Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 39.2: Spicy Eyes! (T/N: eyes burn/it stings)

Chapter 39 Part 2

Ever since he discovered that Master Ye had never been to the movies, Xi Jia began to intentionally or otherwise take Ye Jingzhi to do some fun activities, letting him live some days like how a regular person would have. It didn’t have to be feasting or at a corrupt environment.1 For example, they could go take a walk at a nearby park after eating dinner, or they could row a boat on the lake during the weekend.

May was the best time for flying kites.

Xi Jia had flown kites with his dad when he was little. This time, he discovered that there was a large lawn not far away from Master Ye’s house. Every day, many people would go there to fly kites. Without delaying any further, he bought a large bat kite on a certain day, went to the lawn together with Ye Jingzhi, and was ready to fly it.

Flying kites was a game that had been popular since ancient times. In ancient times, it was called kites.2 Now, there were even major kite competitions and kite festivals worldwide. It was a very interesting activity.

Sure enough, Ye Jingzhi had never flown a kite before. He listened to Xi Jia’s words, held the kite with both hands, and ran in front with Xi Jia chasing behind. Everything should look completely simple. Hell King Ye could make kids cry, and Ghost King Xi could beat malicious ghosts with his fists. A small matter like flying kites was definitely not worth mentioning for them.

They released the kite for an hour, yet the kite still hadn’t gone up into the sky.

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Xi Jia’s expression became stern, “Master Ye, I think we shouldn’t have bought this kind of weirdly shaped kite. If we bought the most ordinary triangular kite, we can definitely fly it instantly.”

Ye Jingzhi nodded: Everything wife says is right.

Words could be said like this, but not far away from them was a child around 4-5 years old who was flying a kite, and it was even a centipede kite. This child was looking at Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi while giggling as if laughing at them for not being able to even put a kite into the air when they’re adults.

How could this be tolerated?

Brother Jia was at the end of his patience and tried to fly the kite for another half hour.

Half an hour later, Xi Jia, “……”

Seeing that the little brat was still flying a kite to the side while watching and laughing at them, Brother Jia hardened his heart. He turned to look at Ye Jingzhi, “Master Ye, can you use magic to fly this kite?”

Ye Jingzhi thought for a bit, “Can.”

Xi Jia slightly smiled as he said, “Then, I’ll be troubling you, Master Ye.”

With a simple wind spell, the bat kite flew high and straight into the sky, very quickly becoming a star in the sky.

Brother Jia calmly swept a glance at the stupefied brat.

When they went back home that night empty-handed (the kite flew away), Xi Jia seriously said, “Tomorrow, let’s buy the simplest triangular kite. Master Ye, it’ll definitely fly to the sky this time.”

Ye Jingzhi stared at him and didn’t speak. The corners of his lips slightly curved up.

Xi Jia spoke for a while longer before he suddenly sensed Ye Jingzhi’s gaze. He asked in confusion, “Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi, “Alright, we’ll go again tomorrow.”

Xi Jia’s eyes curved with a smile.

After living for 25 years and living alone for 19 years, Ye Jingzhi suddenly felt that the world still had so many happy things in this world. In this life besides hunting ghosts, eliminating devils, and protecting the mortal world, he could still go and do so many things and could even be this happy.

When it was night, Xi Jia still had to head out to ghost hunt.

The two of them followed alongside Poyang Lake and searched around the county city’s surroundings. Finally on the seventh day, they came across a malicious ghost that had just died.

Xi Jia grabbed the malicious ghost by the neck, pleasantly surprised. He directly and efficiently pressed the malicious ghost against the wall and tightened his fingers, creating a creaking noise. With a turn of his head, he asked using that pure and harmless face, “Master Ye, what should I do next?”

Ye Jingzhi who suddenly saw this scene, “……”

Xi Jia also seemed to think that his way of ghost hunting seemed a bit too brutal. He slightly loosened the hand clutching the malicious ghost’s neck in order to avoid breaking this malicious ghost’s neck.

Ye Jingzhi held up his modou and lightly pointed the side with the gear at the malicious ghost. A black aura flowed out of the malicious ghost’s body and slowly floated into Xi Jia’s modou.

Ye Jingzhi said, “It’s been verified. Now, you only need to settle this malicious ghost and you’ll automatically receive the points.”

Xi Jia thought for a bit, “How do I know if this malicious ghost should immediately have its soul scattered or sent to Hell to receive punishment? I mean, how to ask Ling Xiao?” Xi Jia already knew that the Celestial Masters would ask Ling Xiao before hunting ghosts to judge the malicious ghost’s punishment.

Ye Jingzhi, “You don’t need to worry. You can directly kill it. If its soul shouldn’t be scattered, Ling Xiao would naturally send it to Hell. In 8 to 9 cases out of 10, the malicious ghosts of the world would have their souls scattered. It’s rare to encounter a malicious ghost with lighter crimes. So you don’t have to hesitate and directly……”


Xi Jia punched the wall and pierced through the malicious ghost’s head.

The malicious ghost’s eyes widened and looked at him in disbelief as if not understanding how this elegant and fair young man could beat it to death with one punch so ruthlessly and cruelly.

The fist descended, and the malicious ghost’s body started to gently tremble. In the next moment, it’s body suddenly fell apart and transformed into countless light specks, disappearing into the air.

Xi Jia turned to look at Ye Jingzhi, “Does this count as the soul scattering and not being sent to Hell by Ling Xiao, Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Xi Jia asked again in confusion, “Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded.

Wife is very violent, wife is very scary, but……wife’s appearance while hitting ghosts is also very cute.

This was the one and only malicious ghost that Xi Jia had come across in Poyang. He already knew how he should use the modou to confirm the points. The next day, he planned on going out to ghost hunt alone without bothering Ye Jingzhi. But Ye Jingzhi said, “I almost have enough points for this month already. At night……At night, I have nothing going on, and I’m familiar with the area. I can help you find more malicious ghosts.”

Since he said so, Xi Jia didn’t refuse.

As the days past by, Xi Jia had spent more than half a month in Poyang County. He only managed to hunt one malicious ghost and earn one point.

In the middle of June, he first made a trip back to S City and planned on picking up some clothes for the summer before going to C Province to film.

When Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi returned to S City, it was already June. They only planned on staying in S City for two days before leaving. The main purpose was to grab some clothes. However right when they were about to leave, Xi Jia sent Song Song to the neighboring aunty to be taken care of like before, but this time, the little thing tenaciously held onto Xi Jia’s wrist. Its small body tightly adhered to it, strongly clinging on with its two little paws. It wouldn’t let go no matter what.

Xi Jia’s thoughts slightly trembled, but he really couldn’t do anything about it. He could only forcibly pry Song Song’s paws off, “I need to go film. I really really can’t take you with me this time.”

He passed Song Song over to the Aunty’s hands, but before Aunty could hold onto it properly, the small black cat used its legs to jump onto Xi Jia. Using its red tiny tongue to lick his face, it refused to go.

They went back and forth just like this a few times. Song Song clung onto Xi Jia each time and refused to leave him.

Xi Jia didn’t know what to do, and he also felt extremely heartbroken. The Aunty next door smiled, “This little guy really missed you. Little Jia, if it’s convenient, you should bring it with you. Last month, it missed you a lot. It would sit and wait by our front door every day and stare at the elevator to see if you came back.”

Song Song gently rubbed against Xi Jia’s wrist while a pair of paws still firmly held on.

Xi Jia looked down at its sticky look and gently sighed. Reluctant to part with it, he brought Song Song into his arms and smiled, “Thank you, Aunty. Before, I troubled you to take care of it. This time, I’m taking it with me.”

Since he needed to bring Song Song, Xi Jia naturally couldn’t take the plane or the high-speed rail. He could only drive to C Province.

He didn’t have a car. At first, he was somewhat lost on what to do, but Master Ye said, “At Tian Gong Pavilion, you can use points to buy a car. A mortal’s car is very cheap.”

Xi Jia’s mind stirred, “It’s very cheap?”

Ye Jingzhi pulled up Tian Gong Pavilion’s online shop and found an ordinary small sedan with a market price of 150,000 yuan. He showed his phone to Xi Jia. When Xi Jia saw this car, he looked at the figure below it several times in disbelief. Finally, he asked, “I didn’t see it wrong. It’s only 1.5 points?!”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “En. Because it’s an ordinary car and hasn’t been transformed into a magic treasure.

Brother Jia was getting restless and wanted to buy, but Brother Jia only had one point.

Giving up on this inexpensive car, Xi Jia helplessly searched through the online shop for a long time. In the end, he really found a car. It was from some Celestial Master who urgently needed points and sold it at a second-hand discounted price of exactly one point. It was 90% new, it was even a Benz.

Brother Jia had lived for this long, yet he had never driven another car besides the driver’s ed car. Now he got a Benz as his first purchase, Brother Jia was flattered.

Translator’s Addition:
Song Song: Meow Meow Meowwww~

Translator’s Notes:
1 Original term is an idiom 灯红酒绿. Literally laterns red, wine green. Means feasting/pleasure-seeking or a “corrupt” environment. Karaoke/clubbing/bars and other entertainment stuff are on the list.
2 They’re both kites, but one is modern 风筝 and the other is ancient 纸鸢.

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