Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 393 - Cultivation Examination(11)

“Brother Yu Wenxio!”

Han Yu immediately jumped out of bed seeing Brother Yu Wenxiao waking up. He walked over to him, in concern. “How do you feel?”

Yu Wenxiao smiled and stretched his limbs. “Pretty good, pretty good. Brother Han, are you okay?”

Su Wan felt bitter seeing how respectful they were treating one another. Don’t mention how they were practically on their last breath when they were saved but how were they just all lively and talking right now? This didn’t make sense!

Did Ziyang Sect’s people get this wrong? Or was there something strange about the two?

Su Wan stood there, saying nothing. After all, these two people were strange and they might be mission enforcers.

“Since you two woke up, we won’t disturb you guys.”

Su Wan stayed silent momentarily before planning to leave. However, Han Yu looked at her and Jiu, saying, “It’s fate that we encountered one another. I’m Han Yu from Lingbao Sect and this is my senior brother, Yu Wen. How should we address you two?”

“I’m Xiao Qing and she’s Jiu.”

Su Wan faintly responded while Jiu hmphed at him.

“Xiao Qing, ignore them. Let’s go.”

Saying this, Jiu dragged Su Wan out while Han Yu stared at the two.

Cough. Yu Wenxiao smiled and clutched his chest. “Brother Han, did you offend Lady Jiu? She seems to hate you.”

Han Yu scratched his head embarrassedly. “When I woke up, I accidentally...kissed her. Women and men should keep a distance apart from each other so I understand why she’s mad.”

Yu Wenxiao: …

As expected, the male lead’s life can’t be compared to right? If they encountered danger, they’d obtain treasures. If they got injured, they’d encounter beautiful women!

If there was a bag of spicy sticks next to him, he’d definitely take a few bites to calm down.

“Brother Yu Wen, the boat…”


Yu Wenxiao set up a silent boundary when he heard Han Yu talking about the sunken ship. Then he looked at him in seriousness. “Brother Han, let’s not talk about the sunken ship in the future anymore. After we return, we need to say that everyone died because they encountered the sea devils’ attacks. As for the underground’s all up you. Don’t mention it in the future anymore either just in case someone finds out and covets after it.”

Han Yu nodded solemnly. Then he couldn’t help but feel disdained at himself. Brother Yu Wen treated himself that well, yet he was suspicious of him. He really shouldn’t.

Yu Wenxiao felt a bit more comforted after seeing the sincerity in Han Yu.

The male lead rolled about from the bottom class in society and was suspicious of everyone really putting in his all. He almost died within the Yellow Sea but because the male lead was extremely lucky, he also survived. They were able to encounter Ziyang Sect’s boat and even two beautiful and gorgeous ladies. Damn. Look at this. Everyone was living a better life than him!

While Yu Wenxiao was thinking about how to get the male lead to take him in as his trusted aide, Su Wan and Jiu returned to the top floor. After finding out the two daoist friends were okay, Ziyang Sect’s people in charge treated Jiu with even more respect.

The people within Medicinal Valley really deserved their reputations.

Not only couldn’t they tell just how strong one’s cultivation was, people there at a young age already had such talent and outstanding medical skills. They naturally needed to make friends with these people.

Qian’er had fallen asleep by the time Jiu and Su Wan returned.

She was just awakened and her spiritual power was too weak. Therefore, she was asleep more than she was awake. This actually made it easier for Su Wan.

“Jiu, could you tell how strong their cultivation was?”

Su Wan turned to ask Jiu. Jiu’s expression also became solemn. “I can’t tell but they must be stronger than us by a lot.”

That’s right. Han Yu and Yu Wenxiao’s cultivations were indeed much higher than Su Wan and Jiu’s. Han Yu was in the medium golden core realm while Yu Wenxiao and Han Yu were about the same.

The two were both top disciples from Lingbao Sect. It wasn’t strange that they had strong cultivation powers.

To human cultivators, devil cultivators cultivated much more slowly. But at the same time, they were able to step across realms and beat their enemies that way. That meant that though Su Wan was at the peak of the foundation realm, if she encountered someone who was initially in the golden core realm, although she couldn’t completely suppress them, it was still really easy to beat them.

But compared to someone who was in the medium golden core, there wasn’t a much chance of her winning. After all, her cultivation wasn’t too solid and she didn’t inherit anything. In a strict manner, she wasn’t an actual cultivator. She was naturally weaker compared to the disciples trained by upright sects.

Maybe she should find a sect to join in Kunlun paradise?

Su Wan couldn’t help but look at the golden tattoo on her wrist. Not only did the tattoo contain a really scary aura, it can also help her hide her scent as a devil. People wouldn’t be able to distinguish her true identity. This was the reason why Su Wan dared to go to Kunlun paradise without fear.


Little plum blossom was different from her. Her cultivation was weaker than hers and she was unable to conceal her scent with a magic weapon like how Jiu and her could. But how come the human cultivators didn’t notice her?

From the start, Su Wan had thought this through. If someone found out about little plum blossom’s existence, she would lie and say that she was her pet. Su Wan didn’t expect that no one noticed her existence though.

What sort of special origin did little plum blossom come from?

Su Wan was a bit confused but she suppressed her confusion.

While they were on the boat for the past few days, Su Wan had been on a low-profile and stayed inside her room, rarely going out. Su Wan had Qian’er and little plum blossom with her while they stayed inside. But Jiu was unable to stay still. Plus, she hadn’t drank blood in a few days so she felt her heart itching. But thinking of what Master Mo asked her, Jiu was also afraid on the inside. In the end, she decided to secretly drink some blood from the kitchn. Who knew that as she snuck into the kitchen, someone saw her and that person wasn’t anyone else but the male lead, Han Yu.

Han Yu unintentionally saw a peerless material for refinement that someone accidentally mistaken for a kitchen knife. He planned on secretly taking it to research it. If his sense was correct, he planned on buying the knife the second morning. Who knew that he accidentally encountered Jiu who was going to steal some blood from the kitchen. After the fight, Han Yu found out that the other party was actually the lady clad in red so he immediately ran. The kitchen knife that he was researching was taken by Jiu under a muddle-headed state.

“Say, is there something wrong with him? He went to the kitchen in the middle of the night to observe a knife.”

Jiu went to Su Wan’s room angrily and tossed the kitchen knife on the table. Su Wan’s gaze immediately brightened after hearing the words.

Why was the leading role a leading role? Because they were always extremely lucky. They were always able to trick the other supporting leads and strangers like fools.

Therefore, could there be something special with this kitchen knife?

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