Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 388 - Cultivation Examination(6)

Extreme north, Ghost Netherland.

The aura lingered on in the air and within this imperial city’s palace hall where piles of skeletons sat, the Ghost King sat on the skeleton throne. His face was hidden by the black fog.

“King! The people within Kunlun paradise have been dispatching their people around lately. The spies from the three big sects returned and exclaimed that they seemed to be training their newbies strictly lately and plan on attacking our Ghost Netherland soon.”

The ghost general reported, on his knees. When the Ghost King heard the news, he laughed deeply. His aged voice was mixed with a tint of coldness. “My child, what do you think about this?”

Summoned by the Ghost King, a slender figure slowly came out from the endless darkness. The black fog dissipated and it revealed an extremely handsome face. He was handsome like a deity but he wore a pair of bloodthirsty eyes, the harsh glint hidden.

“Father, please allow me to leave the Ghost Netherland with Ziye and investigate the news.”

His voice was cold yet alluring.

The Ghost King laughed hearing his son’s words. “Hahah! Alright! You can go! Remember to go back with a full harvest from the human world.”

“Yes. This child won’t fail father!”

Saying this, the slender figure was once again enveloped by the black fog and he gradually disappeared. When he appeared again, he was in another palace hall.

“Your Highness!”

A ghost clad in purple ran to him respectfully.

Ziye, a ghost within the golden core realm and the top of the young ghosts within the Ghost Netherland.

“Pack up and leave with me. Also, don’t call me your highness outside.”

“Yes, young master.”

Seeing the ghost prince leave afar, Ziye looked down and a dark glint flickered through her eyes.

She could finally leave this damned place now?

Where are the others?

Ziye didn’t dare to overthink. She placed her thoughts away.

This was the Ghost Netherland. She needed to play Ziye’s role. Having obtained the original owner’s memory, she naturally knew that the original owner had been secretly in love with His Highness, Ye Cheng.

As for Ye Cheng…

Could he be a mission enforcer?

Ziye didn’t know because Ye Cheng acted the same as he did in her memory.

If he truly was a mission enforcer, that meant his acting skills were top tier!

While Ziye was anxious inside her heart, she didn’t notice that there was a pair of cold eyes looking at her in the darkness…

Yellow Sea, Medicinal Valley.

In the end, Master Mo actually agreed to Su Wan’s request.

He permitted her and little plum blossom to stay and cultivate. Of course, while doing so, they had to help Master Mo take care of his land.

Jiu was originally full of spirit but when she saw her master accepting two servants all of a sudden, she suddenly felt attacked.

“Master, you don’t love me anymore. You must not love me. I knew it. You...uh.”

While Jiu was muttering to herself, Master Mo actually tossed dozens of bloody corpses from his storage bag. Jiu opened her eyes and her vines were dancing around happily. “I knew master loves me the most, loves me the most!”

Her vines wrapped around the dozens of corpses and she wolfed them down.

Little plum blossom hid behind Su Wan seeing such a bloody and ruthless scene, accompanied with the fresh bood. She lifted her two petals up to cover her eyes.

Too ruthless. Too bloody. Too...uh, it was alright too?

Su Wan ignored Jiu’s expression but she stared at Master Mo strangely. How come she felt a tyrannical temperament from such a gentle person?

Was it his illusion? No, it didn’t seem like it. Could he be…

A mission enforcer?

The words flickered through Su Wan’s mind.

She became a little snake who had no memory. This was the worst situation but also the best.

Because she had no past, no family, no memory, everything was created upon her senses. But what about the others? They obtained the original owner’s memory which meant they needed to live according to their lifestyles. They had to conceal themselves and make sure to play the role perfectly. After all, no one knew where their enemies were.

Plus, this was a cultivation world. Walk-ins were a common occurrence. If you acted too strangely, don’t mention mission enforcers but even your fellow apprentice and senior brothers as well as elders would quickly doubt you too. By then, your situation would be worse.

Therefore, was Master Mo a mission enforcer? Or was he a strange person that couldn’t be fathomed from the start?

Su Wan’s gaze flickered. She knew that she had to be careful. Even if Master Mo wasn’t a mission enforcer, she knew the leading role would definitely come to the Medicinal Valley. There must be one or more hidden mission enforcers.

She needed to minimize her existence and work on cultivating so that she could become a human soon.

Just like this, Su Wan and little plum blossom settled down in Master Mo’s home. Not only that, they used Jiu’s body as their home.

Jiu: …

Not only did you guys steal my master from me, you guys are also using my leaves as your beds? Sniffle, I’m so pitiful. No one loves me. I want to eat people.

A month later.

“Right, that’s how you do it. Smart little plum blossom!”

“Sister Yan, so human blood can turn me bright. I like it!”


Jiu heard the words and flapped her leaves happily. “Of course, you and little snake should follow me in the future. I’ll take the meat and you guys can have the blood. Days like this are the best!”

Su Wan: …

Jiu, within this month,what have you done to the little plum blossom?

Su Wan was a bit speechless but she was also happy inside. Little plum blossom got a new friend. Her naive personality didn’t suit her as well. It was great that Jiu was teaching her some self-defense methods.

“Xiao Qing.”

Master Mo’s gentle voice rang behind Su Wan.

She hated the name “Xiao Qing.”

Su Wan ridiculed inside her heart but still curled her body up, turning around. “Master, you’re back?”


Master Mo walked inside and Su Wan noticed that he was holding a jade box. Although the cover had been sealed by a talisman, there was still a refreshing fragrance.

This treasure!

“Master, what is this?”

Su Wan slowly moved behind Master Mo and looked curiously at his jade box.


He smiled and said, “The millennium year old chalcedony fruit is inside. Just one bite and it can increase your cultivation by five hundred years and you can transform into a human.”

Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit.

Su Wan stayed frozen. She was familiar with all sorts of treasures within this world and she knew that this Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit was invaluable.

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