Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 386 - Cultivation Examination(4)

The grasses and flowers wilted immediately. Su Wan barely escaped with plum blossom far enough when the roads in front of her had turned black, stopping their paths.

If you look down from the sky, you’d see that the burnt black color had extended from Master Mo’s feet and encircled around the two sides, stopping Su Wan. She and plum blossom were stuck inside this circle.

Not only that, poisonous fog filled the air and it was now slowly spreading.

Such poisonous methods!

Su Wan subconsciously moved back but then her snake body flew out uncontrollably, held in someone’s hands.

Su Wan glared with her fiery red eyes and met a pair of clear and gentle eyes. The pair of eyes were emotionless. They were supposed to be a pair of clear and bright eyes but it was strange, revealing a charming glint.

This pair of eyes, this type of feeling.

Su Wan froze. She was too familiar with this kind of gaze. It was really similar to that person. As well as this gentle temperament...she hated everything about him.

Her body reacted before she could process what was going on.

She twisted her body and bit using her poisonous fangs on Master Mo’s arms. His white clothes were dyed in blood and it made him look extra charming.


Master Mo smiled gently seeing the fresh blood on his sleeves. “Little thing, does my blood taste good?”

Taste butt!

Su Wan was in a daze before Master Mo’s smile turned foggy and blurry.

“Little snake! Little snake, don’t sleep.”

Plum blossom’s anxious voice rang. “Ah, I forgot to tell you that he’s a poison cultivator. His blood is extremely poisonous.”

Su Wan: …

Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?

How do you drag your teammates down? Like this…

Seeing the green bamboo snake gently wrapping its body around his arms, Master Mo’s gaze flickered and he stared strangely at Su Wan for a while.

“No, little snake died! So pitiful. This plum blossom has no friends now!”

Master Mo finally snapped out of his trance when he heard the childish voice. He smiled at the dazed plum blossom sitting on the snake’s head. He asked softly, “Who told you that she died?”


Plum blossom was excited. Right now, the red petals were trembling nonstop. “She didn’t die? That’s great!”

“To be accurate, she’s not dead for now. If I don’t save her, she’ll still die after twenty four hours.”

Master Mo exclaimed softly, the smile on his face unchanging. It didn’t seem like he was talking about life and death or anything important.

“You...humans are so annoying!”

Plum blossom was a bit angry before softening her tone. “Then can you save her? Didn’t you...want to catch me? There’s no point capturing her. She’s a poisonous snake and she doesn’t taste good!”


Master Mo lifted his brows, looking at the plum blossom in interest. “Cough. I was thinking that I can use the green bamboo snake’s snake gall for my medicine as well. Plus, she has some cultivation. No matter what, she has hit the fifth floor of refinement, no? Spiritual snakes’ meat is the best.”


Little plum blossom started crying. “Please don’t eat little snake. Don’t take her snake gall. I...I’ll find another snake for you, okay?”

“How about this?”

Master Mo’s gaze flickered seeing that the little flower spirit was crying pitifully. “I’ll pick one of you two to be added into my medicine. You can choose who.”


Little plum blossom stopped crying, her petals still trembling nonstop. “Then, can eat me instead. Little snake is really smart. She’s really strong. If she lives, she can cultivate into a human and avenge me. Meanwhile, I...I’m stupid. Even if I was given another ten thousand years, I won’t be able to become an immortal or a person.”

Little plum blossom knew. Su Wan had been the one instructing her all these years.

Little plum blossom didn’t have her own unique cultivation skill either. Since she had activated her spirit, she vaguely knew that she had to cultivate and become an immortal. However, she didn’t know why.

She kept on searching, cultivating alone. Up until she encountered Su Wan a decade ago.

She had to repay Su Wan’s favor back.

Mn. Although little plum blossom didn’t know why she knew about this, her heart was telling her that she must save Su Wan. She must save. Her life was much more important than her own life. That’s right. That was the feeling.

“What a loyal little thing.”

Master Mo smiled and waved his hands, holding little plum blossom in his palm. “If that’s the case, I’ll reluctantly accept your request.”

Saying this, he lifted his hands and placed the little plum blossom on his shoulders and then wrapped Su Wan’s snake body in his arms.

“Go back.”

Master Mo then left with his attendant.

Not long after they left, a tall and lofty fierce tiger and a cheetah dash over from the forest.

“We came late!”

The cheetah said slowly before turning into a young lady with a sexy figure.

“Master Mo did this.”

Then the fierce tiger also transformed into a middle-aged man with thick brows.

“He took Xiao Mei.”

The woman was a bit anxious. “What should we say if the Devil King asks?”

“Let’s chase after them. We might be able to stand a chance against Master Mo if we combine hands.”

The two were planning to chase when a gale blew over and a slender figure suddenly appeared in front of the two.

“Your Majesty!”

The two got on their knees seeing the familiar figure. In a scared tone, “Your Majesty, Xiao Mei, she…”

“I know. Don’t chase and stay out of this. You guys can go back.”


The two devils heard the Devil King’s words and froze first before leaving obediently. Meanwhile, the Devil King stood still and glanced at the wilted tree.

“Five thousand years. Has it come to this point?”

Bai Ye waved his hands and the wilted tree turned into ashes.

Five thousand years wasn’t that short towards Bai Ye who was already ten thousands years ago.

A slow five thousand years have passed and many things have changed.

My master, my wife.

When will you guys be awakened?

Xiao Mei has found the person she had been waiting for guys will be here soon too, right?

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