Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 383 - Cultivation Examination(1)

Su Wan and Ding Jiajia returned to the lost time-space earlier than Ye Xin expected. It was still in the middle of the night there.

“You two, go back and rest. Come to the headquarters with me at eight in the morning.”

Ding Jiajia left excitedly hearing Ye Xin’s words.

Oh yeah! I’m ready for the examination! There will be tons of adonises waiting for me. I will pamper all of you guys.

Seeing Ding Jiajia leaving while dancing around, Ye Xin felt speechless. She looked at Su Wan and said, “You can rest as well. I’ve put in an request for you. When we enter the connection room for the examination tomorrow, it will automatically hide memories of Su Rui from you.”

“Mn, okay.” Su Wan nodded. After saying goodbye to Ye Xin, she returned to her room.

She hadn’t rested in her room for a really long time. In the past, she was busy saving up her points and doing her missions nonstop. Now, she was too busy being with Su Rui. She didn’t yearn or look forward to anything in this time-space.

Su Rui…

What would it be like when we meet again?

Although she was a bit nervous, Su Wan was more excited and delighted. This was her first and last time participating in an examination within a time-space.

She was tired. She wanted to rest.

She had found her soulmate so let this examination mark the end to her journey as a mission enforcer...

The next morning, Su Wan woke up early and found a bright red dress in her closet. She changed into that and let her black wavy hair scattered on her shoulders lazily. Su Wan patted her face. Unlike Ding Jiajia who had a baby-like face, she had a gentle and beautiful appearance. She didn’t look like a queen. Instead, she looked like a gentle sheep.

Yet, this sheep could eat people.

Indifference and gentleness. The conflicting temperaments caught many people’s attention. When she and Ding Jiajia followed Ye Xin into the headquarters’ lounge, the three women, alluding to different temperaments, caused the people in the lounge to scream.

Through the screaming, a man wearing a white suit with a really flirtatious style slowly walked to the three. He smiled and asked, “Beautiful lady, want to go out with me?”

Ye Xin’s expression darkened. “Ye Kanhuan, get lost!”

“Little Xin, you’re heartless.”

Ye Kanhuan wore a rejected expression and turned to look at Ding Jiajia’s...chest. “Jiajia, want to go out with me?”

“Sure, sure, sure.”

Ding Jiajia wore a charming smile and walked over, holding onto Ye Kanhuan’s arms. Her globes seamlessly rubbed against his arms and then Ye Kanhuan let go of her immediately as if he was just shocked by electricity.

Ding Jiajia: …

All these innocent adonises… Hate them the most!

Su Wan who always wore an expressionless face had revealed a rare smile seeing Yan Kanhuan’s embarrassed look.

This time, a man wearing a white suit with dashing brows also walked over. He was Ye Kanhuan’s boss and the top in the rebirth department, Qin Yu.

“You’re here!”

Qin Yu knew the people in their department so he smiled and greeted them. Then he dragged Ye Kanhuan behind him by the collar. “Lin Ruo, take him upstairs and discipline him. Don’t let him out casually to ruin our rebirth department’s reputation.”

Ye Kanhuan: …

Master Ye felt the malice the world had towards him.


Ye Kanhuan was then dragged by the cold-faced Lin Ruo. Then they heard beating and tragic screams…

Ye Xin lifted her brows. She admired Qin Yu a lot. He may look handsome and smile harmlessly but he was a sneaky and crafty fox.

Ye Kanhuan and Lin Ruo, these exotic flowers, were disciplined by Qin Yu. Needless to say, during this examination, Ye Xin was not only worried about the king, Xu Ce, but also Qin Yu who was always in second place as well as the third dangerous figure, the mysterious Su Rui.

Maybe besides Su Wan, no one knew how strong he was. Even Xu Ce wasn’t sure…

“You guys came so early. Is everyone here?”

Ye Xin looked around. Besides the rebirth department, there was also the transmigration department, female and male supporting lead departments.

“Mostly. We’re just waiting for that one master.”

Qin Yu talked about Xu Ce in an unfriendly tone.

The enemies’ enemies were friends. All these years, the rebirth and destruction departments maintained a really close friendship because they both had a common enemy, the restoration department!

Restoration and destruction departments were nemeses.

As for Qin Yu and Xu Ce, they seemed to be enemies since birth. However, Qin Yu always got suppressed by Xu Ce. No one understood his sorrow being always second place…


The headquarter’s door opened automatically while Ye in and Qin Yu were talking. The three men walked shoulder to shoulder. The leader was gentle-looking, wearing a black suit. However, he eluded an non-approachable aura.

Xu Ce, the king within the lost time-space missions.

Xu Ce walked in and received everyone’s attention. No. Someone didn’t look at Xu Ce.

Su Wan stood still quietly. She saw Su Rui standing to the right of Xu Ce. He now looked like he was twenty-three or four years old.

It seemed like after she left the Han Dynasty, a few years had passed before the plane slowly collapsed.

Then how had Su Rui been all these years?

While Su Wan was looking at Su Rui, he was also looking back at her.

This was the first time he had seen his wife’s true self. How should he say this? General Su was excited inside! I knew my wife was the best-looking. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a bed here…

General Su, what are you thinking about?

Cough. Su Rui just wanted to chat with Su Wan with the blankets over them. Just wanted to chat!

It seemed like no one existed right now. Su Rui ignored people next to him and rushed to Su Wan in one large stride. Without another word, he kissed her.

This was the person that captivated his heart. This was the aura and scent that was carved in his bones.

Feeling Su Rui’s delight and excitement, Su Wan subconsciously responded.

The two hugged and kissed in front of dozens of mission enforcers. Ding Jiajia couldn’t help but widen her eyes.

Her adonis truly had a personality.

Ding Jaijia: I also want to have a french kiss with a certain adonis too…

Ye Kanhuan had forgotten that his body was covered in injuries from the beating Lin Ruo gave him as he watched Su Rui and Su Wan putting on an intimate show.

So domineering! Master Ye felt like he needed to talk to Su Rui some more and learn from him.

That way, he wouldn’t be far from marrying a Miss Perfect and reaching the peak of his life…

Only Xu Ce looked at them peculiarly. He watched the two neutrally but at the same time, full of mysteriousness…

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