Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 39 Mount Gui (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 8 team
张章 Zhang Zhang (leader)
富春 Fu Chun (chef)
尤星 You Xing (young girl)
杜凤 Du Feng (older sister)
杜军 Du Jun (younger brother)

Han Yu (Real estate agent)
Jiang Yiran (college young man)
Qi Shan (young girl)

The group put away their things and started to go on their way.

Time is tight and the task is difficult. Although it is not known exactly when they will find Longjing grass, they have to set aside 2 days for them to return to the train station. Now, it seems that the only way to find the grass is to go up the mountain, but they are not certain how far it is.

Lou Fan walked beside Qin Tan with a smile on his face. At this moment, Chen Shuyang finally realized that something is wrong, and silly-ly asked, "Brother Lou, something good happened? Did you find money on the ground?"

Lou Fan turned his head to look at Chen Shuyang and replied, "Something happier than finding money."

Chen Shuyang turned to look at Qin Tan and is about to speak when he saw Qin Tan looking at Lou Fan with a doting face. Goosebumps stood up and he shivered. My god! Brother Qin's eyes are so scary! The two ignored him, and Chen Shuyang looked at Wen Lang and Jiang Dong behind him, who are currently bickering. He has this feeling like there is something wrong with everyone? Tilting his head, Chen Shuyang couldn’t think of a reason so he silently stopped talking, and continued on his way.

It didn't take long before it started to rain. Being drenched by the rain, one suddenly felt that their body has become sticky. Fortunately, the teams’ rain gear comes with a portable raincoat, which is convenient and lightweight. The 3 newcomers have nothing so they can only continue to move forward in the rain. Han Yu cursed while blocking the rain with his arm. Fortunately, the rain came and went quickly, the sky cleared up within an hour.

There is usually a lot of dirt on the mountain, but it's different here. Scattered all around is the kind of big stone that needs a person to hug around it. Hence, even if it rains, it will not feel muddy.

"Ei, hold on for a moment, I need to relieve myself." Wen Lang shouted.

The girls all went to the front, and the Level 8 team is at the front as well. Lou Fan and his other 2 team members heard Wen Lang’s call so they slowed down.

Wen Lang turned his back to the crowd, and after watering the grass comfortably, he pulled up his pants to leave. A flash of light suddenly appeared in the corner of his eye so he turned back to look again. It is a grass with a mixture of green and red colors, the tip of the grass is curled crookedly. Looking at it carefully, it seemed that there are fine scales on the curled part. Wen Lang didn't think about it, reached out, and picked it up, "This is..."

"Be careful!"

A strong force shoved Wen Lang away, and he fell 2 meters away. He could smell a fishy stench and look over. A large python has suddenly appeared. Jiang Dong is clenching its bloody mouth with both hands, with his back against the tree trunk, and he is tilting his head to avoid the snake's mouth. 2 spirit arrows flew towards the python, but it seemed to be unaware of it at all. Wen Lang immediately put the reddish-green grass into his pocket and shook the chain whip out of his sleeve. Wrapping it around the snake, he pulled with all his strength but it is like pulling a large and heavy iron block. Qin Tan took his Tang sword and jumped up, then slashed at the snake.


The Chang snake is in pain, it twisted around and let go of Jiang Dong. Jiang Dong immediately stepped aside and drew a sword from his waist.

When Zhang Zhang and the others got to the scene, they saw Qin Tan fighting with the snake. Lou Fan assisted at the side, shooting arrows and interrupting the snake. The snake's body is super hard so he kept shooting at the eyes. When he saw a gap in the defense, Lou Fan will shoot at the more fragile part of the snake's belly. Chen Shuyang didn't dare to go forward with the dagger, but Wen Lang and Jiang Dong are not afraid, so they followed behind Lou Fan to harass the snake.

Seeing Zhang Zhang’s team coming over, Wen Lang immediately shouted, "This is Chang snake, and I picked up a Longjing grass."

Zhang Zhang originally planned to help anyway, so he immediately went up with the chainsaw. He slashed the chainsaw at the snake's body, making a loud noise and the snake's body's scales went flying. The pained snake immediately turned to face Zhang Zhang. Lou Fan happened to be behind it and when it swung its tail, it would immediately hit Lou Fan. At that moment, Qin Tan swiftly pulled Lou Fan into his arms.

"Nhn." A muffled groan escaped from Qin Tan’s lips.

Lou Fan quickly pulled Qin Tan aside and asked nervously, "How are you? Are you hurt anywhere?"

Qin Tan shook his head.

Lou Fan didn't believe it and turned to look at his back. There is a long bloodstain on the back that got struck by the snake's tail. Qin Tan’s clothes are shredded and it looked like the entire back is injured. Lou Fan glared at the Chang snake hatefully, felt like eating it whole.

"Shuyang, help to put medicine on Qin Tan." Lou Fan shouted at Chen Shuyang and turned to join the fray.

With 3 phoenix feather arrows notched on the bow, Lou Fan looked calm and composed, as if Qin Tan's injury did not affect his state. He took aim, and at the moment when Chang snake raised its body, 3 arrows fired at the same time, and they shot at one place in unison. The power of 1 arrow may not be too great, but the 3 arrows together managed to stab the Chang snake 7 inches from the head, but the wound is still not deep.

The Chang snake hissed, Lou Fan took a few steps forward and jumped up on the tree trunk. 2 more phoenix feathers shot at Chang snake's eyes respectively, followed by 2 spiritual arrows. The blind Chang snake is now writhing on the ground. Wen Lang wrapped his chain whip around the upper body of the snake while Jiang Dong's bandage is wrapped around the snake's tail. Fortunately, his bandage is a spirit weapon, otherwise, the bandage would have been broken into pieces long ago. The two pulled as hard as they could.

Fu Chun and Du Jun kept swinging their weapons but hitting the snake's body had little effect. Zhang Zhang pushed the two away and jumped to the spot 7 inches from the snake's head. Then he struck down with his chainsaw...

A whirring noise that would cause one’s teeth to feel numb rang out. The snake's body twisted violently, but couldn’t move away because someone is restraining it from both ends. Zhang Zhang held the electric saw and continue cutting. Soon, the snake's body, including the skin and meat is sawed open.

The body of the snake though cut into two is still twitching, and everyone sat on the ground gasping for breath. Lou Fan ran back to Qin Tan. Chen Shuyang had already disinfected the wound and put medicine on it. After cleaning up, the flesh of the wound is visible and looked painful.

"Does it hurt?" Lou Fan doesn’t dare to touch.

Qin Tan smiled, "This little injury doesn't hurt."

But his heart hurts ah! Lou Fan really wanted to hug Qin Tan and kiss him now. It's a pity that it's a bit inappropriate for the public.

Jiang Dong came over with more medicine and bandages in his hands, "I'll wrap it up."

Lou Fan stepped aside, "Have to trouble you then."

Jiang Dong glanced at Lou Fan and smiled knowingly, "The vital parts are fine, don't worry." After speaking, he winked at Lou Fan.

When Lou Fan finally reacted to what Jiang Dong meant, his face turned red. The conversation just started and it became rated so quickly? Also, how did Jiang Dong know?

Before Lou Fan could pull Jiang Dong to ask, Wen Lang came over and took out the Longjing grass from his pocket.

"Brother Lou, don’t you think it looks like a dragon?"

The grass is green with a tint of red, and it is not easy to find it in a pile of weeds if one doesn't look closely. Its top is like a cluster of fruits and its shape is distorted. With scales and no feet, rather than calling a dragon, it’s more like a snake.

Chen Shuyang leaned over to look at it. Raising his glasses, he said in an old-fashioned manner, "It's a bit like Jiao."

"It turns out that Longjing grass looks like this." Lou Fan looked at it carefully and remembered its appearance.

On their watch, their task progress display changed from 0/10 to 1/10. For this kind of quest item, Lou Fan always put it away first and check later. Seeing that Jiang Dong is still treating Qin Tan's wounds, he walked over to the Chang snake that had been cut into two pieces, wanting to see if there is anything on it that could be harvested.

Zhang Zhang had the same thought as Lou Fan. When Zhang Zhang came over with the chainsaw, he saw Lou Fan standing in front of the Chang snake. He smiled at him, raised the chainsaw, and cut open Chang snake's belly, which was much faster than they used a sword.

This Chang snake is just like an ordinary python, just a little bigger, and there is nothing special about it. Zhang Zhang wiped the chainsaw with a cloth in disappointment, "There's nothing useful but it's so difficult to deal with, that’s too tricky."

Lou Fan reassured Zhang Zhang, "It might be good that it has nothing. If there is something in it, then the snake must be more difficult to deal with."

Zhang Zhang nodded and turned his gaze at the junior team, "Is Team leader Qin okay?"

Lou Fan: "The wound on the back is a bit long, but fortunately I brought medicine, it's not a big problem."

Zhang Zhang nodded and returned to his team. Watching from a distance, Lou Fan saw that Zhang Zhang seems to be discussing something so he turned around and walked to Qin Tan's side. He saw Qin Tan taking a new shirt from his backpack and putting it on.

"How is it? Will the wound hinder your movement?" The wound looked quite big. If it hindered the movement, it would be even more troublesome if Qin Tan is in danger later.

Qin Tan moved his arm, "No problem, the medicine’s efficiency is quite good this time."

When it comes to this, Lou Fan felt pain for their wallet. Before this, the hemostatic and anti-inflammatory medicine only cost 20 to 30 points, but now this medicine actually requires 100 points. However, thinking about the danger they might encounter this time, he exchanged 5 bottles, as well as other types of medicine, and spent a lot of points. Now it seems that expensive price is justified, at least the effect is good.

On the other hand, Lou Fan didn't expect the medicine to work so well! He actually planned to take this opportunity to ‘be the top’, but as a result, the opportunity slipped away in vain! Thinking so, Lou Fan still felt that he is losing out so he walked over and lifted Qin Tan's clothes. Then he slid his fingers from top to bottom on the bandage of the wound. Unconsciously, his fingers slipped to the bare skin next to the bandage.

Qin Tan felt like a slowly moving mollusk is attached to his back and immediately shuddered, his muscles tightened instantly. His heart skipped a beat, and he really wanted to pull that ‘someone’ over and punish him.

Sensing Qin Tan's muscles tensed up, Lou Fan stopped his hand. He immediately put it away and sorted Qin Tan's clothes.

"The medicine is really good, and Jiang Dong's skill is also very good." As Lou Fan said with a smile, he glanced at Qin Tan's lower body.

On the other side, Zhang Zhang walked back to the team. His 4 team members are waiting for him but there is no joy on their faces in completing 1/10 of their task. In the battle just now, except Zhang Zhang, none of them could provide real help, and they watched nervously throughout the whole process. As an intermediate team, the strength of the junior team this time made them feel that they are no weaker than them.

"The Chang snake is not very easy to deal with. None of us have items that can restrain it, so it's not easy to handle."

Zhang Zhang might look a little silly on the outside, but he knew the strength of his team members very well. They have prepared tools to deal with snakes in advance, but now it seems that the tools are not very useful - the purchased weapons are still inferior to spirit weapons. You Xing looked delicate, but she is considered the brains of the team. She hesitated for a moment and said, "How about, we discuss it with Team leader Qin’s team? We ask them to help us, and we give them some points?"

Zhang Zhang scratched his head, "I see that they are richer than us, and their food is much better than us. Can giving points work?"

You Xing: It seems that it is really not good.

Du Feng: "Then let's use items to exchange for help instead. There’s 1 item that I got from the last task, we’ll give that to them."

Zhang Zhang sighed in melancholy, "Wait for the next Chang snake to come out and we’ll see. Qin Tan’s team won’t stand by the side and watch us die. If nothing works, then we’ll discuss it again. Team leader Qin is injured just now."

That's the only way to do it.

Both teams have completed 1/10 of the task progress and the target has appeared. There may be some more nearby, so the 2 teams planned to search around.

"Han Yu, are you still a man? You dare to pull a girl in front of you as a shield?!"

Jiang Yiran grabbed Han Yu's clothes and lifted him up, his face flushed with anger. He is originally taller than Han Yu, so when he grabbed Han Yu's collar with one hand, Han Yu’s toes have to press hard on the ground to maintain balance.

"You fcking let me go. Who the f are you?! How dare you talk to me like this?!" Han Yu struggled and shouted, waving his fists at Jiang Yiran. Jiang Yiran obviously didn't have much fighting experience and got hit. Then the men rolled to the ground together and scuffled.

"Don't fight!" Qi Shan shouted anxiously, "Don't fight!"

"Are you two that free?" Wen Lang walked over slowly, with a piece of grass in his mouth he got at some point. He looked down at the men condescendingly, without any intention of persuading them to stop fighting.

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