Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 390 - Cultivation Examination(8)

Su Wan slowly recovered her consciousness three days later. She found out that she was curled up in a huge cocoon and everything around her was faint green. There was a small figure curled up beside her. Oh, wasn’t this Master Mo’s sister?

Su Wan reached over to brush the girl’s hair, revealing the cute and smooth face.


Su Wan lifted her hand again, waving her smooth and thin palm in front of herself. Su Wan became excited immediately.

She finally transformed into a human!

After her excitement wore down, she noticed another issue. She wasn’t wearing anything right now!

Su Wan turned to look at the small faint green scales on her body. She silently chanted and the scales started connecting, forming a green dress on her.

After fixing her clothes, Su Wan sat down and allowed the plentiful spiritual qi float around her meridian for a while before an astute glint flickered in Su Wan’s eyes.

She actually reached the peak of the foundation realm.

Even more, the greenish-blue medicine effect deep within her meridian didn’t do anything for her. It seemed like she needed to hit the golden core realm before it could finally do its own thing.

Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit was indeed a great thing!

At this time, the huge cocoon started cracking and there was a murderous aura from a certain direction that brought fear.

Su Wan subconsciously glanced at the unconscious loli. Master Mo’s figure appeared in front of Su Wan when the huge cocoon broke.

The two looked at each other. Master Mo’s purple poisonous fog was rolling nonstop within his palm. Su Wan smiled and held a sharp scale, gripping the loli’s throat tightly. “Master, what are you doing?”

“Let her go.”

Master Mo looked coldly at Su Wan, the poisonous fog congealing even more.

Hm? Planning to reveal her true face now?

“Master, you can poison a group of cultivators easily. I’m very scared of you. I feel like I can’t let go!”

Su Wan revealed a scared expression. “How about this? Master, let Jiu bring me and little plum blossom out of the medicinal valley. When we cross the Yellow Sea and reach Kunlun paradise, I’ll let Jiu bring your sister back again. Don’t worry. Us devils keep our words.”

“Keep your words?”

Master Mo laughed in disdain. “You have zero integrity to me. Do you think I’ll still believe you?”

“You will. Why don’t you try? This is one human life that you have control over. You don’t want the sister you saved after much effort to just die like this do you?”

Saying this, Su Wan slowly released her power. The scale in her hand was sparkling a greenish-blue glow.

Poisonous cultivator vs poisonous snake. This was an interesting battle. It depended on who was more poisonous.

Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit’s effect was much more than what Su Wan expected, thus leading to this problem. But Su Wan didn’t regret it. Cultivators fought against heaven. It was harder for devils to cultivate than humans.

If she hadn’t absorbed the Millennium Year Old Chalcedony Fruit’s medicine effect, it was unclear when Su Wan would reach the golden core realm.

But now, she reached the tip of the foundation realm and she was almost at the golden core realm.

“You really think you can make it out of the Medicinal Valley?”

Master Mo narrowed his eyes at the woman in front of him. She wore a greenish-blue dress but she wore a confident smile on her cold face.

“As long as you’re willing to let us go, I will naturally be able to leave the medicinal valley safely.”

Such confident words, such cold gaze and tone.

Master Mo was in a daze, his gaze darkening. “Okay, I agree! But...little snake, I’m taking your life the next time I see you.”


Su Wan smiled. She knew that she provoked Master Mo badly. Whether he was a mission enforcer or not, with his cultivation higher than hers, she had to stay far away from him anyway.

Cangyue Mainland was that big so how could she possibly not avoid a person?”

Jiu had brought Su Wan and little plum blossom out of the medicinal valley with her huge body and even then, little plum blossom was still confused.

“Little snake, you’ve really transformed into a person? You’re so beautiful. Are you taking me to where the human cultivators gather? Will we be found?”

“No, don’t worry.”

Su Wan comforted little plum blossom who was excited for some reason. Jiu glanced at heaven and exclaimed: dear, don’t you guys think you’re paying attention to the wrong thing? You really think you’ve escaped from Master Mo?

I’ve been by his side for so many years that I know his other side, the side where he’s ruthless and is certain to get revenge on people who did him wrong in the past. Whoever has his attention, no matter where they run off to, he could easily track them and kill them.

Sigh. Ignorant people are the most blessed!

They crossed the vast Yellow Sea to Kunlun paradise. Unless they were primary realm cultivators or above, they needed to take the boat to safely travel across the sea.

When they reached the docks nearby, little plum blossom was unable to transform into a human yet so she transformed into a plum blossom hairpin and Su Wan inserted that on her hair. Meanwhile, Jiu transformed into a young lady clad in red.

Seeing the smiling girl clad in red, it was hard for Su Wan to connect her to the man-eating beast who bit at the corpses with a bloody month.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Jiu glanced at Su Wan and she nodded. She carried the unconscious loli in her arms and followed Jiu.

There was only one boat everyday from Yellow Sea to Kunlun paradise. The sect in charge of the safety of the boat was Kunlun paradise’s second-rank sect, Ziyang Sect. Second-rank sects in Cangyue Mainland were already strong compared to the other sects. They were second to the first-rank sects.

Ziyang Sect was the typical upright sect as they punished the weak and uphold justice. Therefore, everyone was really comfortable taking their boat.

Su Wan and Jin were quite lucky. When they arrived at the dock, the boat was about to leave. Jiu revealed the Medicinal Valley token and the three were able to get on the boat smoothly naturally. Seeing Su Wan carrying an unconscious girl in her arms, a cultivator couldn’t help but look some more. “She is also from the medicinal valley?”

Su Wan faintly smiled. “This is my sister. She accidentally went overboard while cultivating. Thankfully, this junior sister saved her and she escaped from death.”


The cultivator smiled at Jiu. “Medicinal Valley’s cultivators are incredible and highly skilled practitioners. Which master did you learn your skills from?”

Jiu raised her head arrogantly. “My master is the king of poison, Master Mo!”

Master Mo!

The cultivator immediately took a few steps back subconsciously and his face turned pale.

M-Master Mo?

The top poisonous cultivator?!

“Ah, so you’re with Master Mo. My bad, my bad. There are two top-notch guest rooms on the boat. Daoist friends, come with me.”

Master Mo had such a reputation within Kunlun paradise?

Su Wan was a bit surprised. After all, she had been in Wanyao Mountain the entire time and she heard things about Kunlun paradise from others.

The center of Cangyue Mainland was where all the cultivators were. Kunlun paradise, what sort of place are you?


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