Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 385 - Cultivation Examination(3)

As Han Yu awakened the spirit in his pendant with his fresh blood, far away in Kunlun paradise, the first-rank Tianyun Sect’s secret chamber contained a white-haired old man who suddenly opened his eyes, his gaze brightening.

“He appeared!”

The man looked at the astrolabe with purple qi lingering in the air, excited.

The fated person, the hope of the entire Cangyue Mainland. That person appeared!

He stood up excitedly but in the next second, his expression changed immediately.

The appearance of the purple qi meant that the true “Sof of Heaven” had been born but black qi lingered on the air immediately. The nebula was in chaos!

This was the warning that the people in the world were about to face a terrible situation.

How did this come to be?

The emperor closed his eyes and chanted Tianyun Sect’s spell. Not long later, the astrolabe started to spin and the black qi rose and fell at the most west and north. That was…


The emperor suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and the astrolabe immediately crumbled into dust.

West, that’s where Wanyao Mountain’s devils were.

North, that’s where the Netherlands’ demons were.

Could demons and devils be born within these two places?

The emperor had no time to wipe the blood off his lips. He immediately left the secret chamber and lit the communication talisman of the sect.

The emperor’s deep and aged voice rang within the talisman, “When the elders and the law protectors of the Tianyun Sect hear this, immediately gather in front of the sect.

Tianyun Sect’s emergency summoning officially signaled the start of a chaotic world…

Wanyao Mountain.

Ever since Su Wan got to know the little plum blossom immortal, they became friends. In the green bamboo snake’s memories, there was no recollection of cultivation or spells. Thankfully, Su Wan had remembered quite a bit of cultivation chants from other cultivation worlds.

She silently cultivated under the plum blossom tree everyday. People say that people forget time while they are in the mountains. In the blink of an eye, ten years passed.

Within the ten years, Su Wan had just reached the fifth floor of refinement within human cultivation. The speed at which she did so was a scam! Thankfully, the only good thing about this place was how quiet it was. Within the past ten years, she and the plum blossom’s cultivation weren’t disturbed by the outside world.

One needed to know that the Demon King had set down really strict rules within the Wanyao Mountain. Unless the demons had blood debt to settle, they weren’t allowed to hurt their own species. If they really couldn’t resolve the dilemma, then the Four Great Demons would supervise them and they could resolve this in the arena. Compared to the human cultivators who just killed one another, the demons appeared to be much more unifying and loving towards their own kind.

Su Wan’s snake body had grown a bit from when she just entered the mission world. The tiny scales on her body started emitting a faint green glow.

People were lying when they said they weren’t anxious at all. However, Su Wan knew that she didn’t have much time to think about all of this. She needed to cultivate, cultivate, and cultivate more!

Of course, the precondition was making sure she was sage.

In the past ten years, many notifications have passed through her mind. Of the fifty-four original mission enforcers, twenty were eliminated! This was a scary number and also proved that there must be people with extremely prominent identities within the mission enforcers. Plus, that person could be an evil cultivator. Only an identity like this would make one start killing without any fear.

How could it be?

Could it be...him?

Xu Ce’s name flickered through her mind. Whenever she thought of this name, she’d feel a burning pain. However, it was unclear why she didn’t feel as painful this time.

Su Wan was really confused


She kept feeling like there was something wrong with her memories. There must be something extremely important that she shouldn’t have forgotten but she did…

This had been bothering her and caused her to cultivate slowly. In the end, Su Wan forcibly suppressed these questions in her mind. She forced herself to focus on cultivating and not thinking about anything else. After a while, her heart finally calmed down.

“Little snake, little snake.”

The plum blossom’s voice rang above Su Wan, with fear and despair. “Little snake, little snake, run away! He’s here! He’s here!”

Who is he?

Feeling the anxiety and despair in the plum blossom’s voice, Su Wan immediately wrapped her body around the tree and looked far into the distance. Right now, her vision was much better than how it was a decade ago. She saw figures slowly walking over.

They were wearing white robes. These robes...from the Medicinal Valley!

Su Wan recalled the plum blossom talking about Medicinal Valley’s people many times. She talked about the attire of the people there. They wore white clothes no matter the gender.

“Don’t be afraid. They might be coming to gather some ingredients. Don’t make any noises. They won’t notice us.”

Su Wan comforted the plum blossom but she was about to cry, “There’s no use. It’s him. He’s here. A decade ago, he had said that he’d be coming to take my life. He’s going to cook me for primer to his medicine.”

That person.

The plum blossom would never forget the man who waved his sleeves and beat down the green bamboo snake king just like that. He noticed her back then but he didn’t do anything.

“Little thing, I’m going to visit you a decade from now. It just so happens that I’m lacking a flower spirit within my medicine.”

A decade passed and he was still handsome as ever, holding peerless talent.

Although the world seemed lacking compared to his smile, she was extremely afraid and desperate whenever she thought of him using her as primer to medicine.

There’s no saving her. She’s dead! She won’t become immortal in this life. Little snake, run away. You’re my only friend.

This was the first time Su Wan hesitated. She and the plum blossom had been relying on one another for the past decade so they naturally felt deep feelings for each other. But the person the plum blossom spoke of seemed to be really strong.

If she made a move carelessly, she might die as well.

The best solution was escaping on her own. She shouldn’t hesitate or anything but she did.

“Little plum blossom, abandon this tree. We can hide together.”

Although the little plum blossom had become a spirit after being nurtured by the tree, since she had her own consciousness and spirit, she had the ability to leave the tree.


Little plum blossom hesitated.

“Don’t hesitate. When they leave, we can come back later.” Su Wan’s tone was a bit rushed.


The little plum blossom nodded and then a beautiful plum blossom petal fell down, gently landing on Su Wan’s head. “Little snake, let’s go quickly! That person is insane.”


Cough. A certain insane person was not far from them. His clear gaze was on the plum blossom tree that was quickly wilting. He smiled.

“It seems like the little thing escaped.”

The man clad in white couldn’t help but laugh.

“Master Mo.”

When the attendant heard the man’s voice, he exclaimed, “Then did we come here for no reason? If we travel any deeper, it’s the Four Great Demons’ territories. Once she escapes inside, it’d be really hard to catch her back.”

“It’s fine, she can’t escape.”

Master Mo continued to smile. Then he waved his sleeves gently. Then, the grass and plants all wilted. The grassland that was originally green burned…

Medicinal Valley, Master Mo, the top poison cultivator in the world!


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