Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 384 - Cultivation Examination(2)

The examination that occurred once every three year in the headquarters was the biggest feast for the mission enforcers in the lost time-space.

Even more, the time-space chosen this time was in an ancient cultivation world. There was no end to cultivation and the cultivation room was vast in terms of area. This made the examination this time even more difficult.

Each mission enforcer would be teleported to different locations with different identities. Some lucky ones might wake up to find out that they were the leader of a sect. Those with bad luck might not be able to even become cultivators, instead just a common person.

Before Su Wan entered the connection room, she turned to look at Su Rui. Their departments were opposite of each other. Xu Ce and Ye Xin were across from each other. Yun Sheng’s connection cabin was across from Ding Jiajia’s. Su Rui and Su Wan were also across from one another.

Su Rui smiled gently at her when he felt Su Wan’s gaze.

Wife, wait for me.

Su Wan smiled after comprehending Su Rui’s words. She turned and got into her own connection cabin and then she slowly closed her eyes.

Scanning over the mission enforcer’s electric waves, Su Wan’s memory was locked and they connected her soul...Ding! Connection successful! Welcome to the cultivation time-space, Cangyue Mainland! The examination time-space set place in a cultivation world this time. There was no time limit and there were fifty-four mission enforcers. This time, people were allowed to kill one another. The mission enforcer who survived until the end and its department would be the winner!

When the voice in her mind slowly faded away, Su Wan suddenly opened her eyes. She had a pair of ruby-like red eyes.


Su Wan’s gaze flickered, from calmness to nervousness.

According to the examination rules, after she was fully in the world, although she didn’t know the plot and the leading roles’ identities, she would receive the original owner’s memories. But…

How come her mind was blank? Why didn't she have any memories?

Plus this line of vision…

Su Wan looked at the grassland and then at the forest not too far from her. There was a bad omen.

She tried moving her body and opening her mouth.


She wanted to cry. Although she didn’t have a mirror to see herself, seeing her green body and the red tail, she knew her identity in this world.

She was a snake, an ancient green bamboo snake or the modern poisonous snake.


Only that word could describe her feelings.

Su Wan dragged her bamboo-colored body and slid along the grass. In the end, she stopped in front of a tree. She couldn’t see the end of the forest. As a snake, the original owner’s memories were also muddled. Su Wan could barely move right now.

She sighed inside and glanced at the tree, her gaze suspicious.

It was bright summer but plum blossoms were blooming right now. It was red like blood.

While Su Wan was staring at the tree, a childish female voice rang in her ears. “What are you looking at? Have you never seen a plum blossom?”

Su Wan was speechless.

She had seen lots of plum blossoms before but never plum blossoms blooming so beautifully during the summer.

While Su Wan was talking to herself, the female voice rang again, “Little snake, you can actually hear me? Oh my god. Someone finally, no, a snake can talk to me now!”

Su Wan was also shocked. She didn’t expect that the plum blossom tree she was talking about could hear her.

Living things all have spirits. Could this tree have a spirit?

“You’re a tree spirit?”

Su Wan looked at the plum blossom tree and asked.

“No, not a spirit. I'm immortal. A flower immortal. A plum blossom immortal! You’re an inexperienced snake.”

Plum blossom immortal…

So it turns out that it wasn’t the tree that gained spiritual nature but rather the plum blossoms. No wonder the plum blossoms were able to bloom such brightly in the peak of summer.

“So you’re a plum blossom immortal. Immortal, I had just activated my spiritual energy. Can you tell me where we’re at right now?”

She finally encountered someone she could talk to. Su Wan was really happy. At the very least, she needed to figure out where she was right now.

“This is a long story.”

The little plum blossoms, like Su Wan, also finally encountered someone she could talk to. She appeared really excited. “Little snake, little snake, climb up and then I’ll talk to you. It’s too tiring talking like this.”

Su Wan: …

She’s a lazy flower too huh?

Su Wan spun around and then moved her tail, wrapping around the plum blossom tree. A moment later, she reached the plum blossoms.

Seeing Su Wan’s bright red eyes, the little plum blossom’s voice turned relaxed. “This is the well-known Wanyao Mountain.”

Wanyao Mountain.

The devil world!

Su Wan’s gaze flickered and she didn’t move. She sat still and listened to the little plum blossom.

“The Wanyao Mountain extends far into the distance and there are countless devils and spirits. The King of Demons is in charge of this mountain. Of course, we’re at the border of Wanyao Mountain right now. Little snake, do you know? The Medicinal Valley is outside the Wanyao Mountain. There are many alchemists. I hate them. They would come here frequently to steal medicinal ingredients and treasures from our Wanyao Mountain.”

The plum blossom’s tone turned worried. “Right. You’re a green bamboo snake, right? A king green bamboo snake was captured a few days ago. They’re not your relatives, right?”


Su Wan responded gloomily. Wanyao Mountain, Medicinal Valley. These places did exist in cultivation worlds. But according to Su Wan’s experience, these two places normally don’t have leading roles.

However, if the Medicinal Valley existed, maybe the leading role would appear there.

In this world, all the mission enforcers have to find their enemies and kill them. In this cultivation world where the strong bullied the weak, the only foundation for survival was having power. Therefore...whoever got a better identity would have a better advantage. However, this wasn’t the most important factor that determined success or failure. Normally, the person that determined the win or loss was the leading role of the world. He was incredibly lucky and only by staying by his side, would one’s luck be incredible and pass by countless opportunities!

Who was the leading role in this world?

And where was he?

Far from the Wanyao Mountain, in the Yan Country, on a flourishing town, a fifth-rank cultivation sect, Guyue Sect, was now recruiting a new generation of disciples in the center of town.

A group of boys and girls rushed over. Going the opposite way as the crowd, a teenage boy wearing ragged clothes walked back with a lonely expression.

He failed again. This was the fifth time this year. As expected, no one would be willing to accept disciples who have barely any talent. Even the lowest fifth-rank sect had rejected him over and over.

The boy, Han Yu, wore a lonely expression. While in a daze, someone ran by him quickly. The skinny and weak Han Yu was knocked on the ground and he bumped his forehead against a stone. The fresh blood on his head had dripped into an ancient pendant he was wearing. It absorbed his blood and a strange red glow flickered by.

Han Yu didn’t notice this incident. He stood up and ripped off some cloth to stop the fresh blood on his forehead. Then he stumbled home…

Not a single person within this flourishing and lively town knew that a famous alchemist would be born in the future!

Holding great luck and having natural talent. Han Yu was the male lead in this world!

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