Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 39 - Cold War

Chapter 39 - Cold War

“That person has been sent to the Dali Temple by the Prime Minister.” King Su frowned and finished the small snack in his hand in two bites, he then reached for another piece.

“Nonsense!” The State Teacher put down the hand holding his chin, it seemed to be let go randomly, but it happened to stop between King Su’s outstretched hand and the plate, and he said with a solemn expression.

“The foreign star is very important, don’t interfere at will.”

“Then you have to explain the oracle clearly…”King Su’s face darkened slightly. He hesitated for a moment, and then looked at Su Yu.

Su Yu immediately understood that as a concubine of the harem, he was not qualified to listen to national affairs. He very tactfully got up and took his leave.

“You can go, ba.” The State Teacher motioned that he could leave, then he kept silent with King Su, obviously intending to wait for Su Yu to leave before continuing.

Su Yu walked down the black-gold spiral staircase, deliberately slowing down his pace, wanting to hear a few more words.

He somewhat felt that the so-called “foreign start” might be him, after all, such a thing as a visitor foreign to the heavens should be uncommon…right?

“ ‘The catastrophe is arriving, and the foreign star descends to the world.’, isn’t it very clear?” The State Teacher’s melodious voice seemed somewhat ethereal when he recited the oracle, with a sense of unfathomable holiness.

Su Yu’s heart froze. He couldn’t help but pause while walking downstairs, he held his breath and waited for three more breaths of time. No sound came from upstairs, so he had to leave.

On the way back, Su Yu’s mood was a little heavy. Previously he was indulging in wild fantasies, he actually wanted to discuss the issue of transmigrating with the State Teacher.

In a country that revered deities, heretics are bound to be ostracized, besides, it also involved some kind of catastrophe. If someone found out he was not the same, maybe he would be burned to death in a sacrifice to the heavens at the first chance.

Walking through the imperial garden with heavy steps, the excitement of getting a new secret manual has now been significantly reduced. His life was in danger, how can he be happy?

So, in this mood, seeing the woman arrogantly blocking the way, even the good-natured Su Yu can hardly give a smile.

The person who blocked the way was the young lady of the Marquis Changchun family, Cen Cairen. She was wearing an emerald green silk dress and was accompanied by a palace maid and a eunuch.

She standing in the middle of the narrow path, making it impossible to go around.

“What’s the meaning of this, Cen Cairen?” Xiao Shun stepped forward to inquire first, lest these people bump into his master.

Cen Xiaojie has been having a bad time in the palace in the past few days. She thought that by virtue of her family background, she would be sealed as Fei in the palace.

However, she did not expect to just become a little Cairen. With her appearance, as long as she got favored by the Emperor, she would naturally be able to call wind and rain, but who would have imagined that the Emperor has never even looked at her properly until now.

Now in this huge palace, anyone could step on her, and even a small Zhaoyi can embezzle her share. How can she, the dignified first young lady of the Marquis Changchun Fu, ever be reconciled with being in this kind of plight?

“Su Yu, what did you promise my elder brother?” Cen Xiaoje put one hand on her hips and looked at Su Yu arrogantly. The more she looked, the more uncomfortable she became.

In order to match the style of the State Teacher, Su Yu specially wore a light colored wide sleeved changpao, which was made of tribute satin and covered with ice silk. The whole person looked dignified and handsome.

As a native born and bred daughter of an eminent family, Cen Xiaojie knew the value of this outfit the best, so she couldn’t help clenching her sleeves. He was favored by the Emperor, so even if he was a fish seller, he could also become a noble childe.

“What did I promise your brother? Didn’t your elder brother tell you?” Su Yu frowned.

He just promised the Marquis Changchun’s Shizi to take care of his younger sister, if he had any urgent news, he would tell him in time in order to prevent her from attracting trouble and implicating Marquis Changchun.

“Hmph, as long as you remember.” Cen Xiaojie said with a smug look on her face.

“Since you received silver from my family, you have to handle affairs for me.”

Su Yu’s lips twitched and confirmed again that Cen Xiaojie is truly dim-witted.

“What do you want to do?”

“Within the next few days, you have to come up with a way to let the Emperor favor me.” Cen Cairen said naively.

“His Majesty is with you every day, is it not easy for you to mention it?”

Su Yu quietly looked at the girl for a while. He was extremely sympathetic to Marquis Changchun’s Shizi, for having such a younger sister in the palace was like hanging a knife over their head.

At any time, their whole family could be ruined and all the members put to death.

“...Okay, just wait, ba.”


Returning to Yexiao Palace, Su Yu found the box containing the silver banknotes and took out a thousand taels of silver, then gave it to Yang Gonggong.

“Go and return it to Cen Cairen.” These 1000 taels of silver were really not easy to earn, he thought it was worthwhile to help him pass on a message or something, but now it seemed that this was big trouble. It’s better to get rid of the relationship as soon as possible.

Hmm, King Mu Jun is still the most generous, it’s improbable that he would ask back the three thousand taels that he gave him.

“Niangniang, the palace has bought fresh crabs today, would you like two?” Yang Gonggong didn’t ask any further questions and just put the banknotes away.

“Crabs?” Su Yu got up and went out to have a look.

Nowadays, the only one who would buy fresh ingredients in the palace is Xian Fei, and the imperial kitchen is very attentive to this only big customer.

Now they had learned to bring one or two more ingredients to sell in addition to the ingredients Su Yu asked for.

It’s summer, not the season when crabs are the fattest, but as long as the craftsmanship is good, it’s not so important whether it was the best time to eat.

Su Yu took two and looked at them, it was a kind of freshwater crab similar to the hairy crab. They were big and fat, bound into a ball with straw ropes, but they were still waving their big tongs with perseverance.

Speaking of this, the crab stick from last time was not only liked by Sauce, but the Emperor also liked to eat it. The two grumpy fellows were surprisingly consistent in this regard, as long as you give a crab stick, they can be well-behaved for a while.

“This is the best freshwater crab. It was just transported into the palace today, and it only costs one tael silver a piece.” The delivery eunuch said with a wide smile on his face.

Su Yu silently threw the crab back and bought some relatively cheap bamboo shrimps.

Because the Emperor didn’t ask him to deliver takeout at noon, the daily fish is still there. So Su Yu sliced the fish, marinated it to make pan-fried fish fillets, he then added stir-fried shrimp with soy sauce, and then took the red dates congee cooked in the imperial kitchen to deliver to the Beiji Palace.

As a result, when he arrived at Beiji Palace, he was told that the Emperor had already eaten dinner.

Su Yu looked at the food in his hands with sorrow. Because he had the Emperor, the State Teacher, and Sauce, these three big seafood households, to feed, his monthly allowance was running out, and he couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed.

It was fine that the Emperor doesn’t know how to pay for meals, but he didn’t even send anyone to inform him.

The little eunuch outside the palace gave Su Yu an embarrassed look. The Emperor actually didn’t have dinner yet, but when he heard that Xian Fei made fried shrimp with soy sauce, somehow his complexion changed, and just ordered him to send Xian Fei back.

“Niangniang, you are finally here!” Wang Gonggong, who was just called by the Empress Dowager for questioning, hurried back, meeting Su Yu, who was about to turn around and leave.

“Gonggong, His Majesty has already eaten, why didn’t you tell me?’” Su Yu sighed, thinking that he had to find a way to go out of the palace and bring this month's dividends from Xianmantang in advance to provide emergency assistance.

“Bastard thing, what nonsense are you talking about!” Hearing this, Wang Gonggong immediately slapped the little eunuch, then he smiled at Su Yu.

“His Majesty hasn’t eaten yet. Niangniang should go in quickly.”

“Huh?” Su Yu looked at Wang Gonggong.

The little eunuch was stationed at the gate, so he must clearly know whether the Emperor has eaten or not. Since he dares to say so, it must be the Emperor’s intention.

“Someone in court has made His Majesty angry today, Niangniang should go and persuade him. At any rate, let His Majesty at least have a bite.” With a look of grief, Wang Gonggong pushed Su Yu into the main hall without any explanation and quickly closed the door.

What a joke, that ancestor hasn’t eaten much since lunchtime. If he didn’t eat, he guessed it wouldn’t be as simple as the Empress Dowager calling him for a lecture.

In the brightly lit hall, there were thick padded cushions everywhere, His Majesty lay lazily on the cushion in the middle, with several memorials scattered around him.

His eyes were lightly closed and his limbs were relaxed, it seems that he has fallen asleep.

Su Yu walked over and sat down on the cushion. He looked down at the Emperor and softly whispered: “Your Majesty, get up and have some dinner, ba.”

His Majesty's ears twitched, but he didn’t open his eyes or speak.

Hmph, stupid slave, don’t think Zhen will forgive you so easily.

He pretended to have eaten dinner and now is pretending to be asleep again, Su Yu finally understood what was going on. Was His Majesty throwing a tantrum?

Such an expensive meal won’t taste good if it’s left to cool for a while. After scratching his head in puzzlement, Su Yu pondered for a moment. Using his chopsticks, he picked up a piece of fragrant fried fish fillet and brought it near the Emperor’s nose, and then swayed it back and forth.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

<The State Teacher’s status in the Imperial Family is very high>

King Ling: Twenty-one, flicking my head is being disrespectful to your elder brother!

State Teacher: Really? (Lifts his paw and slaps away)

King Su: Twenty-one, sharing food with your elder brother is a traditional virtue of the An family.

State Teacher: Really? (Lifts his paw and slaps away)

Younger Brother: Imperial Uncle, that…

State Teacher: (Lifts his paw and slaps away)

Younger Brother: …I haven’t finished speaking yet.

State Teacher: You're blocking the way.

Younger Brother: QAQ


Dali Temple -> central judicial office, in feudal China since the Northern Qi Dynasty, similar to today's supreme court

call wind and rain -> to have everything going one's way

Fu -> official residence

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