In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 39 - Wrong Scheme

“This, and this…”

Kazuma threw the canned food on display in the grocery store on the main street one after the other into his bag.

The heads of the zombies in the store had already been split open.

His arm strength having been trained well in the baseball club was very useful even if the object he was hitting had been changed to people’s heads.

In the back of the store, Sayo was taking water, and Jun was keeping watch at the front.

“However, there’s a lot.”

Kazuma smiled.

As they had thought, the image of the shopping district being overfilled with zombies might have been too strong because there were hardly any traces of it being invaded.

It was probably only the store employees having raised the issue.

Only the items on display amounted to quite a lot, so, including the food they had in the storehouse, the amount was probably enough for them to last through the winter.

“Alright, since we’re full, let’s go back to the bus.”

Putting the backpacks one by one on his shoulders, Kazuma started moving.

Subsequently, Sayo exited the store, and Jun started moving as well.

They didn’t notice the eyes fixedly staring at their backs either.

In the other direction, team one also had a number of supplies they carried to the bus.

“First off, leave the gun on that seat. After that, we’ll go through the supplies and line them up.”

They started putting the supplies as directed by Tooru.

As they did that, the second team returned.

“We got a lot!”

Kazuma was in high spirits.

While making a proud expression, he put canned food on the floor, making a clattering sound.

Tooru unconsciously revealed his admiration at the amount in his voice.

“Since the amount still isn’t like the storehouse, let’s go back once more.”

“Please do that.”

“...Oh, is this a gun!?”

“Yes, we found it earlier.”


Kazuma touched the New Nambu in his hand.

The manner of using his hand seemed somehow practiced.

Tooru sensed that sort of suspicion, and Kazuma explained,

“Well, I have some interests in guns. …Could I take this?”

Rather than having an amateur using it, it might be better for a person knowing how to shoot to have it.

“Yes, it’s okay.”

“Wait a sec!”

Shinji raised his voice.

“What is it?”

“N-no, well, shouldn’t we take strict safekeeping of the gun? Zombies will gather at the sound of the gunshot.”

He was pretty anxious.

It was no wonder since Shinji had added the gun to his scheme.

In order for Shinji to make Tooru’s death seem accidental, he had stuffed the third cylinder of the gun.

He was later going to use a reason for test firing like checking the firing power, and have Tooru accidentally fire it be injured.

Since they didn’t have sufficient medical care at the moment, the likelihood of it resulting in death was high.

He would have plenty of excuses for the gun being broken.

However, this situation was bad.

If it’s decided for Kazuma to have it and it’s found out that the gun is stuffed before anyone has used it, it would mean that only he would have been able to do it.

“Well, it’s better than throwing pearls before the swine.”

However, Tooru dodged it.

There was already no way out of it.

Kazuma went to bring more supplies together with team two and the New Namba.

Shinji could only look on as it happened.

“T-that is…”

In front of Rei was a bookstore.

And what was in his line of sight was a volume of a magazine.

The letters “Special Edition: Robot Anime” were on the cover of the magazine.

That was right, Rei and Ryou were enthusiasts who didn’t only love “Aid Union God Vine” but other robot animes as well.

“Amusement is also necessary… Right?”

Rei quietly put the magazine in the backpack.

After that, he added several magazines describing survival techniques and joined Seiji.

“Rei, did you find anything?”

“Uh, magazines with survival techniques.”

“I found this.”

Seiji said as he took out a handaxe for camping and an ice pick for mountain climbing.

“Oh, weapons?”

“You have this.”

Rei received the handaxe.

When he tried to swing it a little, it felt unexpectedly nice.

There wasn’t as much sense of security with a bat or metal pipe.

As for Rei, the handaxe he didn’t have any familiarity with was a perfect weapon, and he felt an exhilarating feeling he had never felt before.

If it was now, he felt like he could win no matter the opponent.

As he thought that, Seiji swung the ice pick down in his direction.


Flusteredly putting himself on guard, the ice pick pierced the head of a zombie behind Rei in half.

Seiji gave an ill-natured smile.

“Did you lower your guard just now?”


He couldn’t move his mouth because of the fear.

Seeing his state, Seiji sneered for some time, and said, “You’re still going strong as a good-for-nothing” and smiled again.

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