotus, could be dealt with in seconds by me. Men in this world have dark hearts. I can deal with them easily. Mn, of course, there’s always an exception. Like your Su Rui. He’s pretty good.”

Although she had only interacted with the fake General Su, Ding Jiajia had an initial conclusion regarding General Su’s aloof temperament.

If the fake General Su was already that aloof, then how hard would it be to interact with the actual one?

Su Wan’s expression changed again when she heard Ding Jiajia mentioning Su Rui. “Okay, let’s get ready. We’re entering Beike City tomorrow. Since you’re so confident, then deal with Asino to the best of your ability.”

The sooner they finished this mission, the sooner they could leave. Su Wan knew that Su Rui must be really worried about her.

Ding Jaijia’s gaze flickered. “Su Wan, you know that he’s fake so why do you still not have the heart to kill him? If it was me, I would’ve killed him personally.”

Su Wan smiled helplessly. “Although he’s not him, he still has his face. I...don’t have the heart to.”

Don’t have the heart to...because he looks like General Su.

“Tch. So greasy. No wonder Ye Xin wanted to seal your memory. If she doesn’t seal your memories, you’d rebel for sure!”

“Rebel? If anyone’s going to rebel, it’s him!”

Su Wan smiled confidently. As long as she asked, Su Rui would never refute her requests.

But what if she lost her memory?

By then, would she and Su Rui really become enemies?

Su Wan looked quite forward to fighting Su Rui. But before doing so, she would make sure she didn’t die in anyone else’s hands. After all, there were many strong people within the mission world.

Lost time-space, restoration department.

Su Rui was sitting across from Xu Ce.

“How are your injuries?”

Xu Ce’s voice was gentle like water as usual.

Su Rui glanced coldly at him. “I’ve been fine. I’m requesting to enter the mission world again.”

“I won’t let you. The examination will start the day tomorrow. If there’s no accidents, Su Wan and Ding Jiajia will be able to return from the mission world tomorrow for sure. Su Rui, don’t you believe in Su Wan’s capability?”

Didn’t believe her? He did...but he just missed her.

He was used to being with her. He felt like he was lacking something when they were suddenly apart. He also felt uncomfortable.

This feeling was carved in Su Rui’s bones. He believed that even if he lost his memory, he would never do anything to Su Wan.

His love for her was deep inside his bones. Just because his memories were wiped didn’t mean he’d lose his love for her.

Even if he forgot everything, he believed he’d still love and protect her out of instinct.

Wife, it seems like we can only meet during the examination. Hopefully, not too late...

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