Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 382 - Devils in the Abyss (Epilogue)

Wasteland filled the area where mines were. This was the mine that belonged to Beike City and Asino’s personal asset. They originally hired the wandering demons for labor but now the entire mine contained demons that were adopted by Lika.

Demons were weak. Male demons were a bit better but female demons had petite bodies and they were also weaker than ordinary devils. Therefore, they were whipped numerous times everyday as punishment.

Plus, the labor here gained them no benefit. The Overlord's residence only provided them three meals and shelter. Of course, people did try to leave or escape. Those who escaped were captured and then tortured to death using fire-attributed magic. Those who suggested leaving the area were permitted. However, the precondition was exchanging their freedom for enough crystal coins. After all, Lika had spent lots of crystal coins to save them.

Weiwei An was one of the many who was rescued. She was often beaten up because of her skinny body. After a while, her body grew weaker and weaker, and it even became worse than when she was sold.

Her gratitude towards Lika had transformed into endless resentment.

Kind person? Those were lies. These were lies made by the Overlord’s wife.


Weiwei An snapped out of her trance due to the pain on her back. She looked up to see the guard’s icy and heartless eyes. “Trying to take a break huh? Get to work already! Otherwise, there’s no food for you tonight!”

Her back was aching and stinging from pain. Weiwei An continued to work with her back bent over. Maybe because she was too weak but she took a few steps before her gaze turned dizzy and she fell on the ground.

“Hey, I’m talking about you! Get up already!”

As the whip mixed with magic power was about to descend on her again, Weiwei An closed her eyes, submitting to fate.


A deep and hoarse voice rang. Weiwei An froze. The whip she imagined didn’t drop. She opened her eyes to see a woman slowly walking over under the red moonlight.

She was also a demon but she wore a clean magic robe. She wore a cold expression on her calm face.

“Miss Su!”

Su Wan was naturally the person that came. She had been following Ding Jiajia this entire time and she didn’t change her name even.

Although she found her name coming out from another person’s mouth to be awkward, she was Ding Jiajia’s favorite after all.

Everyone knew about Miss Xue Li within the Beike City.

Although she was an enchantress, she had gone through mutation and possessed incredible power. Even more, she was also the Overlord’s favorite and most beautiful woman.

Because of Ding Jiajia, Su Wan was also quite well-known.

After all, she was Ding Jiajia’s maid and her most trustworthy aide.

“Miss Su Wan, why are you here? Let us know whatever you need.”

The guard lowered his status in front of Su Wan, even trying to kiss up to her.

Seeing his two faces, this made Weiwei An envious. They were both demons but when could she be like Miss Su Wan? Able to remove her seal and talk, stop being enslaved?

Seeing the envious look in Weiwei An’s eyes, Su Wan curled her lips up. “Miss Xue Li wants this demon. I’m taking her.”


The guard took a few steps forward and removed the magic chains on Weiwei An.

“You’re very lucky. Leave with Miss Su Wan”!

Weiwei An stood up unbelievably. Because she was overly excited, it took her several times before she could stabilize herself. She was unable to talk but she looked at Su Wan, afraid and in delight.

“Okay, follow me.”

Su Wan didn’t bother saying anything, turning to leave.

Weiwei An naturally followed along quickly. The two took the horse carriage back to the Overlord’s residence, returning to Ding Jiajia’s place quickly.

Ding Jiajia lifted her brows. “She’s the one you chose?”


Su wan nodded. While Ding Jiajia and Asino were strengthening their relationship, Su Wan had kept her eyes on the nearby mines for a while. She had gone through careful selection before choosing Weiwei An.

“I’m sure of your decision. This appearance...tch. She’s really an exotic flower within the demon species.”

Weiwei An subconsciously shrunk back and kept her head even more down.

That’s right. Demons were petite. Although they weren’t as charming as enchantresses, ordinary demons were refreshing to the eyes. But Weiwei An looked really ugly. This was also why she wasn’t able to be sold for a good price, often being passed around in the market.

If she could choose, she didn’t want to look so ugly either. If she could choose, she didn’t even want to be a demon. But did she have a choice?

“Weiwei An, do you want to be beautiful?”

Su Wan’s hoarse voice rang as if seeing through Weiwei An’s thoughts. Her tone was extremely alluring.

She wanted to. Why wouldn’t she? If she had no power in this abyss, she might as well possess a beautiful appearance. At the very least, she’d be able to survive on man.

It wasn’t that she was stepping on her own dignity but this was the survival codebook within the deep abyss.

Seeing Weiwei An’s sparkling gaze, Su Wan continued to smile. “I can help you become beautiful and help you obtain a mighty position. I can you become a lofty noble magic demon.”

How, how was this possible?

Weiwei An felt as if she had just heard the most absurd thing. She looked unbelievably at Su Wan, staring at her every action.

Su Wan took out a small dagger. “At night, Miss Xue Li will take you to the Overlord’s wife. You just need to stab her while no one is paying attention. Remember to avoid the fatal spots. You just need to injure her. Of course, you don’t have to do as I say. I won’t take you back to the mine but you’ll be staying here as a low-level servant your entire life.”

Weiwei An grabbed Su Wan’s dagger without hesitation.

Su Wan smiled in satisfaction. Likewise, Ding Jiajia was also smiling. “Not bad. Su Wan, you’ve got sharp eyes. I like women who are ambitious and are ready to accomplish great things.”

They hated white lotuses and whatnot.

That night.


“Murder! Murder! Someone save me!”

A low-level maid came out shrieking from Lika’s palace. Right now, Lika was lying on the ground. She tried assembling her magic energy but she failed.


A person slowly appeared in the dark.


Lika was shocked to see Su Wan. “Xue Li sent you guys to kill me? I, I can’t threaten her anymore. Why must she be so sinister?”

“Sinister? Lika, are you sure you’re not talking about yourself?”

Su Wan picked up the magic drug and wiped it on her face, revealing her original appearance.

“Your, Your Highness.”

Lika cried in shock.

How, how could she be Her Highness Su?

“Like, I don’t care that you took my identity but you joined Asino in killing my father and took over Beike City. Lika, I’m here today to make you repay your debt!”

Saying this, Su Wan took out another bottle of drug, sprinkling it on the ground. Lika immediately became unconscious.

“Weiwei An, go lie by Lika.”

Su Wan ordered and Weiwei An immediately listened.

“What a good girl. Weiwei An, close your eyes. You’ll be the Overlord’s wife in a few moments.”

Overlord’s wife.

Weiwei An was shocked inside. She immediately closed her eyes…

Three months later, Beike City.

The leaders’ gathering that took place once every three years was held like usual. Asino and Beige suddenly revolted and the two acted together, causing the entire Feite Clan to be in a ruckus. After short cooperation, Asino and Bellia fell out. Ding Jiajia naturally took this chance to leave Beike City with su Wan.

Asino still only had one wife. Of course, in outsiders’ and Asino’s eyes, the wife was Her Highness Su. However, she was actually Weiwei An.

That night, the dagger she gave Weiwei An specifically targeted the soul. She weakened Lika’s soul and then she used the forbidden soul spell to exchange her and Weiwei An’s souls. The experiment was really successful this time. When Weiwei An opened her eyes, she was the mighty Overlord’s wife. As for the ugly and weak demon, they were imprisoned and received countless torture before being tossed out…

Asino now started his expedition through the medium floor abyss. He and Weiwei An rode the horse carriage driven by magic beasts, crossing the streets in Beike City. Countless demons worshipped them.

In the most worn-down place in the city, an ugly demon girl who was all battered and dirty glanced in the direction of Asino and Weiwei An. She weakly opened her mouth, wanting to say that she was the true Overlord’s wife. However, not only couldn’t she talk, she couldn’t even walk...

She resented Weiwei An for stealing her identity. Yet, she didn’t remember that she had stolen the Overlord’s wife’s identity from someone else as well...

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